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24h before weigh in, everything come with knowledge , still eating normally and in happy mood !!! Easy weight Cut !!! #welterweight #UFCBuffalo #UFC210 #JFG #noStarving

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In light of the recent events, I'd like to encourage my friends to visit the #TiRockMoore exhibition #ABurningHouse at the @jonathanferraragallery in the @artsdistrictneworleans (on view until August 26th). The whole exhibition brings to light the very fact that these issues are still present in our society. We, as a country, have a lot to think about and change, if we plan to exist in a unified manner. Change begins with you. So, make the effort and extend a peaceful hand to your neighbor. •
Artwork information below 👇.

Rend (detail shown), 2017
mixed media
204 x 216 inches
A 100-year old cotton Ku Klux Klansman robe and hood, and a 200-year old silk antebellum dress have literally and figuratively been taken apart at the seams. The deconstructed fabric sections are then reassembled using blood-red thread as a quilt-like curtain that conceals the tormented ancestry of Americans of European descent and alludes to the restricted, puritanical, and silencing nature of white American domestic spaces. The elements that once bound the garments together—buttons, hooks and eyes, clasps, and the like—as well as every strand of thread that once held the seams together, are displayed in a case as historical artifacts. The fragile, unstitched threads are preserved as an entangled metaphor of interconnectivity that alludes to the myriad ways in which we are all implicated in a system of belief which privileges white over black, male over female, and violence over nurturance.
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Hmm weet je waar het weer eens tijd voor is? Een Q&A!! Laat je vragen achter, meerdere vragen mogen ook!! #JFG

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The Bountiful Lady by Laura Tanner Graham is currently on view at #JFG! More below 👇
My research explores the history of pattern and printed textiles and the ways in which they reflect social and political movements. Both narrative and non-objective pattern absorb the history of the time they were conceived. They operate as vessels for nostalgia. Textiles, particularly those that are narrative in nature, can also directly reflect the interests of both the owner and the creator through subversive imagery that often emulates propaganda. I borrow much of my imagery from the French toile patterns of the 18th century. These narrative patterns have a rich history in condemning the aristocracy, exposing their fallacies and ridiculing their tyrannical pursuits. I find these narratives especially poignant in today’s turbulent political climate. Adapting traditional characters and settings from these patterns, I construct new narratives that record contemporary accounts of racial, sexual, and gender injustice.
Working with gender and racially charged content in the south can be complicated. I use the decorative and the beautiful as subterfuge, easing viewers into the content through the veil of nostalgia. The collage-like methodology with which the work is created points to the social rules and hierarchies in which delicately constructed and carefully arranged production intentionally alters perception. Pastel targets and altered gendered motifs signal a collective resistance to continued persecution and inequity that plagues the country. With each drawing, I strive to create a continuous narrative that chronicles the Western struggle with diversity in the face of white fragility. .
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MAKE A GOOD IMPRESSION on the first day of school with a bright, healthy smile!
Hope everyone has a great first day in Keller ISD! #firstdayofschool #kellerisd #kellertexas #justforgrins #justforgrinsfamilydentistry #jfg #haveagreatday #smile

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