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Simply Painting curated by #jimmooney installation shot with #jonthompson (left) and #andrewgraves (right) #oilpainting

Letting everyone know that Supergirl and I had a thing for a while. It was pretty cool. Art by #JimMooney #supergirl

Out-of-context comic panels, #291 in a series. #outofcontextcomics #jimmooney #thor #humantorch #dreamsbetrayed

"Death Becomes Him: 10 Times Batman Has Died" - #10 - Club of the Living Dead:

In the first adventures of the Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, the fantastical tales of distant lands, crazy crooks and surreal surprises awaited almost every issue of 'Batman' and 'Detective Comics' in the 1940s and 1950s, also known as the Golden Age of Comics. Even events such as the apparent death of major characters occurred, in particular the Clown Prince of Crime. When The Joker would fight the Dynamic Duo, he would plunge to his death to escape, but sure enough in the next issue he returns to wreak chaos in Gotham. The Caped Crusader himself has seen the face of death, one of the earliest times in David Vern Reed's "The Death-Cheaters of Gotham City", originally published in Batman (Vol 1) 72 from August 1952, illustrated by Jim Mooney. Batman learns that someone seeks vengeance on members of an elite club who did not grant him entrance to join. This organization, however, only accepts members who have been clinically diagnosed as deceased then come back to life. In order to be in this exclusive club, Bruce Wayne gives himself a poison that stops his heart for several minutes then can be brought back to life. This tactic was successful thanks to the Boy Wonder resurrecting his guardian. Secret clubs of the living dead during this era of comics wasn't that shocking by today's standards, but the story always has the reader guessing if the Dark Knight will survive or will this be the end of our hero. [Sources: bit.ly/1RwRXUY. bit.ly/1P1LHWK; History of the Batman is releasing this content under the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107] ✌🏼💙🦇💀


Out-of-context comic panels, #291 in a series. #outofcontextcomics #jimmooney #thor #humantorch #dreamsbetrayed

The Amazing Spider-Man by John Buscema and Jim Mooney.
#thecosmiccomicbookbroadcast #marvelcomics #theamazingspiderman #stanlee #johnbuscema #jimmooney

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