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We have a Comp coming up on October 28 here at @ascentstudio called Hometown Heroes. This photo represents our vision and goal for this comp. John Gill! Pure Rock Climbing! Do we need anything else? They say we need run and jumps and all forms of parkour to make climbing more interesting and to separate climbers; I say we need better Route Setting. I'll be continuing to update everyone on this comp in the coming weeks. #climbingisthetruth #johngill

Milo warming up for the #thimble #needles #johngill

New ewers at the Bray by the inimitable #johngill

First day of school 📚 ..
#JohnGill #firstdayofschool #2ndgrader

For most visiting artists, this would be a month's worth of hard work. For John Gill, it is just what didn't fit in the many kiln firings already completed. @gillpottery champion maker, great mentor, top notch human being ✨🏆✨ #archiebray #johngill

"If it comes apart, it's not together"
#johngill #ceramicheroes #lsuceramics

#throwbackthrusday to screaming my head off at last years High Point match😈 little disappointed that this won't happen this year :( #johngill

If you put it together then it's together. #alfredsummerceramics #alfredceramics #ceramics #johngill

The full episode of Craft in America - Teachers is online! As I was watching the episode, I felt so overwhelmingly, from bottom of my heart, to the pit of my stomach, grateful and blessed to have attended a school with such remarkable, generous and intelligent faculty. Watch the episode at http://www.pbs.org/craft-in-america/tv-series/teachers #lindasikora #andreagill #johngill #craftinamerica #alfredceramics


Very smooth for being 8% alcohol!

My clever big brother, he even gets his birthday printed in The Times these days. John Gill - HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈
#times #thetimes #newspaper #birthday #list #birthdays #december15 #timeshighereducation #higher #education #editor #brother #johngill #proud #sister

Thanking God for the witness of R. C. Sproul. "God is faithful to all His promises, nor can He fail, or deceive; He is all wise and foreknowing of everything that comes to pass; He never changes His mind, nor forgets His word; and He is able to perform, and is the God of truth, and cannot lie; nor has He ever failed in any one of His promises, nor will He suffer [allow] His faithfulness to fail; and this is a strong argument to hold fast a profession of faith." - John Gill

Us last Sunday at our holiday party at the Red Room. Cynthia Sayer leads us in a spirited rendition of the classic “Benny’s From Heaven” with guests including Patsy Monteleone @patsymonteleone Jim Wildman and Molly Ryan @amaliaryan and you can see @avenyetive dancing in the foreground! What a GREAT time with great people and a full house! Catch us next at SISTERS Bklyn next Tuesday 12/19 at 8:30 for our final show of the year! No cover, no minimum, plenty of holiday cheer!!
#redroom #buckandaquarterquartet #cynthiasayer #briannalepka #johngill #mollyryan #jimwildman #eastvillage #hotjazz #tradjazz #holidayparty #holidaymusic #santahats

"Drag Racing"


Big Stick are an alternative/independent duo that comprised of John Gill and Yanna Trance.
In late '86 they had their first indie top 10 record in the U.K titled "DRAG RACING".

ノイズインダストリアル系覆面男女二人組バンドBIG STICKの

#bigstick #DragRacing
#Electronic #Noise #Alternative
#Punk #Experimental #Electro
#Avantgarde #Industrial #Rock
#JohnGill #YannaTrance
#NewYork #BlastFirst #Vinyl
#vinylcollection #recordcollection
#nowspinning #45rpm #12inch
#45回転 #12インチ
#ノイズ #インダストリアル

Dude! Who is this guy?! Look how nonchalant he is about his hold cleaning! @chris_schulte

Reformation Study Bible

Lord have Mercy. Christ have Mercy.

The newest members of my Cup collection. Endless thanks to all the generous potters across the country for their cup donations. We received over 250 cups this year, and 400+ people came through our auction. I can’t stop smiling! ❤️#ronmeyers #chrisgustin #johngill #adamshiverdecker #ceramics @carbondale_claycenter

crimpin & pimpin

people can dis RCs all they want but they know how to make a buck 🤓🥂

Chutney Bowl by wonderful ceramic artist John Gill. From the Alfred Clay Collective Auction at Alfred University. For my sister, who loves his work. #alfreduniversity #alfreduniversityceramics #chutneybowl #handmadeceramics #johngill

