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Sat outside my door all night and sang the song of his people, AKA he was upset that no one was awake so he meowed all night long. #catsofinstagram #SadCatDiary #NOsleep #blackcat #jinkers 🐱🐈

What’s Esthetic, I know it’s been a little min my apologies to be honest some days I wouldn’t feel up to it. I was feeling like I was in alittle bit of a slump. I’m getting better now I understand that’s just part of life you will not be feeling up to it every moment in life. All you have to remember is this is only a storm that will pass and that there will be many brighter inspiring times ahead. This fit for today's topic. It's thirteen days into the month the second of the year how you feeling? Usually, around this time we feel inspired new year new goals etc. But somewhere during the month (I say a month because most people don't get past the first week) we lose focus and get back to what makes us feel comfortable.•

We conform back doing this friends is like taking away your freedom and it will rob you of growth. What was some of your resolutions this year? Eating healthier? Working out more? Get this money? Etc. I know we all made some but somehow by the time we get to February 20th most of that's out of the window and we back to doing the same things we were doing. •
How often do you conform to your surroundings? Do you tend to follow the lead of others and imitate what they do, or are you the one who sets trends? •

I know we all want to be successful so when we conform understand all we are doing is slowing down the growth that you wanted when you first set that resolution. When we conform we are no longer thinking for ourselves anymore we are allowing society to dictate life for us. Last I checked you were a king/queen and you set trends not follow them. My assignment today is to write in my journal today about the ways in which you conform to societal pressures. What changes can you make in your daily life to lessen your conformity and increase your opportunity for growth? #filausa #filausa👟 #Jinkers #freethe9 #coldheartzfromthestart💙🎤🎧🎥☔💸💸💸 #dolleduplashesbyamyj #respectedlevelz #ch_womens_kidsfashion1994

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#lilhaitifilms🇭🇹 " To my Polo Fanatics / LO-LIFe this post for y'all " #Repost @saratoga_lynx ・・・
Lo - Life’s is promoting their life style. Since 1987 youth life they going no meows, sleeping in stores over night (for the latest POLO), to get that merchandise. Understand the Difference between Lo'Lifes and Shoppers; was that the Lo'Lifes weren't paying for this shit. Before Snow Beach day is over, salute to the Lo Lifes and boosters.
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So thankful for communities who make Our Crody, @troydabossman_od feel so admire and important 💙 look at those skills too! (It’s a must that I inform my beautiful friends that @respectedlevelz have been esthetically #jinkers for many years & to COME #coldheartzfromthestart💙🎤🎧🎥☔💸💸💸 C E R T I F I E D. This is what JINKERS DO. We SUPPORT the Community cause it’s the only right thing to do. Please don’t ever say “We Are {Not}, Who We Say We R) Jinkers! The Era Of The 90’z#forevermook @realjinkers_hc @dolleduplashesbyamyj @mugs_le_jinker #coldheartzclothing #coldheartzswag #coldheartzfacts @respectedlevelz from Jinker to the next 💙✌🏾💙 Contact @respectedlevelz for a Box Of #respectedlevelz

to the Coldest I know @true_2_my8lu3_823 If you dont know who Face-Lo is, don't ever rep tru3 son. International known, last name followed by first name Showtime, get it correctly! He might not be on some Tookie Williams shit but he was birthed around and survived the shit, he isn’t some nigga from Cro-Ville, this my Higher Upper. Any stories concerning Face and his coldheartz, may or may not be true. 😉 Follow me : You ever look up to people when you were younger & then as soon as you get on they level, you realize they surpassed you. Know matter how hard you try...you can’t keep up with the Jones. Showtime, shows and prove he’s accurate. His first rule of truly living- do the thing you are most afraid of. (You manage to always exceed 823 expectations. Only a few can understand this homie). I’m not going to mentioned adventures in Syracuse, 95thclarkson, Wingate High School, or other arenas we crossed paths on. You our Trey (Foundation),man through RISE your mission, vision & purpose molded into a something extraordinary. Cause of the 3rds, the Coldheartz, Jinkers, and Esthetic Designers are Physically & Mentally preparing for the Strong. We stand behind any of your arguments. No Tookie Williams But The New Money Is Crypto!!!! Honestly homies, he is a mastermind when it comes to Analyzing! Salutations #oringinaleverything #lolifes #stjohns #mgv #tapscott #sutter #sallyMatthew #brownsville #saratogaave #firstondecks #blueworldorder #respectedlevels #jinkers #90z #ourstory121 #forevermookmula #sipbillz #siprazorgsc #siprazor We Are Who We Say We Are. I Trey to God hope we have a harmless day and stay injury free this year! Face - Lo : Story is featured in @rljewelry book called “Lo-Life’s of America” #newyorktimesbestseller
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What’s Esthetic, how many of you ever felt like this before? I know I have it’s days I’m just outchea in the mix having fun then there’s days when I rather be alone and just be by myself. Now understand both will help you grow in different ways. The important part is balancing the two friends do you have a good balance between the time you spend participating in society and the time you spend in solitude? I know some people who you can take out to a party and they will end up being the life of the party, but they're afraid to be alone. Then you got people who are socially awkward and feel uncomfortable around others, but they cherish their alone time. Where do you feel you fall in all of this?•

