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Can you guys get this to 70 likess please?
I mean...that's only 70 people who have to tap the screen twice :))

I'm planning on doing some liberty and trick training with Maddie todayy!
She only knows tricks that involve lifting her leg.....what else can she learn?
***not to rear or lay down***
(she'll take it too far)
I tried smile...and I want her to learn something else first!!!
What other good tricks are there???

My baby😍😍 #lucy #ilovelucy

I'm scared to fall
Scared to let go...
Let go of it all
To never look back...
At the times I could have had
The times with me and you, hand in hand
It's a scary process...
You already know...
But I yet to learn
Yet to attempt
Yet to accomplish
Yet to dominate
You *sjd
(Me and jumping...truth is...I'm scared...)

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