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Dont forget pay ONLY £35 NOW and the remaining by May 1st and #joinusinthefields this summer 🌞☀️🌞 #HeavenInDevon
www.wonderfields.co.uk/buy-tickets/ .
#summertime #sunsout #getinvolved #skint #makethepenniescount #festivalseason

We are looking for WALKABOUT / PERFORMERS / COMEDY & INSTALLATIONS for this years festival.

If you have something magical, silly, stupid, beautiful, incredible, big, small or simple to bring along to our event please fill in an application form below or send us an email.

We will get back to you shortly and we are looking to confirm these spaces in the coming weeks.

APPLICATION: http://wonderfields.co.uk/get-involved/

#joinusinthefields 29th - 7th July 2018 Nr Exeter, #HeaveninDevon
#performerlife #walkabout #circuslife #festivallife #artinstallation #comedy #standupcomedy #getinvolved

It's St Patrick's Day! The perfect excuse for us to be able to show off the beautiful @antonia_purdie performing for us last year @wonderfieldsfestival

#stpatricksday #eventproduction #joinusinthefields #eventperformer

We are so happy to be working with the Wave Project again this year.
The Wave Project's initial aim was to use volunteers to provide one-to-one surfing lessons for young people with mental health issues as a way of getting them outside, doing physical exercise and feeling more confident about themselves.The first project achieved outstanding results.
The project has developed an award-winning intervention that uses local surfers to help young people reduce anxiety and improve their emotional health. Founded by a group of volunteers in Cornwall you can now find the Wave Project spread across the country. Here are a few words from Katie the South Devon Coordinator for the Wave Project.
"Wonder Fields and the Wave Projects Partnership continues to grow year on year. We are grateful to them for allowing us to be on site again during the festival so please come and find out more and get involved with what we will be doing, you will even have a chance to hear me talking about the project on their village green stage over the weekend. The Wave Project are always looking for new referrals, volunteers and fundraisers. Please give us a like on social media and check out our website for more information https://www.waveproject.co.uk/". You can help us to support this amazing cause by donating directly to them when you purchase a ticket and visiting their stall at the festival. We will keep you updated on their events through out the summer and if you are local please go and support them. ❤️ #mentalhealth #playoutdoors #supporteveryone #getinvolved #surfingislife #nature #heavenindevon #joinusinthefields #mentalhealthawareness

We are truly humbled at the response and support of this years Wonder Fields Festival we ❤️ you all. Thank you.
Tickets are selling faster than ever, make sure you grab yours whilst they're still available.

#joinusinthefields 29th - 1st July, Nr Exeter #HeaveninDevon #ukfestival #festivallife

#Repost @wonderfieldsfestival Got tickets? Get tickets!!!
GUYS, GUYS, GUYS !!!! 💜Only 100 Tier 2 left -Hurry 💚
💙They WILL sell out by end of Sunday 💛

#joinusinthefields 29th - 1st July Nr Exeter, #HeaveninDevon #sellingfast #ticketwarning #moveyourass #festivallife #devon #holiday

GUYS, GUYS, GUYS !!!! 💜Only 100 Tier 2 left -Hurry 💚
💙They WILL sell out by end of Sunday 💛

#joinusinthefields 29th - 1st July Nr Exeter, #HeaveninDevon #sellingfast #ticketwarning #moveyourass #festivallife #devon #holiday

Its friggin Friday & its SNOWING ⛄❄️ Go forth and enjoy your weekends exactly like Jazz from @tankusthehenge and thats an order!

Grab those boards, toboggans, skis, bin bags, bin lids. Build those snow men, make those snow angel and throw those snow balls.☃️❄️⛄ Then be very happy summer is just around the corner 😉

Enjoy lovelies and see you all very soon #HeaveninDevon X #itssnowingoutside #innerchildcomingout #watchoutforthis #weekendfun #joinusinthefields #snowmen⛄

Our full 2018 line up is here check it out in all its glory and head to our Facebook page to get involved in the HUGE competition happening right now!!!
https://tinyurl.com/yaxr7o4f #joinusinthefields 29th - 1st July Nr Exeter #heavenindevon #festivallife #musicislife #summerfun #danceyourpantsoff #getinvolved

***NEW STAGE ANNOUNCEMENT*** Ecstatic doesn't even cover it!!!! Here it is, one of our new stages for Wonder Fields Festival 2018 hosted by the incredible Alfresco Disco, Wonka-Vision & Denture Disco. YES ❤️ Roll on the summer & #joinusinthefields 29th - 1st July Nr Exeter, Devon
#housemusic #everybodylovesdisco #heavenindevon #thegreenhouse


We are bursting with excitement 🍾 as we have some epic announcements being released THIS Wednesday and our FULL line up coming out next Wednesday. 🎉

YES YES!!! Keep your eyes peeled and dont miss out on the exciting gossip of Wonder Fields Festival 2018. ❤️💜🧡 #joinusinthefields #heavenindevon #festivalvibes 🦄 http://wonderfields.co.uk/buy-tickets/

Its the weekend and what a perfect time to be planning summer trips with friends & family. Escape to the beautiful devon countryside and pop in to see us at Wonder Fields Festival 2018

Tier 1 Group Savers ONLY £265 for 4 adult tickets.

#joinusinthefields 29th - 1st July Nr Exeter, Devon #heavenindevon

Dreamy summer throwback 🌸💗 Dani wears jumpsuit as trousers and Ben wear long green kimono at the wonderful @wonderfieldsfestival 💗🌸🦋 #ThatFestivalLife

#tbt to all that #love

#joinusinthefields 29th June - 1st July 2018 Exeter, Devon

Vote for us in this year's #festivalawards in the categories of best small and best family #festival.


#inittowinit #firstaward #joinusinthefields

Wonder Fields Festival, our very own full event production.
Looking as beautiful as ever back in 2016 #joinusinthefields #wonderfields #summer16 #festivallife

Shimmy shimmy yaaay! Our silky kimonos are the perfect thing to wear over your skimpier festival outfits - like these sequin wonders by @ladyjanebristol and under a @sequincapes fringes cape🌟🌈🌸 @dulciedulciedulcie at @wonder.fields_festival last month! #JoinUsInTheFields

Dani @glamclan wearing the jumpsuit as a pair of trousers at @wonder.fields_festival! #JoinUsInTheFields 💙🌈

Goodbye Wonderfields I ❤️ you!!!

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