Solitude and Society are partners they go hand and hand on this journey toward success. Some days you may be the life of the party other days you might just feel like a Hermit and want to be left alone. Take some time today to explore the advantages of each of them. #jinkers #90z #poloteddybear #truesubtancevest #captianamericahat #bluetimberlands #ralphlaurenjeans #hudsonouterwearnyc #streetsyle #salvatoreferragamo #pologoose #niketrackshoes We Are Who We Say We R! #forevermookmula #sipbillz #sipbillz #respectedlevels #filaking88 #freethe9 #ourstory121 Era of the 9 #coldheartzfromthestart💙🎤🎧🎥☔💸💸💸 #turftakers

Trust the ‘Supreme Intelligence’ to always have your best interest at Heart 💙
He is good
All the time! Go where you're accepted and Respected, on all Levelz. #90z #supportthecommunity #classic #filaking88 #lolifes #Wearewhowesayweare #forevermookmula #sipbillz #siprazor #jinkers #estheticdom #coldheartzfromthestart💙🎤🎧🎥☔💸💸💸 @respectedlevelz this that 9Oz Shit Original Turf Takers #filasneakes #polojeans #respectedlevelz #respectedlevelzhat #smallbusiness #freethe9

Absolutely amazing performance from JLS couldn't of asked for a better team ! A competition stacked with exceptional athletes and I'm proud to say for want of a better word.....we fucking smashed it coming 1st in 2 of the 3 qualifiers, the final wod was far from a favourite of mine with lots of overhead squats but it's just another weakness to work on! 💪 Credit to the other CrossFit larne teams supporting us the whole way through 😊#crossfit #comp #john #lyndsey #samantha #stevenstherealmvp #whatsnext #jinkers


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The Universe does this thing where it aligns you with people, things and situations that match your vibration. The higher you’re vibrating, the more you will see things that are beneficial to you. #jinkers #estheticdom @mr.mayor127 Harlem #polojeans #estheticdomhoody #beefandbroccolitimbs #ralphlaurenbelt #supermariobros #jinkersjoggingsuit #truereliongoose #ralphlaurenhat #beefandbroccolitimbs We literally bumped heads in traffic. How dare I make this 9 O ‘ s stuff 🆙 Original Turf Takers!!!! #coldheartzfromthestart💙🎤🎧🎥☔💸💸💸 Serious Inquires contact @realjinkers_hc @sir_jinkers95th We Are Who We Say We R!

Waking up to the smell of Friday be like 🍻

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What’s Esthetic, how many of you been incarcerated before? or know someone who has? Did you know you can be incarcerated without physically being locked up. If everything that comes out your mouth or everything you think is something pessimistic then your locked up mentally and setting your self up for failure or depression. •

Time can also feel like it’s flying when your having fun. What do you do for fun? What makes you happy? New Years, just past did you take some time out to do something to make you feel like a ‘Jinker? When you take time off for fun your not doing it because it’s a luxury. It should be something you consider mandatory if you want to achieve your dreams. I know when you dream of success it’s filled with happiness right. So it doesn’t make sense that your road toward success should be so dull. You should experience some silly moments along your route if happiness is your goal.•

There’s no truth to the myth that you have to secure or chase a bag; and have no fun in order to reach the upper levels of success. So what’s it going to be today? You going to go to a movie? Watch the Nexflix & Chill? Just sitting with your kids and actually giving them 100% of your attention? Schedule your fun time just as much as you schedule time to work. Remember yesterday your goal in life should be in the gray a good balance of work and play. Do something that makes you really happy today.•

My assignment today is to FaceTime my son, meet Graphic Designers, and build a team for a well established publishing company. Don’t limit yourself to affordability, Time, or location. Enjoy the exercise relax your mind free yourself from that prison. JINKERS come purchase a box of this Esthetic shit! #estheticdom #jinkers #respectlevels #filaking88 #pocketfulclothing #saratogalynxline
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Monday snuggle 🌥

I’m cryinggggggg 😂😭😂 #scoobydoo #jinkers #velma

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