short, dark, and handsome (and lanky and cute and sweet too) #johnraphaelmarty

each memory so precious and innumerable to count; the sacredness of everyday repetitive routines that also contain moments that are precisely distinct ... just before bedtime snuggles during sunset in the desert 🌵 🙌🏻 #johnraphaelmarty

this guy is in heaven because it’s Saturday which means Daddy is around #johnraphaelmarty

leg twins, sock twins #johnraphaelmarty

back in SEA ... guess what? it’s cloudy ☁️ but hallelujah for the 3-day weekend on the horizon #johnraphaelmarty

last full day in Denver: Corvus coffee, park play date, zoo, and packing #johnraphaelmarty

just a guy and his mama and his zebra who he rode upon the back of down Pearl Street to get watermelon juice #johnraphaelmarty

love us some Grandma Shirley time #johnraphaelmarty #raffalovesgrandmashirley

when my 5 year old also still looks like a baby ... sweet dreams, Raffa ... also file under: an end to a day where my 5 year old was more emotionally stable than me 😂🤪 #johnraphaelmarty

we didn’t get to do a cake or balloons in Cali (we partied too hard at Disney and the beach each day) so we had a little belated birthday part for Raffa tonight at Mimi and Papa’s ... I think we can officially close the Raffa’s 5th birthday celebrations after 2 days at Disney, 1 day at the beach, countless treats and surprises and gifts, and a birthday dinner, balloons, and cake ... we may have overdone it but boy was it all fun and this kid is worth it #johnraphaelmarty

To put it concisely, motherhood is everything ... 5 years in and I am still in awe. Happy 5th Birthday (yesterday) to my sweet Raffa baby - my best friend and favorite person - who arrived on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12. No Mother’s Day will be topped by my first and each day I get to spend with my son is truly my greatest gift. My moon and my sun and all the stars in the sky. Happy Mother’s Day to my mama and my sister, to all my mama family and friends, and to all the mamas out there loving their babies with their whole heart. ♥️ #johnraphaelmarty

ok, so Disney is magical, even more so than I had expected ... so glad we made the this trip in celebration of Raffa’s 5th birthday #johnraphaelmarty

Raffa and I did a re-enactment this morning for John: yesterday I surprised Raffa with a funny little heart stuffie he had been asking me to surprise him with all week; after art class I presented it to him in the car ... this is the re-enactment of the exact moment he opened his eyes after I placed it in his hands 😂#johnraphaelmarty

Raffa’s dream home 😂 #johnraphaelmarty

rub a dub dub, two goofs in the tub #asherivanmarkoff #johnraphaelmarty #martyandmarkoffboys

“it’s snowing!” (cherry blossom petals) #johnraphaelmarty

Easter eggs twenty eighteen #johnraphaelmarty

Raffa ♥️ Daddy #johnraphaelmarty

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