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Just wanted to give a huge thank you to my dad @gvpcsm48 He has always been there for me and has worked his whole life. In doing so he gave me the freedom to become the man i am today. Between him and my mom they made the perfect storm to create someone like me, a creative genius, a Joker. Haha, now on to the picture, my parents surprised me with a dream car for my Joker Mobile, 1939 Dodge and i have to tell u this is awesome, im not bragging, but its just awesome. It has been a dream car of mine since forever and yet my wonderful parents made this dream come true. I have never been so happy! Thanks dad for all u do and have done, thanks mom for all u do and do do still and thanks sis for doing things with me and having a blast doing them...ie-Frightmare and so on! Much luv and just wait and see what i have in store for u guys next!!! I now introduce Joe-Car! #dodge1939 #car @mrp_mom @veepant #JoeCar

여긴 딴 세상. #겨울왕국 #joecar #golf

einsam im Dunkeln - schnappt ihn euch 😉 #joecar #stadtmobil #carsharing

#1115 #joecar #好兄弟 #關氏夫婦


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