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Just got this done yesterday by @jojomillerart Thanks so much for a killer first piece man! #john19:28-30 #itisfinished #tattoos

We are healed #tetelestai #isaiah53 #john19 #pascoa 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Good vibes onn. #JOHN19

"... since the tomb was nearby, they laid Jesus there." ......... BUT GOD! We're already celebrating! 🙌🏼 this was not planned 😂, but this is what #churchkids do! #heturnedit #reallove #john19

Tudo doida! 🙅💘 #John19

I was watering my succulents yesterday and noticed one had grown into a perfect cross 💗Thank you my Savior and King for turning the cross into something beautiful. #daughteroftheKing #beautifulsavior #goodfriday #john19

Tetelestai: "It is finished" Thankful for a savior who gave everything to give me new life. Thankful for truth in his word that never waivers and that the battle's already been won. Thankful for the clear and definitive words He spoke with his last breath on the cross. #john19:30

He Is RISEN !🙌
#ItisFINISHED #John19:30



A healthy BODY is a great blessing.
But what if that isn't a matter of course?
What if you have to deal with the fact that staying healthy is an every day struggling?
Not knowing what next day will bring.
How your BODY will feel in future? Perhaps it will hurt (more), perhaps it will function less better, perhaps you will feel more tired, perhaps... But I am sure that my Lord knows how it is to have a BODY. He knows how it feels to be tired, to be depending like a baby, to be thirsty, to be hungry, how pain and sickness feels, só much you can't bear it anymore...
But though He obeyed His Father.
He met people and helped them, talked with them, touched them, healed them, made them free, blessed them, he bled and died for them at the cross... He gave us Hís BODY.

And all those things that He did when He was on earth, He still does because He ís alive. The Holy Spirit works through us. Using our lives and BODY's.

For me, struggling with my health and BODY
is a process that returns and confronts me repeatedly during life. I know: He helps me carrying this and one day my BODY will be as God has meant it to be.

Sometimes I have to make certain decisions for my health eventhough it isn't easy.
But every day of life is precious. Every morning feeling well is a present from God to thank Him for.
I take as good care for my BODY as possible, realizing that it is not mine but it is His.
It is Hís temple. Perhaps a sugar-sweet temple, but the Holy Spirit doesn't matter with that... #Jesus#Christ#my#Lord#Saviour#grace#love#cross#body#temple#health#disease#care#God#sees#you#and#He#compassionated#bible#Matt11:28#Matt4:2#Mark15:23#John19:30#John4:6#work#night#diabetes#sugar#1Cor6:19

"Dan orang yang melihat hal itu sendiri yang memberikan kesaksian ini dan kesaksiannya benar, dan ia tahu, bahwa ia mengatakan kebenaran, supaya kamu juga percaya." (Yoh 19:35) 😇
#omksukacitainjil #omkmembacaalkitab #biblejournaling #bible #bibleverse #biblequotes #biblestudy #john19

When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, "Woman, this is your son," and to the disciple, "Here is your mother." From that time on, this disciple took her into his home / John 19:26-27

#HolyWave #SundaySermon #PastorJeffHyun "What id #Truth?" #John18:33-38
Is there such a thing as truth? Absolute truth? Out society is filled with untruth. Media is not objective. It's filled with #fakenews. And many are asking about truth. People are unsure, curious, and yearning for the truth.
There are 3 principles that are critical for churches to understand, realize, and hold to in regards to "what is truth:":
➊ When it comes to the nature of truth, truth is absolute and not relative.
Truth should be understood in absolute terms and not relative terms. Pilate asks "what is truth?" There are many commentaries: mockery, genuine curiosity, or partial mockery along with the reflection of the current societal belief system of Rome. Rome conquered many lands and adopted many religions. Rome was polytheistic (aka religious pluralism: there is no single religion that has absolute monopoly on truth.). Our current society is just like Rome. "Whatever you believe is true. And whatever I believe is true." What is right and wrong is subjective to one's own: moral relativism.
There are 2 huge fallacies when it comes to simple logic why religious pluralism and moral relativism is illogical:
🅰 when you have two contradictory, mutually exclusive, diametrically opposing statements that are contradictory to each other, both of the statements can't be true. 🅱 when you make a statement "all truth can't be absolute and is relative" that in itself is an absolute statement.

Hope to keep going in the coming months, God willing, but this is just a start to see how it goes. Launching my very 1st tee tonight for you God-fearing ladies out there! I love this tee so much! I've had this idea for a while to make some Christian based tees and tanks! I love how this one turned out! Help support y'all! Stay blessed!🌈✝️❤️ Here's how to get it!


One thing I've always struggled to believe is that I can be forgiven, I mean, I know they say God's forgiveness is limitless, and, I've not exactly lead a horrendously bad life but sometimes I just feel undeserving. I struggle to forgive the people from my past, for the things they have done or have allowed to happen, and so I think if I can't forgive, can I be forgiven? The answer is clear!
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