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I've always been a fan of the bush #gopro #mtb #johnathandickinsonstatepark

Please excuse my unintended white-guy pose #johnathandickinsonstatepark #lab

Perfect weather for a ride. #mountainbike #johnathandickinsonstatepark

Kayaking today was the shiz. #johnathandickinsonstatepark


Thanks @jtownbike for @patrick_mansfield_ new bike!! We had a blast today...until I slid off a skinny and crushed my rear derailleur...so Im gonna be needing one of those asap. #jtownbikes #jtown #JD #johnathandickinsonstatepark #specialized #cannondale #cujo #rockhopper #mtnbike

Took the new bike out for a ride today and shot this sunset pic just moments before I flipped over the handle bars and got a taste of the dirt, spraining three fingers. So made cause the fall was so lame! First thoughts, did I scratch the bike? Is my Apple Watch ok? I have health insurance right? Yes in that order!
I've never broken any bones but this sure felt like I did!
Typing this also is taking me 10mins so there's that too.

Get up dust it off and try try again. ✌🏻
No worries, I'll be back on the saddle in no time.

We've been so busy with our guests these past two weeks that we haven't gotten to spend as much time with our boys. So today we attempted to take them to a state park for a good hike. It didn't turn out so well. We all got a little overheated, but we did manage to get a few decent pics! Love them so much! 💙🐶🐶💙

My son and I visited this state park to check out the campsite but there was so much to do there we ended up kayaking! We will come back and camp during his summer break we will also rent a mototboat and do some fresh water fishing! We bout that life sort of lol!🐟🐊🚣🚴🏊🏄😃😵

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