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Anyone else reading this book? My son Luke gave it to me a couple of months ago knowing I am not much of a reader. Being dyslexic , I prefer books that include images and magazines that are quick and to the point. So far this book is not only changing my cleaning habits I am changing the way I do so many things in life. I have been posting on my IG account as I go through reading the book and parts of my journey. This will not be a quick fix and it will take time to empty my house of all these past patterns I have learned. Follow my journey on IG @michelleholland and get the book and join in by tagging me . #thelifechangingmagicoftidyinguptheJaponeseartofdeclutteringandorganizing #mariekondo #joinmichelle

Castle Rock is fired up to #JoinMichelle Obama @ofa_co

Here's a cool picture from yesterday's #joinMichelle event. @ofa_co

She was amazing!!! It was packed!! @barackobama @ofa_co

FLOTUS!!! @barackobama @ofa_co

Deep in conversation with some supporters. #joinMichelle @ofa_co

Look at her! She's gorgeous. #joinMichelle #mushytweet

Here's out first lady, getting Colorado #firedup at Arapahoe High School! #joinMichelle

So proud of my alma mater today. #joinMichelle

DEFINITELY feels like #4moreyears #joinmichelle #2012 @ofa_co

Colleen and Mary Anne are pumped to #joinmichelle #2012 @CAllison83 @ofa_co

Here's my kick butt field organizer, s_wang82 getting the crowd #firedup. #joinMichelle

@OFA_CO Pueblo is fired up to #JoinMichelle

Check out the packed crowd of supporters excited to hear the First Lady speak about the progress we've made and why need to finish what we started. #joinmichelle

The after. #joinMichelle

Before the masses. #joinMichelle

The before. #joinMichelle

This volunteer is #firedup about seeing Michelle Obama speak in Arapahoe County. #joinmichelle

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