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Goodbye to one of New York's greatest literary voices. A hard-boiled voice of the common man, eloquent bar room philosopher and poetic bard of the streets. The voice is silenced but, his words live on. Jimmy Breslin. The man. #JimmyBreslin #Repost @tigerwolfpictures

#jimmybreslin was a favorite of mine. I use to cut class, go to the library and read his books. A real #newyorkicon a great writer and journalist. We need more Jimmy Breslin's now. Condolences to his wonderful family. ☘@thejimib #worldwithoutendamen #theworldofjimmybreslin #tablemoney #thegangthatcouldntshootstraight

Amazing coincidence. I was reading Jimmy Breslin's great mobster book The Good Rat (one of my desert island books) when Breslin died on Sunday aged 88. #jimmybreslin #legend #journosjourno

I hate this place, but then again...if I didn't hate it, I wouldn't love it the way I do! #BROOKLYN #coneyisland #jimmybreslin #yourcitysucks

come si festeggia un Pulitzer (di quelli che muoiono da vivi, ci sono foto così; per tutti gli altri, ci sono soddisfazioni tipo «mi hanno invitato a commentare i risultati elettorali da Floris») #JimmyBreslin #certicoccodrillisonopiùfighideglialtri #certecravattenonsonoappiccicateconloscotch

Another good one gone 💔 RIP JIM #jimmybreslin #realnews

Real journalist, shit stirrer, New Yorker #jimmybreslin

"He had his flaws, just not as a journalist." - @jemelehill #jimmybreslin #rip


"When you leave New York you ain't going anywhere."--Jimmy Breslin #nyc #jimmybreslin

Quote from Jimmy Breslin. Jimmy Breslin was a Pulitzer Prize-winning American columnist and author. He wrote numerous novels, and pieces of his have appeared regularly in various newspapers in his hometown of New York City. He was a regular columnist for the newspaper Newsday until his retirement on November 2, 2004. #hellobigapple #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc #ny #empirestateofmind #newyorkcitylife #newyorknewyork #nycity #ig_newyork #ny_instagramers #ny_instagram #lovenewyork #lovenewyorkcity #jimmybreslin #jimmy #breslin

Jimmy Breslin, a Larger-Than-Life Newspaper Columnist
Nearing deadline, Jimmy Breslin answers his phone, shouts, “In a few minutes,” and slams down the phone. Every sentence, except the lead, is rewritten at least once. Two hours later he’s done, but still fiddling with the piece, reading off the screen, working on a sentence: In the morning, the difference between throwing dice against a garage wall on Southern Blvd. and the game scheduled to go on in the courtroom was that there were only supposed to be two players. His wife calls to remind him that 90 people are coming to the apartment in two hours for a wedding.

Exhausted, he’s got to have a walk, or maybe a swim, to come down. Since 6:30 this morning, lying in bed with a telephone, three newspapers and a thermos of coffee, Breslin, 58, has been working. It’s now 3:00 p.m. and he’s still not satisfied. He finally won the Pulitzer last year, but it’s been like this for almost 25 years, three columns a week, writing the central stories of his city, which are, in no particular order, the amazing thievery of the powers-that-be, the forgotten and despised poor and the fast, fierce humor of New York neighborhoods. Week after week, the life of noisy desperation.
Breslin passed away this month. Original text from “That’s the Whole Thing” by Ambrose Clancy for GQ, 1986; Photo via New York Daily News Archive/Getty
#jimmybreslin #journalist #journalism #writer #writing #onwriting #legend #icon #columnist #newyork #newyorkcity #newyorkpost #thedailynews #newyorkmagazine #sonofsam #deadline #rip #pulitzerprize #story #stories #thestorybar

March 8, 1971, Gene went with his close friend Arthur Loew, Jr. to see the "Fight of the Century" - the Heavyweight Championship between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden. Afterward, they went to Toots Shor's on W. 51st Street. Gene told me that the place was filled with guys from Harlem who were miserable that Ali had lost. Another good friend of his was there, too - the Pulitzer-Prize winning writer Jimmy Breslin, who, like Gene, always rooted for the underdog. Gene said he and Breslin went over to talk to an interesting young woman who was there with all the men. It was Bernadette Devlin from Northern Ireland. This remarkable bit of history came back to me this week when I read that Breslin had died at the age of 88 on March 19. His stepdaughter referred to it as "the end of an era." Indeed.

#genekelly #genekellylegacy #muhammadali #tootsshor #jimmybreslin #bernadettedevlin

The most New York New Yorker has passed but his raw, hilarious New York attitude will never die #longlive #jimmybreslin

"He had his flaws, just not as a journalist." - @jemelehill #jimmybreslin #rip

Commemorating #JimmyBreslin my way in pencil on paper

One of Jimmy Breslin's early columns, from The Gastonia (NC) Gazette in 1956 - describing how the jump shot is ruining basketball. #jimmybreslin #RIP #nyc #thevoiceforthevoiceless

We're lucky to have avatars of the truth here in Nu Yawk. They carry what's called NYC Press Passes and the ones who proudly carry them are called journalists. Their sole purpose is to shed light on darkness, expose the truth, and champion the dignity of the common person. Here's one of them, Jim Dwyer of the NY Times. We both went to what some would call Junior High School, 6-8th grade. In our case it was the Monsignor William R. Kelly School in NYC. It was an experimental school for gifted kids from the hood like me and Jim run by what could best be described as a group of young, progressive, leftist Franciscan Brothers in the Catholic Church. We took courses like Political Science, and that was in the 6th grade. We hadn't seen each other in a long time, but what better place to reconnect than at the funeral mass for one of the Grand Master warriors of the truth, Maestro Jimmy Breslin. How did I know Jim was there? Another friend, this time from high school, NY Times reporter David Gonzalez told me. As Jimmy would say, beautiful.😋 #newyorktimes #nyc #journalism #truth #JimmyBreslin #press #reporters

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