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情人节快乐,宝贝 @jinncwj ❤️ The second valentine's day w/o you by my side 😔 We always remind each other that distance is just a number and it's not gonna break us apart, yes, I'm proud and glad that we made it till today, our third valentine's day. I'll promise I'll celebrate it with you for many many years to come.
Once again, Happy Valentine's Day. Love you, bii 😘 #jinnalex #ldr #uk #distance #valentine #rship #longdistance #life

Don't be too stressed out, baby @jinncwj Getaway is just a week ahead and you're gonna have lots of fun.
I know those nasty assignments are occupying your sleep time and our talk time but just bare with it, it's not gonna be forever. Work hard and play harder, alright?
Love you, baby ❤ 😘
#jinnalex #throwback #sg #uss #trip #igkl #ldr

Happy Monthsary, my sexy baby 💃 Life seems so dull w/o having you by my side, but I know distance is gonna make our love stronger and better. Love you, baby 😘
#jinnalex #rship #love #couple #ig #igmy #relationship #girlfriend #ldr

Finally my naughty girl iz back! 😊

Happy Birthday, my dearest baby girl @jinncwj 👧
Words cannot describe what phenomenon has occurred between us by the crossing of our paths. The greatest of things that have happened and that are happening to me these could not have been archived without your presence on this earth. Thank god for having you with me to celebrate your birthday every year. I promise that it will be a better birthday celebration on your next birthday. I love you, baby <3 😘 Hope you'll have an awesome trip with the family.


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