The best things in life are silly . πŸ€“β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ Stay Goofy !
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Thankyou !! And all the best to @sunrisershyd . Hope you guys do well and do a winning dance just like this .
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"I am just like you all, an ordinary human being" countless times she told us, never said no to any fan whoever wanted to meet her, not only on her sets or at some meet and greet events; she met them at her home too and treated them as family (never seen any celebrity do that!) When fans send her gifts, she loves them all but then she specifically requested to not spend money on her, rather give it to someone needy❀❀
Saw her tear up couple of times while reading some emotional messages from fans, that's how pure this girl isπŸ’•

@shilpa_shinde_official just want to let you know that you are anything but Ordinary!! In a world full of fakers, liars, hypocrites, manipulators, backstabbers, credit hungry and selfish people,
You always stood out for being Fearless, Kind, Caring, Dignified, Pure, Honest, Adorable, a Fighter, a Stereotype breaker, so Simple yet so Enduring, a bundle of Talent yet being the most humble person ever, a Beautiful soul and most importantly for being REAL ❀❀ I know nobody is perfect, everyone is flawed but you can give it a close competition (not exaggerating a bit)
You deserve the immense Love and Respect you got Worldwide, for being YOUπŸ‘Έ
People are bound to fall in Love with someone like you, I mean who won't? (except some losers who are extremely jealous)
You were always Unique, Precious 😘
Keep conquering your goals and dreams.... more love on the way ❀❀❀ p.s Did you know you are the only Indian who trended with more than 1M tweets four times?
And you along with Sachin Tendulkar are the only Indian Celebrities to trend with 3M tweets ever. That's how special and loved you are πŸ’ž


When the diva completely slayed her look, her act and her dance today πŸ’πŸ˜β€β€ @shilpa_shinde_official perfection in everything you doπŸ‘Œ


Good night friends ... Today's look at #jiodhandhanadhan

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