T├║ vida puede cambiar de un a├▒o para otro , de un mes para otro .. en un d├şa , en una hora , o simplemente mantenerte siempre en el mismo lugar donde no quieres estar ..
El cambio est├í en tus manos , para que las cosas cambien t├║ tambi├ęn tienes que cambiar ÔŁŚ´ŞĆÔŁŚ´ŞĆ
Are you ready for a change Ôüë´ŞĆÔüë´ŞĆ
Join my team .. I would love to help u ­čĺÜ
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Happy Fri-Yayyy ÔŁŚ´ŞĆÔŁŚ´ŞĆ
Y hoy celebro por los resultados que he logrado usando esta belleza ­čĄŚ­čĺâ­čĆ╗ !! #prolessaduo ­čöąme ha ayudado a recuperar mi peso y figura con apenas 9 meses de #postpartum ..
Ayuda a calmar la ansiedad ,te da sensaci├│n de estar llena y lo m├ís importante trabaja fuerte en eliminar esa grasa abdominal que nos queda luego de un embarazo ­čĄ░­čĆ╗ ├Ünete a mi team y d├ęjame demostrarte que si se puede ­č嬭čĆ╗
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Disfrutando del poco sol ԜǴŞĆ que sale por estos d├şas ­čśé...
Acabas de tener a t├║ baby y quieres recuperar tu figura y lucir ese bikini ­čĹÖ que tanto te gusta ­čĄĚ­čĆ╗ÔÇŹÔÖÇ´ŞĆ..
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Happy Independence Day!!
Plexus is picking up 1/2 the bill on your annual membership today through Tuesday July 10!
There are plenty of welcome pack to choose from including Joyome!
Now's the time and the first 3, that sign up and take advantage of this offer I will pick up your 1/2 of the membership.
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I introduced my kids to the following personal care products because their long-term health is of great concern to me.

The toothgel is fluoride free and can be used by the whole family, even your infant.

The deodorant works wonders and has helped them maintain a pleasant body odour despite being busy and active all day long! The best part has been the fact that it is aluminium free.

The lip balm is great because I know the icy winter breeze will not dry out their lips.


Never forget to take your Aloe #wednesdaywisdom
Same goodness

Morning­čĺÉ I just want to share our next Honey Promotion with you called ADORE - all our Handbags, Matching Purses, Statement Accessories and *so much more*
The above Purse is our opening Client Gift Offer at R149 and includes an ADORE 2018 Catalogue. You have a choice of 5 different colours.
_Should you be interested in placing an order please let me know by Wednesday 4th April_
*The Purse holds Cards, Notes and Coins* - they will make *GREAT GIFTS*
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Position number 4 for my efforts and persistence in achieving the targets set before me!

The best part of my little lipstick is the people. My customers and my team make everyday wonderful. This adorable #snailmaill brightened my day. I love my team! @readingdivaak The joy we add to ourlives is worth all the work...lol...okay honestly the hardest thing I do is match foundation via Skype...but you know what I mean!

Omg GUESSS WHAT!!!!!! Not only is there a mini kit this month (only $64) the price of the warmer alone, the GORGEOUS STAR ԺɴŞĆ DANCE ...... There is also a HUGE announcement today about something that starts today!!!!! Jump guys!!!! This is the time!!!!!! https://shelbygoodwin.scentsy.ca/join
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Don't exist in a life that isn't yours. Find your truth, implement your dream and activate your purpose. - Marala S

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