Building a pixie.......I’m just having fun doing what I love🦍

It’s simple get off your ass and get to it or sit there and complain why it’s not coming to you.🦍

Turned a look and learn into and hands on class to help a FP understand how to be more efficient, balanced and confident when working scissors over comb. These times are great coaching opportunities to help someone grow with a little adjustments to what they already know.🦍

• If you can swim, jump. You will either prevail or it will teach you a lesson • - @popular_nobody | #rkacademy, what was your favorite #JohnMosley quote today? ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Got to hear the amazing John Mosley speak today at school, he’s such a character and so inspiring, you should come at least once a month 😄

An honor seeing John Mosley again. He is such a great speaker and even more talented!! He actually said he recognizes me from online. Now I feel like a @popular_nobody too!!

Y’all ... this guy is THE man ✂️ It was so awesome listening to him talk & inspire us today ! Thank you so much for coming in 🙌🏼👏🏼✨ #paulmitchell#paulmitchellfutureprofessional#educator#vabeachhairstylist#rkacademy#johnmosley#hairstylist#barber#barberlife

Happy to have met you, John! Thanks for coming in today. I’m a midget next to you!😂

As people sometimes we want our craft to give us everything we want but don’t give it back to the craft. If your working hard in your field keep working your breakthrough will happen when it’s your time, until then keep working at it. Better yourself, put yourself in those moments before they ever come so when that door opens for you, you are ready and can then live in the moment with nothing but confidence. Grow you with knowledge and practice so that your passion can shine.🦍

You have too have handles, vision and drive to be a great point guard.

Create the shape then blend into it🦍

All I want is good vibes around me 🦍

I loved being in the famous John Mosley's barbering class today. Wish I would have worn my tall shoes though.
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• Loved getting to meet John Mosley @popular_canon and some awesome people from his @popular_nobody team! Trevor @tailorfade and Stormi @juststormi They’re so inspirational! •

"My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together." - Desmond Tutu

Chicken Bone Beach, a designated black area of the Atlantic City, NJ shoreline that thrived from 1900 - 1964. It quickly became a constitution and "hot spot", attracting the who's who in black culture, sports and entertainment, and thousands of other visitors year round. It's patrons(excluded from the city's white establishments) had to bring their own food to the waterfront. When city workers often found chicken bones in the sand, the name "Chicken Bone Beach" was assumed.

Self taught Philadelphia photographer, John W. Mosley, so eloquently captured what some history books very often excluded...the humanity, resilience, and beauty of the African American.
The real Jersey Shore!
📸 Sammy Davis Jr with friend - 1954
📸 Four women posed at CBB - 1960's
📸 Butch Williams w/Gloria Phillis & Cheryl Steele-1940's
📸 Black patrons enjoying the beach - 1940's
📸 Five women on the boardwalk at CBB - 1960's
📸 Joe Louis hanging out with friends at CBB - 1952
📸 Martin Luther King at CBB with friends -1956
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If any licensed professionals are interested in an advanced barbering class led by John Mosley on May 20th just shoot me a message and I can get you the details. All proceeds go towards fundraising for my school, PMTS Danbury. #barbering #hair #clippers #trimmers #PMTSDanbury #PauMitchell #JohnMosley #learning #fundraising

We are all like fish.....we will only grow to the size of the school of fish around us and the environment that we are in. Don’t be afraid to swim in the open water and grow with the right group of fish and in a place where your growth is endless. Good vibes only🦍

Dropping Knowledge on Paul Mitchell the School Tulsa Future Professionals! @popular_nobody @pmtstulsa

When it’s time to grab and go, I have to shot out @hunter1114official for the dope bag that fits perfect in my backpack when I have to many bags to carry on my case🦍.

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