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Ultra 4 car for sale. Jimmys chassis. tore down completely new powder coat, fresh brand new ls3 built. fresh prep all fluids parts etc. Race ready turn key car. Fresh set of bfg kr3 40" tires kmc 17"wheels and full set of new spare tires and wheels. Spare parts etc. Ads shocks kc lights new warn winch etc etc. No expenses spared. Has Not seen dirt since prep. Race prep and support also a option for new owner. Pm me if seriously interested. #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4 #ultra4racing #ultra4 #racecars #koh2018 #kingofthehammers #rockcrawler #rockcrawlerforsale

Got her shined up loaded and out of here this afternoon. On to the next one! #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4

The @mbrpexhaust ultra 4 is almost ready to go. Waiting on front lower arms and she will be ready to head to Texas for a show. #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4 #goodprep #jimmyscompound #mbrpexhaust #mbrpnation #nitto #nittotires #kmcwheels #rigidindustries #mastercraftsafety #ultra4racing

Getting some cars cleaned and partial prep/finishing to put away and the boss man of #mbrpexhaust sending his to a show in Texas. Then go at it on prep of our race cars. Fun fun. #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4

Getting ready for the # prorockracing at #adventureoffroad this weekend. #trailreadywheels #coyoteinnerbeadlock #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4

Well #koh2018 is in the books. The race didn't go as planned for us. But we still had a good time. My first hammers was a great experience. Huge thanks to @theroddfather7 for the opportunity to be a part of this awesome team and company. @vaughngittinjr and @glendonald started 5th off the line and 1st in class and unfortunately the desert section won 7 miles in. Suffered a g out and roll co rider had to get flown out. He's in good spirits tho and will be ok with some recovery time. So thankful it wasn't worse. Vaughn tried to continue but truck was too hurt to finish. We made a team call to not race 4400 on Friday as parts were limited and not totally sure what shape truck is in till we get it to the shop and tear it down and check everything. It sucks for us the driver and co rider and the sponsors but the safety of our guys are number 1 to me and I take that very seriously. We will be back stronger. @cade_rodd was running 3rd and suffered a electrical failure in sledgehammer. Chase rodd had a overheating issue in starting line pulled in pit got him squared away and unfortunately had to start last made some good passes all the way to pit 1 and had engine issues. @dhartman4874 had a good run up to I believe 4th at one point and lost trans in wrecking ball. @loren_healy one of our customer cars and a heavy hitter in 4400 was out front in top 5 all day but had transfer case issues that he battled thru for a 7th place in the end. This year's hammers was tough on everyone. The course was brutal. Finishing rate was way down. But we will all be back stronger than ever in #koh2019. Homeward bound we go back to the Jimmys compound to prep for the next one. Thanks to everyone who supported us this year at koh. #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4

So stoked My car #brocky driven by @vaughngittinjr qualified 1st in class and 5th off the line for the race tomorrow. Our in house #jimmys4x4 car driven by @cade_rodd is starting 4th off the line 3rd in his class. Chase rodd starting 19th and Hartman is I believe 29th. Should be a good day. Follow live online. The #jimmysarmy♠️ gonna give it to them tomorrow! I have no service without going to find it so don't bother calling text and I'll see it later

#koh almost there! Got the beer and food! #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4

Hammertown bound! Couple hrs in to the drive! Cali here we come! #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4

#brocky is almost ready to go! Gotta paint the whole new front shock mount section and put it all back together, bleed brakes, finish body install and fire her up. I haven't even heard this Beast run yet. Excited for that. Looks like we'll be heading to hammertown on Friday. Can't wait to do the only race I have not ever done. And this will be my first off-road car that I am completely in charge of prep on hope everything goes like it's supposed to I have faith that it will. See you all in hammertown in a couple days. Looks like we will have a whole Corral full of trucks and side by sides to support all week heading home for some much-needed sleep finally. #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4 #goodprep #winning #koh2018 @jimmys4x4 @vaughngittinjr

Feeling a little Black n White today
#roddfather #theroddfather #jimmysarmy #jimmysarmy♠️

Well she's got front arms. On that note I'm going home to my bed LOL. Good productive day today for sure finally making progress. 1 week till #koh2018 #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4 #dedication #winning

Finally headed home. Long day on #brocky. She didn't wanna cooperate with new parts. The lower arms kicked my ass today. Tried real hard to have front end back together but fitment issues with old frame new arms was killing me. Back at it again tomorrow figuring out upper arms now. #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4

Being the early bird and staying late doesn't mean your a overachiever just means you are chasing championships with passion. #wanttowin #dedication #goodprep #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4 @vaughngittinjr #25 #brocky coming along. Gonna be a good week!

The cars are coming along for King of the Hammers! along with several others that are being built still. #jimmysarmy♠️ putting in the work to go kick ass. #brocky is starting to go back together. Got a few issues that need fixed still but other than that it's cleaning checking everything and change fluids and button it back up and she'll be ready to go. #koh2018 #jimmys4x4 @vaughngittinjr

Good day today tearing down this beast. Super excited to be a part of this whole team. Thank you @jimmys4x4. Im super pumped for this. Lots to do yet before the hammers. But I'll make it happen. It was a awesome day. Back in my happy place doing what I love.. just little different kinda race cars. #brocky #jimmysarmy♠️ #jimmys4x4 @vaughngittinjr #koh2018

What do you think @loren_healy should name his new car? 🐉 🔥
@nittotire @jimmys4x4 @kingshocks @ultra4racing @kmcwheels
Repost: Off to Phoenix we go for wiring! #mbrpnation #nitto #kmcwheels #kingshocks #jimmysarmy♠️

Off to Phoenix we go for wiring! #mbrpnation #nitto #kmcwheels #kingshocks #jimmysarmy♠️

Good 1st day of assembly with @jfeuilly and @grumpywirth on the new @jimmys4x4 car! Tomorrow we install suspension. #mbrpnation #nitto #kmcwheels #jimmysarmy♠️

We brought home our first win today. Great time with great people. Check out #thekingofthepark . #maxxistires #spidertrax#jimmys4x4 #jimmysarmy♠️ #trailreadybeadlocks #foxshocks #cbrperformance

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