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straight offa Santa’s nice list #johnraphaelmarty #asherivanmarkoff #martyandmarkoffboys

walking home from dinner tonight in some beautiful spring weather #johnraphaelmarty #durango #straterhotel

I will legit bawl my eyes out 😭 the day he is too big for me to carry around snuggled up in a bath towel after his bath #johnraphaelmarty

"simple but significant"; read that today and it really smacked me as truth ... and, as a side note, I am desperately missing my Christmas tree #johnraphaelmarty

we had already done a gingerbread house in SEA and I relinquished all creative direction on it; so having to give up creative direction again on the gingerbread house today in DEN was a challenge for me 😂 ... but in the end we struck a happy balance and the kid had some great gingerbread architecture instinct “should we do a gable above the front door, mama?” #johnraphaelmarty

thankfully Raffa seems to be on the mend, slowly but surely and I have to admit it hasn't been all bad because I got more snuggles in the past six days than I usually get in a month ... of course I am all stuffed up and congested now but it was so worth it and so far is just a mild annoyance so fingers crossed it stays that way 🤞🏻 #johnraphaelmarty

we went with John to the barber today, poor Raffa needs a haircut (his hair has grown bangs 😂😱) but the barber wouldn't give Raffa a cut ("because then I will have to do it for everyone", "it" being to cut kids hair) ... super bummer because I would have paid full price and dude, Raffa sits as still as any adult ... also Raffa was super hungry and I didn't pack any snacks and it was past lunch too (hashtag mom fail, hash tag gimme a break we are packing and moving) so we went to the coffee shop next door where they only had a $5 (!!!) cinnamon roll and I mean, it was tasty but it was a regular pastry dough cinnamon roll, not special, not especially large, not a $5-so-worth-it-so-delicious cinnamon roll ... so here we are eating said cinnamon roll while John got his haircut #johnraphaelmarty

every day is a good day when you are Raffa Marty, just a happy kid always finding something fun ... and he told the fireman all about the fire truck at the Denver Children's Museum #johnraphaelmarty

made it to Seattle (again) ... drowning our house hunting woes in pizza and snuggles #johnraphaelmarty


straight offa Santa’s nice list #johnraphaelmarty #asherivanmarkoff #martyandmarkoffboys

we had already done a gingerbread house in SEA and I relinquished all creative direction on it; so having to give up creative direction again on the gingerbread house today in DEN was a challenge for me 😂 ... but in the end we struck a happy balance and the kid had some great gingerbread architecture instinct “should we do a gable above the front door, mama?” #johnraphaelmarty

rarely disagree and definitely partners in crime #johnraphaelmarty #asherivanmarkoff #martyandmarkoffboys

such a quiet, cautious guy at the dentist today but also a total sweetie telling the pregnant hygienist “looks like you have a baby in your tummy!” and telling the dentist who said she forgets stuff because she is old “you don’t look old, you look so young!” #johnraphaelmarty

we are headed to Denver today 🎉🤪 #johnraphaelmarty

very sunny and very cold morning at the beach ☀️ #johnraphaelmarty

I never knew I could love so much. I never knew I would be so lucky to one day be a mom. #johnraphaelmarty

ferry to Bainbridge today - the fun he had wearing his rain boots, looking for floating tree trunks in the sound, and dancing in the wind and dark on the front deck of the ferry on the way back ♥️ one of the best parts of being a mama is bearing witness to all of these small yet significant moments #johnraphaelmarty

my everything #johnraphaelmarty

gobble gobble, happy turkey day 🦃 #johnraphaelmarty

all the excitement for Raffa finding his ornaments (Minnie Mouse and a Bedford Falls fire truck), reminiscing on our 4-Target store search of colored bulbs last year, rediscovering our Christmas book stash, and decorating the tree #johnraphaelmarty

rise and shine, homemade pumpkin waffle time #johnraphaelmarty

other than talking way too loud when he has his headphones on (😂🙈), this little guy is so fun to travel with #johnraphaelmarty

