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Him as John Kennex is so freaking heaven. He was sooo good. Omg.
And omfg there is some random ass guy singing some random creepy songs in a language I don't speak. What the actual fuck. Seriously. What is that. Why is he doing that. It sound sooo creepy.
#KarlUrban #JohnKennex #AlmostHuman #Hot #Daddy

Double tap if you want this sexy cop to rescue you from dangerous situations 😏❀
#KarlUrban #JohnKennex #AlmostHuman

#KarlUrban #JohnKennex #AlmostHuman
Every time I think about this show my heart breaks a little, because damn, it had potential. Nowadays there's so many crap TV shows one could cancel to save money, Almost Human shouldn't have been one of them!


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