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8th grader, Erin Callihan taking Drew Ervin through his "first day assessment" today. She came to work, not just observe. #jobshadow

• pathology 🔬💀 • on the blog --> plus, stay tuned for a promised post on h i s t o, this week!

‪Nothing better than having fellow @msstate meteorology Bulldogs visit! Excited to see what Hannah's future holds. She's from the St. Louis area, so who knows?! Maybe you'll see her on your TV some day. #HailState #jobshadow ‬☀️🐶⚡️

Det her er Carina. Hun er også ude til Job Shadow i dag. I morges var vi til møde, hvor der blev lavet jobanalyse på en stilling i afdelingen. Efterfølgende var vi til møde omkring et projekt, hvor vi var med på en lytter omkring mulige samarbejdspartnere. Lige nu er vi i gang med at udarbejde et stillingsopslag for en virksomhed, som vi skal præsentere senere 🔍📝 #aarhusBSS #yourniversity #SEGES #jobshadow

thanks for coming to visit #geaviation customer and tech ed center today #ameliahighschool!! checking out #aviation career opportunities with #juniorachievement #jobshadow day! ✈️ @generalelectric @geaviation @ohiobpa @juniorachievementusa

9 operasies later en ek staan nog ✔ #jobshadow

Getting conceptual today @interiors_uky #ukcod #jobshadow #seeinteriors

~We didn't realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun~😌❤️ #jobshadow #goodtimes #crazzyfriends


Huge dogs that think they're lap dogs make me smile💙🐶 #Mako #greatdane #greatdanesofinstagram #kisses #lover #bigboy #blue #jobshadow #veterinarymedicine

Many people dream of being a coach, but do you know what it's really like and what it takes to run a successful coaching business? @ruthkudzicoach is one of the best we know. She was a deputy head before retraining at UCL. She's got an incredible following and is confident enough to offer to help others. You can spend time with Ruth, shadowing a session but also seeing how she uses social media, what tools she uses to manage her business and so on. Investing in courses can cost £thousands. Shouldn't you try it first by learning from the best?
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Sign up via the link on our profile! Not convinced yet? Attendees will also be able to meet #careermentors and set up one-on-one sessions with experts from a range of sectors.

These workshops are a fun way to pick up some practical skills for you to use to find a job that you love.

Great news!! As part of my role in the Game Plan program for athletes I managed to secure another full day of job shadowing for up to 10 athletes at Sid Lee, one of the best brand building agencies in the world(link in bio). 💪This will happen on July 27th in Montreal and I still have 2-3 spots remaining. Interested athletes should DM me so I can add their name to the list on a first come first serve basis. This is a rare opportunity to get a private tour of their offices and exclusive access to speeches and insights from no less than 7 of their most innovative brand building executives and specialists in North America. Sid Lee has worked on campaigns with Cirque du Soleil, Adidas, Coca Cola, Canadian Olympic Commitee and the Toronto Raptors to name a few and also created the world renown annual C2 Montreal conference. Thank you to my friend and Sid Lee employee @eliedesm for her help in making this happen. She believes in the Game plan program and she is a big reason we managed to get Sid Lee on board. Can't wait for this historic day. Inbox me ASAP to reserve the last few spots. @gameplandematch @sidlee_official @sidleecollective @c2montreal @teamcanada @raptors @cirquedusoleil #wethenorth #sidlee #branding #architecture #experiential #marketing #digitalmarketing #athletes #transition #gameplanchampion #gameplan #olympics #sport #jobshadow #career

• july 22, 2016 😷 •
a year ago today, i spent an entire day of call & surgery with an ob/gyn.
a year ago today, i wrote my first blog post on that experience.
a year ago today, i began sharing with YOU GUYS!
•• this year has been full of learning + growth + progress, all the best things to get closer to goals.
want to get the best experience out of job shadowing? (also, my first EVER post) i've got you covered. 😘
*direct link in bio* 👆🏻
thanks for following along everyone! all my love to you! ♥️

Just another busy day for Jobscopia. Nikhil and Chander are hard at work as they are reaching out to professionals of different fields! Customer Acquisition Meetings have been a success so far! ✔️

Thanks to @theory__ for inviting us to your corporate headquarters yesterday! The MSC girls had an inspiring time at our 4th Design The Life You Love Summer Job Shadow Day. ✨✏️📓#mysocialcanvas #designalifeilove @designlifeyoulove #theory #educateagirl #mentorship #girlseducation #campusreps #jobshadow #meatpacking

We have been lucky enough to have Gabi job shadowing at NPN Architects this week. She has coloured in drawings for council, been to city council, measured up and toured a McDonald's, met Smokey the office cat, met Olivia the office baby, been exposed to architectural documentaries, learnt how to use Sketch-up, joined in on office banter, eaten lots and looots and LOOOOOTS and more! We have loved having her fresh, energetic and inquisitive presence here and are looking forward to another visit soon! Good luck Gabi! A future architect in the making!

Fun and busy day at Gettysburg Hospital! Job shadowing and learning about germs, body systems, and medical instruments! #summercamp #careerready #jobshadow

Hey Everyone! We are Jobscopia: an upcoming/unique job shadowing site. Our mission is to connect Students with Professionals, in different industries, to expand the younger generation's scope of careers. We are hoping to help students explore a variety of careers through the use of job shadowing! MEET THE TEAM - in both a professional and casual setting :) Please feel free to contact us (DM and/or visit our website!!) with any questions! Onward!

Day 1 ✔️ #jobshadow

You will never influence the world by being just like it 💛 #jobshadow

Thanks Raven _ravenevermore_ for coming out to shadow with us today @uncleclassicbarbershop. Special thank you to my Belle Meade team for making all our guests feel so welcome. #forestmorris #uncleclassicbarbershop #nashvillebarber #nashvillehairschool #jobshadow #sheareducation #nashville #pmtsalumni #pmtsmurfreesboro #showup

|Introducing Asha|
This dear one, is a student going through Oregon's Commission for the Blind - SWEP program.
Phiz was approached about offering this unique cooperate work experience and couldn't have been more excited to
Especially after hearing of Asha's interest in being a massage therapist one day.
OCB offers a specialized, hands-on summer training program for ages 16-20, who are legally blind. SWEP helps students develop workplace skills, build
confidence + prepare for future employment opportunities; Students learn to organize + prioritize tasks, effectively
manage time, provide excellent internal + external customer service +
operate both professionally + independently.
Our hope is that Asha's 4-week experience at Phiz Spa exposes her to the ins + outs of this service industry + provides her a leg up in her future endeavors.
#phizspa #swep #massage #jobshadow #jobtraining #meetasha

بالتعاون مع cogite coworking space ، نظمت جمعية 'شبابنا أملنا' جلسة تعليمية لمشاركي برنامج فرص مع GO My Code Startup وذلك لتسهيل عملية ادماج الشباب التونسي في الحياة المهنية ومساعدتهم على إختيار المجال والعمل المناسب لاختياراتهم ومهاراتهم. Link in bio.
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