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Angelina and Shiloh 😻

Good morning all. I'm not really feeling social media at the moment, which is why I've been reposting amazing edits from other people. If I keep feeling like it, I may take a break but I'll see how it goes. So I'm sorry for being lazy and reposting other edits rather than making my own☹️

If you could date one celebrity from the 90s who would it be?

#JohnnyDepp está numa longa batalha judicial contra a empresa de gerenciamento, TMG, que acusou de ter administrado mal o seu negócio devido a uma "falta conduta grosseira", que o fez perder milhões. Mas o que ninguém contava era que a família #Kardashian ficasse envolvida no caso. Numa denúncia cruzada modificada que foi arquivada na quinta-feira, a TMG detalhou alguns dos gastos exorbitantes do cartão de crédito do ator que incluem um sofá do '#KeepingUpWithTheKardashians', de cerca de 6 mil euros para a sua filha, #LilyRoseDepp. De acordo com o "The Hollywood Reporter", que obteve e publicou os documentos legais sobre este caso, as despesas de Depp incluem "mais de 420 mil euros em taxas de aluguer para armazéns que possuem os seus objetos de coleção de Hollywood, mais de 14 mil euros em bolsas e malas da grife Prada". Ainda assim, estes não são os gastos mais supérfluos do ator. A TMG já tinha denunciado outros gastos mais exorbitantes: 25 mil euros mensais de vinho, 64 milhões de euros em 14 propriedades e mais de 2 milhões de dólares para uma máquina fotográfica Cannon especial que ele usou para fotografar as cinzas de Hunter S. Thompson sobre Aspen, Colorado.

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“Before I Fall” star #ZoeyDeutch is set to co-star with #JohnnyDepp  in the IM Global film “RICHARD SAYS GOODBYE.”
The dramedy follows a college professor wholives his life with reckless abandon after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Deutch will play his daughter in the pic, and production is already underway.
The film is the first under IM Global’s first look feature film deal with Depp’s Infinitum Nihil production company, which the actor signed this past June.
Source: Variety

QOTD: Where is your summer vacation going to be?🌞
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"My kids give me life. They're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. I never thought it possible to feel such profound love. Being a dad has given me great strength, perspective, calm, and sleep deprivation! I love being with my family." ❤️(Source: New Idea - Australia, January 1, 2005)
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I love you...my idol❤#johnnydepp #jacksparrow #mylove #myidol


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He said I looked like a young Charlie sheen, I don't see it. But I'll take it 😝#johnnydepp

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AH IM IN LOVE WITH "jayswinglerfromtgf"

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#tbt Backstage at The Roxy with early Hollywood Vampires show , Weird but this pic doesn't even look real .. but it is #tommorello #johnnydepp #joeperry #WeAreWithYouJohnnyDepp #IstandwithJohnnyDepp

Gefeliciteerd lieve Nootje 💛🐘 #wijntjesdrinkentotweolifantenzien 🥂 #johnnydepp 💃🏼


OMG they look so cute! 😻
Btw I want this sunglasses.. 👐❤
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