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INTERVIEW: #QiYuwu tells us more about
❌ Him not wanting #BabyQi to join showbiz
👨🏻‍🏫 How she isn't the biggest fan of his facial hair (and her subsequent reaction to him shaving it off)
✈️ His (eventual) honeymoon plans with #JoannePeh
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恭喜 @qiyuwu @joannepeh 顺利生下第二胎。阿武说白薇秀阵痛了16个小时,与生第一胎一样长,没有如前辈说的比较快,比较不痛。老二重达3.1公斤,是个健康宝宝。(#黄少伟 ) #戚玉武 #白薇秀 #joannepeh #qiyuwu

Yesterday with pretty mummy Joanne 😊
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金牛座的她,其实很害怕改变。享受安逸生活,喜欢按部就班。但白薇秀 @joannepeh​ 说,老公戚玉武 @qiyuwu 让她更懂得随遇而安。
Photography: Aik Chen
Styling: Martin Wong @martyzwong
Make up: Kenneth Lee @kennethleesg
Hair: Nigel Woo, Passion hair salon
Location: @msocialsingapore
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想念😓 #joannepeh


Thanks @joannepeh!

The week before my daughter decided to wean off milk, she was asking for it more than usual, and then suddenly one day she just decided she didn't want it anymore. Her grandmother (my mother) was very worried and was sure her granddaughter wasn't getting sufficient nutrients but I also knew there was no way I could have forced my two year old to drink something she had clearly rejected countless times. So what did I do?
I turned to CATALO Children's Milk Calcium Formula. 2 chewable tablets are nearly equivalent to 1 cup of milk, contains Zinc to support immune system as well as other minerals that work with calcium to build strong bones. The most important fact is that it comes from a natural dairy source, and I have to add that the cute bear-shape makes it very appealing to my little one, who now knows how to twist the cap open and help herself to it! Needless to say it's now on the top cabinet, beyond her reach!
I have my share of calcium to replenish too with all the breastfeeding. And because my baby gets his source of calcium from me, I am very careful with what I consume.
Some people do experience some side effects when taking calcium pills, but I've been told that that is due to the synthetic ingredients present in those calcium supplements. The ingredients in CATALO's Vegetarian Calcium Formula are from natural sources (even the Vit C in it comes from Acerola Cherry), so it doesn't cause constipation or the bloated sensation, which is great for me because the last thing I want is a baby who suffers from that as well!
There's a Chinese saying "病从口入, that's why I have now learnt to examine the source of ingredients in supplements I give to my family!

Grab 35% off for CATALO Joint & Bone products from now till 4th October at Guardian stores!

INTERVIEW: #QiYuwu tells us more about
❌ Him not wanting #BabyQi to join showbiz
👨🏻‍🏫 How she isn't the biggest fan of his facial hair (and her subsequent reaction to him shaving it off)
✈️ His (eventual) honeymoon plans with #JoannePeh
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What do active kids, adults and seniors have in common? They take care of their bones, just like [@Joanne Peh] . Grab 35% off for Joint & Bone products until 4th October!

The ultra stylist #joannepeh ❤️#baiweixiu #白薇秀

9/9 Happy Anniversary 💕💏💑 #joannepeh #qiyuwu

Wishing Happy 3rd Anniversary to both #qiyuwu #joannepeh ... it was on this very day back in 2014 when they married in a low-profile simple ceremony at Sentosa in front of the huge #merlionstatue . They had actually known each other since back in 2002 when they starred in 九层糕 (which was incidentally Joanne's acting debut). They are now proud parents of 2 children, the boy who was born earlier this year 👫💏👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🏩

Happy day at happy fish school! So much excitement this week. Guest appearance @thetinywiny And look who we saw #joannepeh. Little girl is learning lotsa new expressions. Woohooooo! #sohenyi #babyswimming

Happy third wedding anniversary, #JoannePeh & #QiYuwu! We take a look back at their love story - from working on dramas together to their surprise wedding and welcoming not one, but two children to the family 💕
For that and everything else in between, head down to Toggle.sg for the full gallery 🤵🏻👰🏻

09/09/2017 🌻Happy Anniversary ! ❤️ @qiyuwu @joannepeh 🌼

Thanks @joannepeh!
I always say it's such a good time to be having babies now compared to my mother's generation. There is so much support and science to ease us through childbirth safely and help us raise healthy, intelligent children. Interestingly, CATALO has different DHA formula for young children, babies and even me (pre and post natal) and the most important thing for me is knowing that the source of ingredients is free from toxicity. CATALO's Vegetarian DHA Formula contains life'sDHA™ which is 100% Vegetarian DHA extracted from unpolluted algae using patented technology, and not from ocean fish. Mummies-to-be who might be feeling nauseous don't have to worry about the fishy smell! In case you're wondering, Baby's Algae DHA Drops is in liquid form, which makes it easy to drop into baby's milk while the Children's DHA comes in the form of cute little orange pearls which looks like a giant ebiko! 😋• #catalo #singapore #joannepeh #singaporekids

My top 11 most favourite:)) Don't be mad if you don't see your favourite actress' name here cuz this is just my opinion btw I like the last one because she's funny (no offence @thataloevera )

•yeesh that's crazy tagging and hashtagging😂❤
√second fangirl post. More to come!:))
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When it comes to health, the choice is simple for @joannepeh and her family. For a limited time only, the simpler choice is even easier with 40% off Prenatal Vegetarian DHA, Baby DHA, Children DHA & Extra DHA. Hurry, offer ends 6 Sept! Shop the range exclusively at Guardian

幸福一家❤ #joannepeh #qiyuwu #babyqi #qididi

Look who's using the Kokadi Flip baby carrier!

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