John Gill and Chase Folsom (@gillpottery @kelcychasefolsom) looking very suave last night at the Alfred Clay Collective’s live auction. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the club!!! #alfredclaycollective #alfredceramics #auction #alfredpottery #johngill #suave

Every year around Christmas secular media comes out with articles and "research" in an attempt to discredit the Gospel, Jesus, God, etc. National Geographic did it again. If you want to meet the real Jesus, He can be found in the word, in the preaching of it and in the sacraments. #justsaying

Prayer is a defence against the spirit of this world – a bar to the inroads of vanity – a maul upon the head of the old man, and a lash of scorpions for the devil. It is a bridle in the jaws of a persecutor – a spell to a voracious enemy – a dagger at the heart of a heretic – a key to parables and dark sayings – and a battering-ram on the walls of salvation. William Huntington

Tonight's reading.

Icon of Christ - #Pantocrator #thriftstorefinds

The vilest sinner out of hell,
Who lives to feel his need,
Is welcome to a Throne of Grace,
The Saviour’s blood to plead.

The Lord delights to hear them cry,
And knock at mercy’s door;
’Tis grace that makes them feel their need,
And pray to him for more.

Nor will he send them empty back,
Nor fright them from the door;
The Father has in Jesus stored
All blessings for the poor.

Listening to #Nirvana

Our light, knowledge, grace, that we have, are of God’s free gift; and so is all the success that has attended our labours. And, as for our discernment into your hearts, and knowledge of the goodness of your state, they are of God also; which he gives us light to see; and knowledge to judge of, and a persuasion in our own hearts that our judgment of you is true. Moreover, he told me “to speak boldly at Corinth, for he had much people in that city.” And it was by us that ye were called. God may use others, even men of one talent, graceless men, to cast a little light upon his word, and on your minds, and to furnish his spiritual exchangers with some sound expressions for prayer and conversation; but he never uses nor honours these in converting souls to himself; for, “if ye have ten thousand instructors, ye have not many fathers; I have begotten you,” through the gospel; therefore our sufficiency is of God – #WilliamHuntington

"Let them feed on applause, and sing, of merit, who are perfect in the flesh; but, for my part, I hope to live and die a believing sinner, and must remain a debtor to free grace and mercy to all eternity; and as such, can never join the chorus with any who sing that ancient God-dethroning, self-exalting, and soul-damning, ditty of free-agency. This will be harped upon by many at the day of doom, Matt. xxv. 44; but will be condemned by the Judge of quick and dead. Sovereign mercy will erase it from the mind and memory of every songster in heaven; and retributive Justice will make conscience cry it down in hell: therefore, let us sing the song in time that grace will allow in eternity, we will sing of mercy and of judgment: my mind, my understanding, and my memory received this song under the twofold impression of the Holy Ghost; and I believe it will never be erased from my soul in this world, nor be prohibited to be sung in the next." - #WilliamHuntington

Listening to The Revelation of the Magi

John Gill is little known today compared to #Spurgeon, #Edwards, #Whitefield, etc... but he was no doubt one of #charlesspurgeon’s greatest influences. ( @christian____george can correct me if I’m wrong). #johngill

ANNOUNCING OUR SPRING CRAFT WEEKEND DISTINGUISHED EDUCATORS Join us April 27-29 to celebrate Albert LeCoff, Helen Drutt English, Andrea & John Gill and Sonia Clark! #helendrutt #soniaclark #andreagill #johngill #albertlecoff

My favorite mantle to date, the classic “Pinch Overhang” at Horsetooth. Thanks to @amoneill87 for the photo, @vaughn.r.pierce and crew for the spot to make the send possible! •

#climb #climbing #bouldering #rockclimbing #outside #colorado #nature #fitness #photography #travel #strength #classic #boulder #spray #internetpoints #johngill

"...ye have sinned against the LORD: and be sure your sin will find you out."

😵Wicked fun in Boston, Massachusetts! Use ya blinka😉#moveyaface#donttouchtheart#pot-pourri#ohhellno#johngill

Plum weather on the west facing Piano Ridge is ripe for projecting classic John Gill boulder problems and worshipping solar deities #bouldering #johngill #apollo #helios #climb

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Ps. 116.15 #remembranceday

So Solomon did what was evil in the sight of the Lord and did not wholly follow the Lord...

At Wheel Barrow Baptist Church...they do things a little different.

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