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Does it look like a perfect morning? 🙈
Tag who you'd lay with
Photo by @doyoutravel | #Bleachmyfilm

You are not pathetic for reliving old memories in your head and trying to pinpoint the moment when it all went wrong.
You are not pathetic for imagining different futures where you two ended up together and lived happily ever after.
You are not pathetic for loving someone who doesn’t love you. You are not pathetic for being human, for having feelings. You are not pathetic for being heartbroken.
You might hate yourself for missing him, but it’s okay. You’re allowed to feel the way you feel.
Don’t try to control your emotions. Just allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.
Remember, you’re allowed to be upset about him leaving. Even if things weren’t official. Even if he was an asshole who doesn’t deserve your tears.
You’re allowed to hate him, even if he claims that he did nothing wrong. You’re allowed to feel like he led you on, even if he swears you’re reading too far into things.
You’re allowed to worry about whether or not you’re going to run into him at that restaurant he used to take you to. You’re allowed to wonder what he’s doing at that exact moment and whether he ever thinks of you, too.
You’re allowed to stay in bed all Sunday, because you can’t find the willpower to get up and get dressed. You’re allowed to mope around for a few weeks.
You’re allowed to whine about him to your friends. You’re allowed to drink a little too much and cry a little too hard. You’re allowed to break down.
You can be a strong, independent woman — and still be hung up on another human being. Your heartache doesn’t make you lesser. It makes you normal.
Just remember, you are going to survive this. And you are going to come out more confident than you’ve ever been before.
It might take a while, but eventually, you’re going to accept that he’s gone. You’re going to realize that life without him is actually better than life with him.
Eventually, you’re going to move on. But for now, you’re allowed to be upset. You are allowed to miss him.

Words: @hollyyrio
Photo: @jethroalaba

"I was actually on vacation in Miami for spring break when I met with @aylenn and we decided to shoot around the Wynnwood art district. As we were walking around we discovered this white wall with graffiti and it immediately caught our attention. With the streetwear look in mind, the wall seemed to be a good fit with the outfit. Even though the lighting was quite harsh, I managed to tweak my camera settings and fix it up in my post processing."⠀

Photo & words by @anegyy

Got my favorite poetry book in tow, baby's breath in my pocket, + faux suede rose gold flats. I'm a spring baby ✨🌷🌳

Me and @rachaellange were waiting for our uber when this photo was taken, amazing.

I don't know why... but this reminds me of an #xmen movie. Who's your favorite mutant?
Mine has always been rogue 🔋

Stop thinking about growing old, and think about growing up 🙈🌴

I wish you were
still just a
human to me,

I look at you
and see poetry.
Photo by @jayymanik | #Bleachmyfilm


Finals are over, Time for a hike.


‪CURATD collection by @longtallsallyclothing // {swipe left} Cutest, most comfiest clothing ever! All you girls out there make sure to check out their amazing line, it's one of my favs! 💕 ‬

top & jeans: @longtallsallyclothing
bag: @whpetronela
shot by @_____jordanmarie_____

Let me be childish. Let me be carefree. I wanna dance in the rain, turning a cloudy day into something wonderful. I wanna wear colourful socks from two different pairs, just because things don’t always have to match up. But they say that’s not how it should be. They say I have to live a normal live. A life where I can dream, but not make those dreams come true... 🌈🌈🌈 @marrahrebel 📸 by @hea5ther


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I wish you were
still just a
human to me,

I look at you
and see poetry.
Photo by @jayymanik | #Bleachmyfilm


I don't know what's up with the new Instagram... but it's making my pictures look bad.. anyone else notice that? The quality is way lower than what the actual picture looks like... Creative director: @funkadelicford
Photographer: @annieawatts
Model: @kiz.angel
Stylists: @funkadelicford + Angelica Armijo
Assistant: @barefootinthedesert


WHAT'S IN THE BAG?!! IDK. but what I do know is that it's officially Friday/Memorial weekend!! What are your plans?? Since I know you're super interested in my plans I shall tell you. I will be laying by any body of water attempting to get any sort of tan. Oh and food. Yeah food is a good plan too.

"And you're the only thing that's going on in my mind
Taking over my life a second time"

i wish kylie jenner was a pop star

The acai machine at the Whole Foods near me broke and I'm so upset
Model: @brittanyhoffner

Sometimes I feel “happiness” is overrated. Sure, we need happiness in our life, but it’s just a part of what we are. We also need sadness, and anger, and fear, and anxiety, and mistakes to be able to grow. We need multiple facets to be closer to completeness.

I am thankful for the good people I have met in my life, but I am also thankful for the toxic and destructive people I have known. The toxic ones have offered me the greatest growth, and offered me the greatest lessons in my life. I am grateful for all the little accomplishments I have achieved so far, but I am also glad that I have had bad days too. Sometimes I win, but sometimes I learn.

So if you are having a bad day, take a shower. Take five showers. And remember, “happiness” is not the ultimate destination. You are not supposed to be “happy” all the time. And when you feel the whole spectrum of emotions, and experience the positives and negatives alike, you are just getting closer to completeness, you are getting closer to being a more “human” human.
—Shivee Chauhan ✨
Art by: Elena.Sai ✨
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Summer Nights Are The Best 🌺

…and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?

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