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A little story about today. & my love for @champagnepapi ...10 year old little Ashley had a crush on Jimmy Brookes from Degrassi. Before he was shot in a wheelchair, before he saved “Ashley” from doing X, before his rap career really took off while on Degrassi. It was Friday night tv reminders to watch Degrassi. It was years of love from a far on tv.
It was 2007 when I discovered his MySpace page. It was 2008 I had successful, throw it in the bag remix (still my all time favorite song) and generally his whole MySpace playlist into a CD. I drove everyone crazy with it.
2009 when best I ever had came out, I hated it. I hated how all of these people loved drake. Bitches 😂. 8 years invested and suddenly everyone knew him. I was a jaded 18 year girl 😂. 2012, I spent 1k on row 10 seats for Brooke and I. It was her birthday present after Christopher died. It was in the middle of the set and he starts doing these shoutouts to his fans. I’m standing on top of my chair wearing this bright pink hoody. I’m talking I think you could see me from the sun. But, it wasn’t the sun that saw, 11 years of loving drake, and it was Drake that saw me. “Aye girl, yeah I see you there in that pink hoody.” I fell over, off my chair. Brooke and I fangirled and I died a little bit in that moment.
2016 AJ bought me tickets for the birthday to the Summer Sixteen tour and I was blessed to see him again. Granted, it was nothing like the Club Paradise tour, but he played old songs like forever, headlines, and take care. Songs that I thought I would never hear live again. He floated towards us with these purple orbs.
If you made it all the way to end. It’s been 6 years since he saw me on his own 💜. #drake #champagnepapi #degrassi #concert #shoutout #love #teenagefever #teenagelove #jimmybrookes #tattoo #girlswithink @champagnepapi

I can’t even begin to tell y’all how much joy I’m getting from this photo!!! #11 #JimmyBrookes #Drake #MillieBobbyBrown #StrangerThings

Awe this scene made me cry and Jt back there looking so hot [dtng-s5-graduation episode] #jimmybrookes #shanekippel #drake #jtyorke #ryancooley #spinnermason #degrassithenextgeneration

One of the most iconic storyline of Degrassi ever ! #jimmybrookes #timestandsstill #drake #shanekippel #iconic ( @shaneykipps @champagnepapi )

Bye g2g ttyl

👍 in the comments if you cried in this ep lol (please dont tell me i was the only one) #jimmy #degrassi #shooting #rick #season4 #jimmybrooks

Drake- One more from last night ! @wifibananas #drizzy #drake #jimmybrookes #nonewfriends

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