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This beautiful work of art is now finished and ready for everyone to enjoy! Thank you Jet Martinez and everyone at Arts and Crafts Supply for making this happen!! #jetmartinez #artsandcraftsupply #hillcrest #hillcrestsandiego @tracyanncat @randallenrealtor @noelwheeler1 @haroldwithag @rosygarmer @d_pahlavi @dgranholm @thelittleframemaker @zander5555 @rubyslippersforlife @hafahabit

Happy birthday to one of my best friends, @sonnys1d3! This picture symbolizes that I wish you the best hair growth speed and I hope you find peace 🙏. You're selfless, thoughtful, and way too high energy for me most of the time, but that is what makes you special. You deserve only the best. THUONG FOREVZ. 📷: @ameerz0r #jetmartinez #mural

So glad I got to catch @jetmar1's beautiful show at @athenbgallery Friday before it came down. 💐💐💐#JetMartinez #embroidery #oaklandartmurmur

Thankyou for the love @visionaireworld @visionaireworld with @repostapp.
Jet Martinez’s new exhibit Flores en Fuego is not one you want to miss. The artist, who is famed for his floral works, is getting the spotlight directed towards him in a solo exhibition in New York City. Martinez has previously created floral works and large-scale murals, like the one seen here. His undulating lines and delicate folds, along with his choice to use a color gradation, create bright flowers that are unlike anything else. Martinez is like a modern day pop artist, using vivid colors and bold lines to create intricate work that somehow soothes the eye rather than assaults it. Flores en Fuego reveals a darker side of the artist, with black backgrounds and gold outlines in place of his usual vividness, but with no less intensity. You can see Flores en Fuego from October 8 – 31 at Joseph Gross Gallery. @jetmar1 @joseph_gross_gallery #JetMartinez #FloresenFuego #JosephGrossGallery

Oakland's Jet Martinez | @jetmar1 getting started on his largest wall to date with us in Downtown! Stay tuned for more process!

Hey People of Denver and beyond, Jet Martinez has a show opening tonight at Blackbook gallery! @jetmar1 @blackbookgallery #blackbookgallery #jetmartinez

Great @jetmar1 mural! Love the owl

#sfstreetart #jetmartinez

Hanging with #jetmartinez At #kaaboo

Jet Martinez "Kabloom!" Is open from now until 10pm @jetmar1 #jetmartinez #kabloom #fineart #contemporaryart #blackbookgallery


Great @jetmar1 mural! Love the owl

#sfstreetart #jetmartinez

Now that's a bouquet 💐
Artist: Jet Martinez

Here is the beautiful work of #jetmartinez for #pangeaseed #seawallsSd and the Ocean festival 2016. His mural focuses on how floriculture and pesticides affect the ocean and water quality. Location 3804 4th Ave, #sandiego

Mural Title: “There’s More to Green than Money” created by Oakland artist Jet Martinez located at 20th and Broadway

Mural Title: “There’s More to Green than Money” created by Oakland artist Jet Martinez located at 20th and Broadway

Hanging with #jetmartinez At #kaaboo

Blown away by this amazingly beautiful new mural by @jetmar1 at #omca as a lead up to #diasdelosmuertos season and a new exhibition called Metamorphosis and Migration opening in October. Thankful to have learned about these traditions of honoring ancestors and remembering loved ones who have passed. Seems more appropriate all the time! #jetmartinez

One of my favorite Bay Area artists was commissioned to paint a mural at my workplace. Can't wait to see the final product tomorrow. #oaklandmuseumofcalifornia #omca #diadelosmuertosmural #jetmar #jetmartinez #bayareaartist

Oakland's very own Jet Martinez | @jetmar1 is wrapping up a very large mural at the Oakland Museum of California | @oaklandmuseumca. Be sure to stop by and check it out in person! To learn more about Jet's available works contact info@athenbgallery.com

Love every time I get to drive past this #mural in #hillcrest #seawall #muralsforoceans #saveouroceans #muralart by @jetmar1 #jetmartinez 🌊🐳🐙🐡🐬🦀🐋🐟🦈🦑🌅

New blog post featuring @nonogirlradio. Painting by #jetmartinez http://sfartfulliving.com/2017/09/09/a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words/

Monarchs and marigolds are coming to life under the hands of @jetmar1 in honor of the upcoming Day Of The Dead exhibit @oaklandmuseumca - seems it was a sign to start working on a blog post about monarchs that I've been pondering 😊🦋
#oaklandmomma #oaklandmuseum #omca #oaklandart #oaklandmural #jetmartinez #monarchbutterfly #marigolds #muralinprocess #artinthemaking #orangeblooms #iloveoakland

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