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Um whahhsd ok Patrick woahhh. Also it’s Nick Robinson’s birthday today whoop 🎉


Fall out boy! (Please go and check out my new songs on YouTube (Megan Morris 17)for Panic! At the disco!! #falloutboy #patrickstump #andyhurley #petewentz #joetrohman #youtube #prayforthewicked #panicatthedisco

Some of my favourite Japan tour (2017) pics from my Japan tour (2017) pic folder. (Yep I have 100s of FOB pic folders). 🇯🇵 I just can't believe it's been a whole year 😮
#falloutboy #patrickstump #petewentz #joetrohman #andyhurley #maniatour #mania #fob

Damn, it’s March 22nd where I am, so I made this and I also broke my playlist so as I can listen to nothing but mcr all day bc idk I’m that kind of fan.
So yea quick story: I can’t actually remember how long ago I started to listen to them (and trust me, it wasn’t that long ago, I think it was August 2016) but I’m still so happy that I started listening to them. It was of my own accord, like I wasn’t told to go and listen to them by a friend or anything, I had just heard G note jokes around school and I wanted to know what the big fuss was about. Then I was really surprised that I like them (idk why, I just didn’t expect them to sound the way they do) and I got really excited when I realised that I did anddd, yea... that’s how I became a fan of My Chemical Romance.
The only really sad thing for me is, I wasn’t a fan when they were still around so I’m never going to have the gift of seeing them perform live. However, I am happy that Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank are happy now and I may also stress that I love their solo music as much as I love their music during mcr ❤️

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