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Leave the dogma behind

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In a world where everyone judges,
I hope you look deeper into my soul
and ask me the questions that everyone avoids
when it’s easier to just make assumptions.
I hope you look at me as the person I’m becoming.
I’m not my family.
I’m not their past.
I’m not even my past anymore.
I hope you look at me and see my rebirth.
I hope you understand that my life before you
is not a life I relate to anymore.
It’s not a life I even recognize.
I’ve never felt more connected to myself
the way I am now.
I hope you know that this is who I am now
this is who I want to be.
I hope you don’t let your assumptions
push you away too soon.
I hope you’re not like everyone else.
I hope you always talk to me
and know that I will tell you the truth.
I hope you know that it’s easier for me
to be honest now because I’m changing
and everything else before you
feels like another life,
another planet,
another universe.
In a world where everyone judges
I hope you look at me and understand
because you know what it’s like
to be misunderstood too.
To be judged.
To be broken by a life
you did not choose.
In a world where everyone judges,
I hope you know that I won’t judge you.
I hope you know that I will also forget
the life you had before me
and I hope we can both start over
and maybe, just maybe
we’ll find everything we’ve been looking for
in each other.

Words: @ranianaim
Photo: @mikutas x @klemenswhite


people find it strange that I do both modeling and photography, but why can't a person do both?

missing warmer weather, @bren.adame and posting on here (fun projects coming soon 🙃)

i’m back, baby

Who are your favorite Stranger Things characters? 🦎 #777luckyfish
Photo by @matteomontanariphotography, with @finnwolfhardofficial in frame.

The Jordans 📸


Out of me

You really know how to make me cry
When you gimme those ocean eyes 🦄🌟🧜🏻‍♀️

so extremely happy over here 🖤🖤

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