How sick 😷🔥Renato Canuto getting creative @kasaigrappling @flograppling

The boy, a freshman at California’s Sonoma Valley High School, had been bullying the girl online. The girl, also a freshman, confronted her harasser, and he doused her with water. She then put six years of MMA training to the test.

One of my favorite dirty moves!

It is not IBJJF legal, but it is legal in HELL and in your friendly neighborhood open mat!
The victim of this drill actually feels like he is being pulled back by someone else, not realizing what's happening to him! Super fun!
Repost from @timura_bjj

🔥flow...Knee Shield > AK-47 kneebar > Heel Hook @slapbumpsub

Double tap and follow us. Oss

🔥 Lots said the last post is impossible to pull off - we’ll here it is in competition @jflojudo

“Most important thing in Judo is technique...” Repost Koulikov Grappling Academy


Sliding in with yoko sutemi waza 🥋 @jflojudo

When you use your shirt 👕 to set up a flying triangle 😂 @ossjitsu @junglekingwayne

This Referee Didn’t Realize A White Belt Had Choked His Opponent To Sleep

T a g a friend you'd like to drill this with

is this IBJJF legal? 😂 🤔

Clock ⏱choke 💀 💤 @bjjscout

A2 @10PATX @CurtisHembroff @nogipriss 🎧 “Magazine” by #HookThieves

Double Tap if you Roll! OSS

You have to admit, that takedown was right on the money!

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