Raffa as Fig the fox from Tumble Leaf ... Raffa’s best lines of the night:
“My costume is homemade” ///
“Bye, see ya later, next year on Halloween” ///
“Where’s your costume?” (to the people handing out candy) /// “She was all beat up” (about the tween who was some bloody zombie thing /// “Do you think the witch is real that my cousin was telling me about earlier?” (asking a random person) /// “I’m taking a break from mask” (in lieu of trick or treat when he was giving his mask a break) ///
And, perhaps best of all, he bungled his lines at one house and mistakenly told an old lady “I don’t care, I will just smell *your* underwear” ... she did NOT think it was funny at all 😳😂😬🙈🤷🏼‍♀️ #figthefox #tumbleleaf #johnraphaelmarty

SEA ✈️ DEN today !!! Minnie Mouse (the second love of Raffa’s life, he still says I am the first 💁🏼) came along too #johnraphaelmarty

Sunday breakfast buddies ... feeling lucky to have met this bunch #johnraphaelmarty #raffaandliam

full-on fall over here ... but the pumpkins had to move outside because apparently pumpkins mold about 100x faster in Washington than they do in Colorado 🤷🏼‍♀️ wet vs dry climate, I suppose #johnraphaelmarty

good, easy, low key weekend but it still went by too quickly #johnraphaelmarty

Yesterday morning, Raffa comes in to my bedroom, wakes me up, and says, "You are my favorite story. If I could write my letters, I would write the story of you." He will grow, he will grow up , and he will continue to write his own story; it will become intertwined with others along the way, and, although my sincerest hope is that he always values mine, mine will likely no longer be his favorite. But my day is made, my life is made: because what an honor and treasure to be his favorite, if even just for now. To have this time with him, his babyhood and childhood. My heart swells one million times its normal size and shatters to a million pieces all at the same time. #johnraphaelmarty

Halloween 2017 pumpkins: 🎃 ✔️ #johnraphaelmarty

a fall yesterday at the pumpkin patch and this little rooster was spilling feathers everywhere; a sweet patch on his red down-filled jacket today and good as new #johnraphaelmarty

enjoying looking through photos from breakfast and the pumpkin patch yesterday ... then the reality of Monday sets in, but it's really not bad at all because I get to hang out with Raffa all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday #johnraphaelmarty

little love of my life, my heart bursts with love for you #johnraphaelmarty

nature's jungle gym #johnraphaelmarty

the universal sentiments of mamas everywhere: this is so amazing, so much love, this is what matters, this is most important, this is hard, a lot of hard work in a sense of the word like no other, but for goodness sake slow down the time!!! #johnraphaelmarty

the pumpkins are coming! mixed feelings about the season changing, but not because fall isn't amazing - it is - however that doesn't make it easier to say bye to summer. #johnraphaelmarty

didn't expect the Fisherman Festival to be quite this awesome ... thought we would stop by on our way to run errands, ended up staying 3.5 hours #johnraphaelmarty

two cats stuck in a tree ... it's a big bummer when you move to a city, meet some some fun people, become friends, and then they move back home to where they are from ... I completely sympathize and I am super excited for them that they get to move home, but we will surely miss them #johnraphaelmarty #raffaandeverett

hanging out with the person I adore the most in the world is my job, and it's the best job in the world #johnraphaelmarty

donut monday ... bye to Mimi monday ☹️at least we got to take her to @gpdoughnuts before she has to catch her flight #johnraphaelmarty #seattledonutmonday #donutmonday

Raffa and Kermie! We went to the Jim Henson exhibit at MoPop yesterday and it was 🙌🏻👍🏻 #johnraphaelmarty

