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Happy birthday @chelsanity queen of twitter and icon

happy birthday to this queen @chelsanity

i have so many exams pls kill me

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I'd marry both of them in a dumpster

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i just had the weirdest experience ever i got up to refill my drink bottle and put my chocolate in the fridge and i got outside of my room and i blacked out, dropped everything i was holding and fell against the wall and i came to to my step dad standing next to me asking what happened im?? confused i mean my vision goes out a lot when i stand up but this has never happened before also my arms are still tingly i feel weirD

@ my friends: for my birthday this year can yall buy me some stickers i wanna completely cover my laptop in them, i keep buying stickers but then not wanting to put heaps of the same style on there so i need lots of sources plS

im sad for some reason and i have been for nearly 24 hours and i dont know whY my meds have been working but now theyre not i just want to fast forward through the week until tomorrow night for drama and saturday for pride but pride might even be cancelled because of the cyclone it just depends on how it hits wellington i dont know why am i so pathetic things were going so well but apparently i cant handle anything going wrong ha

i hate having little kids on sc like why r u posting booty pics ur literally 12 stop it. get some help. {cred: ninenine-brooklyn on tumblr}

i just bought a bunch of face paint & glitter for pride this week wooo

this was a well-deserved long weekend

you ever just get an urge to go off all of your meds so you feel like less of a failure for depending on them but then u remember that u would get literally no sleep, be miserable and suicidal constantly, and not be able to concentrate on anything at all? lolz

i dreamed that i met chelsea peretti and im rlly offended that it didnt actually happen smh

Behind The Scenes vs Actual Scene Series

Post 2/? - Jake & Sophia

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i hope sophia appears again sometime i liked her

Happy birthday Chelsea!!! @chelsanity you are amazing and one of my favourite actors, have the best day. ❤️❤️❤️

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