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I got chills



Her name is Shin Ryujin and she is a 2001 liner (around my age i cant believe it she is to damn pretty and gorgeous! 😭😭💔 ) and was/is a JYP Trainee. I am happy for the positive response for her and all the other girls in the video 💕

Love this Boys Forever 🥀..
Smile Smile A Lot everyone ♡♡..

:: hobi make jimin laughs/shy 😂

talking about bts highlight reel #jihope part — no, i dont want to think about fcking theories, nu-uh..nope!
not going to happen

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— 💌

it was at this moment he realized the love of his life has been there by his side this whole time.
I whipped this up really quickly so it's VERY ugly and choppy but i just had to edit the love yourself highlight
ac: btsjack
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ياعمرري جونقكوك وهو يقرا رسالته لرابمون يحاول مايبكي 😭 طفلي

ok since bighit posted more #love_yourself posters tdy ( kk we are going to get everyhourphobia) i decided to make some theories again before i sleep so i hope this helps ( its like 12am+ here now ) ☺️
if y'all join the quotes together it will say :
( #yoonkook , #jihope & #vmon 's qoute )
" after returning from the sea, we were all alone."
( jin's quote )
" if i could turn back time , i wish to go back to that summer's sea "
mini theory :
ok frm jin's quote he wishes to turn back time & go back to an area which he lost smth or wanted to change something . ( and don't forget in his previous poster he wrote " If I could turn back time, I want to be the best guy in the world " meaning he did smth wrong to someone , mayb the other members , and he wanted to change or be a btr person / treat them btr ) while in the other's quote , they returned to the same area where they " lost " jin but jin was no where to be found thus they said " we were all alone " . and as y'all know jin is like a mother to bts so without him it's like smth is missing / smth bad will happen .
i hope this theory helps y'all :) & tag ur friends to let everyone understand this lil drama / poster ! good night 💯❤️

Let's take a break from the video and intensity, enjoy #jihope


wow can i just say that jimin is so stinkin cute and it actually hurts me😿 - i say that every single day but it's a living fact so can u rlly blame me? no sirrrr eeee
• Q : if you could teleport to anywhere this very second, where would you go?

I see blooooonde~~~ I'm really curious on what they're gonna dye it too 👀👀👀

the amount of disrespect smh smh smhhhhhh but ahg jimin still came through and loves jungkook💕 im throwing up rainbows thank u v much

tae's face = my mood,, wbu?

The bit about the girls representing the couples
#yoonkook #namtae #jihope I think is true. I don't think the story is romantic.
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imagine jimin walking through the door and all eyes in the room drift onto him because his aura is killer and you're so stunned by his looks, all you can do is just sit there and watch his built physique stride across the room in an elegant manner with a tiniest smile on his face,,, you know it's jimin, but it's like you couldn't move so you sat there letting the reality sink in– jimin. was. right. in. front. of. you. then when reality sinks through, you start sobbing because that gorg hot mess you constantly fangirl over on your computer screen is real and ahg what am i typing i just woke up from a nap


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