Soft ivory & blush bridal bouquet with white feathers nestled inside for the ode to the Old Hollywood/Gatsby inspiration. Florals from @jennifercoleflorals | Photo @jimkennedyphotographers | Wedding Planner @monarchweddings | Venue @lavalenciahotel

My couple brought some furry friends along for their shoot. How cute are they!

Super excited to the newest edition to my arsenal. Sony G series 85mm 1.4 Switched to Sony gear this year and couldn't be happier.

Ever find yourself traveling through Vietnam in a passenger van for a couple hours and start feeling carsick. Don't hesitate having the van pullover then ask a local if wants to make some money. I asked this local man if I could jump on the back of this scooter and if he would follow the van I just jumped out of. He had big smile on his face and said sure. Riding on the back of that scooter in the open air is the perfect cure for car sickness.

Well after getting on a plane last Sunday to fly to Calcutta India, I'm now back in the states. It's been a crazy week. Some people said you are flying all the way to India to just be there for a few days. I was just there 3 full days. The rest of the time was travel time. Spent about 50 hours this week in just travel time. Having said that. I wouldn't have changed a thing. I would do it again in a heart beat. My soul purpose was to get to spend time and photograph some amazing young women and children. This group of beautiful young women where so inspiring to be around. They are beautiful artist who are working hard along with some friends of mine in designing and crafting beautiful fine jewelry. Be on the lookout for their line Relevee. It will be coming out soon. It's not always that easy for women in India. So this group is going to show people that it is possible to break gender barriers, earn a fair wage and uplift their family and community. I also spent time in a couple orphanages. Again getting to see the beautiful smiling children who getting a chance to attend school is such a big deal for them. Such an amazing few days. Can't wait to get back to India in January to really give back. Be on the look out for our @livetheraklife trip we are planning there. Should be announced very soon.

India is so amazing for street portraits. Never hard to find some great color for backdrops.

Yesterday while I was shooting for made by survivors we decided to get of the jewlery studio and take the girls out for some street portraits. Everybody had so much fun.

Had some free time to walk the streets of Calcutta today before getting back to work with made by survivors. Made a new friend along the way. Love her smile.

Super excited that one week from today I'll be headed to India doing some homework on putting together an @livetheraklife volunteer trip to India for this January. I'm going to partnering with an amazing charity that does amazing things for woman and children that have been affected by human trafficking. Please stay tuned for more info how you can get involved. If ever thought of exploring India and making a difference while you are there be sure to message or email me. Once I return from India I'll have a lot more info. I know first hand how amazing the people of India are. I spent a month there a few years ago and it was one of the most life changing experiences of my life. Can't wait to get back there. You can see more of my India images @jimkennedyphotographer

Love sharing pictures with the kids. They love seeing themselves on the back of the camera. #jimkennedyphotographer #myanmar

Don't you hate when you're trying to get a picture of an ancient temple and a herd of cows want to get in your shot. #jimkennedyphotographer #bagan

Made my day when I came up on some locals playing ping pong. I had to get in on it. I love ping pong. These kids where good. They gave me a run for my money #jimkennedyphotographer #myanmar

Had a blast playing volleyball with kids at the monastery at Inle Lake. They didn't have a net but we made it work.

Well my adventure through Myanmar is coming to an end. Starting the journey home today. But had the best day ever finishing off the trip. Went with a local up the Thande River to visit villages tourist have never been to. More about that later. But the highlight was volunteering at an English school and meeting the kids we decided to sponsor their education here in Myanmar. These are the two girls I'm sponsoring. Pan taw win is the 5 year old and Win pa pa htoo is the 13 year old. Stay tuned for the girl Amber sponsored. Another super cutie. We are so excited to keep in touch with these girls. Stay tuned for many more ways jim Kennedy photographers is going to be giving back. We have some big things planned for 2015. Can't wait to share them. Traveling has given me so much over the years that I want to give back as much enrichment that it has given me. #jimkennedyphotographer #livetheraklife #myanmar

So much fun playing with the local kids in these villages in Myanmar. They will always put a smile on your face. #jimkennedyphotographer #myanmar

We are a little ahead of you in the states with Xmas. When we woke up today it was Xmas morning and we all headed to the local market stocked up on as many toys as we could carry on bikes and biked 8 miles out of town to spend Xmas at an orphanage. Thanks to our @livetheraklife travel partner Matt who tracked down the orphanage it made for an amazing Xmas morning. The kids thanked us by singing us songs. I was pretty impressed with this number. So happy to spend Xmas roaming around Myanmar with my good friends @ambermphoto @heatherhoesch @livetheraklife If you are ever thinking of traveling to Myanmar do it as soon as possible. Now@is the time before it becomes over run with tourist. The people are really some of the most amazing people I've ever met on all my travels. #jimkennedyphotographer #myanmar

Loved riding the circle train in Yangon. Love the rural areas outside the city. #jimkennedyphotographer

Loving Myanmar so far. Wish I could post more but wifi is so slow it's almost impossible for me to get images on my phone. 2nd day in Yangon we jumped on the circle train and got outside the city. So much fun. Jumped off train in the middle of nowhere and came across some amazing people. The kids where so much fun. #jimkennedyphotographer #sonyrx1 #nofilter

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