Why has BJJ become so popular, with so much dedication from its students, who so often describe the experience as uniquely addictive?
BJJ offers many unique experiences which trigger rich, subtle and fulfilling psychological changes in its students, changes which promote positive transformation, and keep people coming back to the mats.
JJ is often the only thing that can get worries and frustrations off of my mind.

As long as BJJ continues to evolve, continues to offer novelty, new challenges and new growth, that the sport will continue to draw new students and retain its influential position. It is the dynamic nature of the sport which is so psychologically compelling, and which offers students so much room for personal development. ⌨️: @drdavidley (@psychologytoday_ )

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Bjj time.
Stronger training. ..

Ahí vamos, descubriendo el jiujitsu. #brownbelt #jiujitsuvibes #graciejiujitsu #oss

My daughter Audrey (3 yrs old) Ankle Locking my son Henry (2 yrs old) 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

When you have nothing better to do in a desert island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. #bjj #jiujitsueverywhere #delariva #jiujitsuvibes #lifestyle

Before AND after EVERY class. Vaccuum and mop those damn mats!!!!! And listen to @rebelutionmusic while you do so!!!! #goodmusic #goodvibes #cleanacademy #jiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle #bjjlifestyle #bjj #jiujitsuvibes #greatvibesgreatrolls

Um ano atrás eu deixei meu país, minha família e tudo que eu tinha de seguro para buscar meu sonho! Loucura? Um pouco! Saudade? Muita! Arrependimento? Nenhum! A caminhada foi longa, mas desde então parece que o cara lá de cima resolveu me pegar no colo, colocar as melhores pessoas no meu caminho e me apresentar os melhores picos! Tem sido mágico poder me reconectar comigo, aprender novas culturas, dividir novas visões do mundo e principalmente aprender a dar valor a cada coisinha simples dessa vida! Um salve para o Jiu Jitsu que me proporcionou tudo isso, pra minha família e pras pessoas especiais que tornaram isso possível! Meu coração tá cheio de saudade e cheio de amor por todos vocês! Apenas OBRIGADA!! ****************************
One year ago I left my country, my family and everything I had to chase my dream! Does it seem crazy? A little! Missing? Lots of! Repentance? None! The way was long, but since then seems that God decided to pick me up in his arms, put the best people on my way and present me the best places! It has been magical to be able to reconnect with myself, to learn new cultures, to share new visions and mainly to learn to value every single little thing! I wanna thank you to Jiu Jitsu, to my family and the special people that made it possible! My heart is full of love for all of you! Just THANK YOU !!
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Good at jiu-jitsu. Not so good at taking pictures😅😅😅
#DrysdaleJiuJitsu #LivingandLearning #RafaelDomingos #Safadinha #StruggleisReal #NotVogueApproved #FridayFun #JiuJitsuVibes [photocred: @keiyobjj]

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