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Go see @gratefuldead if you get the chance cause they are amazing! Thanks again to @caroline_oshea for coming with me #johnfuckingmayer

por mais "VAMO? VAMO!" com você! já querendo o rolê de ontem de novo! 🖤👯🤜🏻🤛🏻 #johnFUCKINGmayer #thesearchforeverythingtour #after

#TBT de ontem e do nosso 1° vale night. Fui com o 🖤 na boca, mas fui. E foi ótimo! #JohnFuckingMayer #TheSearchForEverything

We've waited 7 years too long for this night 😍🎶 #johnfuckingmayer

Just keep me where the light is ✨ #johnfuckingmayer


Mais um #tbt do melhor dia que eu poderia ter.
Confesso que esse foi o momento do show que eu chorei como um bebê, sem julgamentos 😂
Thanks @johnmayer love you ❤
Quinta-feira que vem tem mais gente haha 🎉
#mayerfan #thesearchforeverythingtour #voltajohnmayer #melhorshow #melhordia #amomuito #johnmayer #johnfuckingmayer #thesearchforeverything

Meu #tbt de hoje é do dia mais feliz do ano, e até hj eu não posso escutar que logo me teletransporto pra dentro da arena e choro firme (chorei no correio ontem gente me ajuda). Essa foto linda é minha msm, mt orgulho. ♥♥♥ #JohnMayer #JohnFuckingMayer #thesearchforeverythingtour2017

Saudade desse dia que eu pude presenciar de perto essa MARAVILHOSIDADE do @johnmayer junto a maior bff que vc respeita @ma_montanari
#johnmayer #johnfuckingmayer

"Caralho, minha música"
E qual do @johnmayer não seria minha? ❤
O meu melhor #tbt sempre será do dia 27/10/2017. Luv U 🍀🌸❤
#mayerfan #johnfuckingmayer #johnmayer #thesearchforeverythingtour #thesearchforeverything #querodevolta #comebackJohnMayer #muitoamor #aloucadagrade #loveontheweekend

Um dia desejei viver esse momento, e aconteceu! @johnmayer 💙

#tbt #amodemais #johnfuckingmayer #turne #brasil

"Love is a verb, it ain't a thing, it's not something you own, it's not something you scream. When you show me love, I don't need your words. Yeah, love ain't a thing. Love is a verb." JM ❤

|| New Blog Post || ❤️
Keep me where the light is
So I’m going to take it all back to when I was 17.
Watching the Grammys on tv in my bedroom, discovering a man with his guitar singing a song about a body being a wonderland.
His name was John. I was mesmerised but his rawness and guitar playing, also his facials and wittiness and let’s be honest his face (because it was so dreamy), first boy I ever loved. Little did I know then that his music would make such an impact on my life.
From that day started my “John Mayer Obsession” as people would call it. Little do most people know that it was his music that saved me from myself and that is why I have such a connection with his music. If it wasn’t for his music at that point in my life i would definitely be in a different place right now.
It’s amazing how songs can explain your every thought, it’s actually really comforting knowing that someone or many people have or are feeling the way you do in that very moment. Whether it be pure joy or utter sadness and despair. That why music means the absolute world to me. It’s my saving grace most of the time.
Read in full by clicking on link in my bio 👍🏻

I'd burn up in your atmosphere ☄☄ 💔 #thesearchforthestormtour2017 #JohnMayer #johnfuckingmayer #argentina

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