Raffa is loving having Mimi in town ... and having a whole tiramisu to himself #johnraphaelmarty

to paraphrase William Martin, I try to remember that I am not responsible for making Raffa a wonderful person, rather my charge is to remind him of the best that exists within him: the propensity be kind, curious, honest, hard working, realistically optimistic, purposeful, and content ... and certainly not to be confused with over-inflating his ego or creating a feeling of entitlement: not telling him he is amazing at every endeavor and not puffing him up by declaring everything he does perfect (full quote : "You do not have to make your children into wonderful people. You just have to remind them that they are wonderful people. If you do this consistently from the day they are born they will believe it easily.") #johnraphaelmarty

donut monday pretty much always involves reading these days, since it's usually just me and Raffa ... we both love to read and this is one of Raffa's favorites right now #johnraphaelmarty #donutmonday #seattledonutmonday

wheels up to SEA and a macaron for the road ✈️ #johnraphaelmarty

today was the last day for a good long while that these two will get to hang out which breaks my heart ... they have had such an amazing time together over the past two weeks ... I have had a rough few days, struggling with going back to Seattle among other things ... so hard to leave Denver after another trip filled with home and love and our people #martyandmarkoffboys #johnraphaelmarty #asherivanmarkoff

epic day at the children's museum ... spent all day there and I am pretty certain fun was had every single minute #johnraphaelmarty

fresh hair courtesy of our favorite barber in Denver and when did those legs get so long and lean?!?!?! #johnraphaelmarty

took us almost a half hour to walk out of Union Station today when Jonna and Asher picked us up because every 3 steps or so these two would stop and get lost in conversation and play #martyandmarkoffboys #asherivanmarkoff #johnraphaelmarty

a little light airport reading of Scamp (Lady and Tramp's little boy puppy) to pass the time on our (thankfully short) 15 min delay ... SEA ✈️ DEN #johnraphaelmarty

every day is a good day when you are Raffa Marty, just a happy kid always finding something fun ... and he told the fireman all about the fire truck at the Denver Children's Museum #johnraphaelmarty

Raffa told me today, "mama, my love never runs out." Mine doesn't either, Raffa. #johnraphaelmarty

beach in July (very chilly) but Raffa had fun making "cakes" out of sand and rocks #johnraphaelmarty

bathtime after swim lessons, bike riding, blackberry picking, grocery go-cart driving, blackberry cobbler making, plant watering, and hose playing #johnraphaelmarty

ginger beer cafe wall mural on pointe 👍🏻#johnraphaelmarty

I can hardly believe it but we haven't done donut Monday for at least 3 weeks ... getting back in the swing of things at General Porpoise #johnraphaelmarty #donutmonday #seattledonutmonday

exploring Whidbey Island today ... the lighthouse is #afirstforraffa #johnraphaelmarty

so we are starting a 3 person traveling band ... #amazonpicnic #amazonpicnic2017 #johnraphaelmarty

made it back to SEA, waiting to be picked up from the airport, and someone is just too tired, fell asleep in literally 3 minutes (it's past his bedtime) #johnraphaelmarty

celebrated this guy this afternoon ... Becket is so special to us which is obviously why we planned this particular trip to Denver around being able to attend his (and Sivan's) birthday party ... so much love for Becket and Sivan-y ♥️♥️♥️ #raffaandbecket #johnraphaelmarty

when we lived in Denver, Raffa had lunch with Papa several days a week, one of the perks of visiting is getting to resume lunch with Papa on the back porch of 4892 #johnraphaelmarty #raffaandpapalunch

Raffa got around Telluride mostly by scooter and loved it; he said scootering was his favorite part of the trip ... who wouldn't love scootering with that mountain backdrop and getting to ride a gondola in between! I still got to carry him around some too; and even though he is over a third my weight, he isn't too heavy for me ♥️ #johnraphaelmarty #latergram

got back to Denver yesterday evening just in time to celebrate the 4th of July with everyone here ... the boys were both so tired but had so much fun #martyandmarkoffboys #johnraphaelmarty #asherivanmarkoff

we ate breakfast at the same place every morning including this morning before we head out of town because it is the yummiest #johnraphaelmarty

a quick trip but an amazing trip ... so much fun crammed in to a couple days with some of our very favorite people ... as the saying goes, home is where the heart is and for us Colorado is home ♥️ #johnraphaelmarty

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