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Angel or vampire ? 😍🙈
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방탄소년단 💫뷔🔸태형
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Bangtan - You're My (Jin, V, Jimin and Jungkook) ❤
Just want to say thanks to my babe Tamta @btstae.__ for always being here with me for comforting me when im sad for spamming me never get bored when i needed for everything she did for me , she is the first person that do this much for me idk how to explain this all, but its magical amazing powerful of love i never can return back to her in my life time but i will still try my best im so lucky and glad to have her bcs honestly i dont deserved an angel like her ,i love her so much no joking i want to spend the rest of my life time with give all my happiness to her, bring all my energy to make her dreams true, just to make her happy is most important to me thanks for try your best showing your love to me and prove me i still have ppl who care abt me i need you i will never let you go my best friends my human diary my everything once i have my last breath i will never let go of my feelings for you let go of your hands holding me i love you and i mean it from deep in my heart ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ILYSM BABE

the way he using his fingers to spell the each words " M A M A " ; that smile tho 😍🙈
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He smile while he swears😂

Hoseok being hoseok😂🙌

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