I miss seeing my mom laugh like this. I can’t recall the last time she did.
She’s had a rough life but she’d never be the one to tell you about it because she’s not a complainer. My mom has always been on the shy side and probably the most simple selfless woman I’ve ever met. I know many might say that about their moms but mine wouldn’t spend the last $5 bucks on herself if she knew she could save it to use it for someone else’s need. That’s how she is and that’s what I learned growing up. To give selflessly .
Today I would love to give her everything I could to make healthy but I can’t. All I can do is pray for her, her doctors and nurses that care for her. .
I wanted to share with you guys before but I didn’t quite know how. A lot of you know my mom has been dealing with her cancer diagnosis for many years now. She was first diagnosed when I was 9 months pregnant with Angelina and she had a relapse back in 2013. She has been strong and fortunate enough to keep things stable for a very long time. Recently my mom needed to be rushed to the hospital because she was having violent seizures. The cause was unknown until MRI’s revealed a brain tumor. They believe it to be cancer. It’s been a challenging time for our family. It was never easy before but this news was A blow to us. My mom in true Nancy fashion is handling it like a champ.
We are grateful that she did not have any long term or permanent damage because of her seizures or the tumor. One thing it has dimmed has been her smile. 😔
I realize now how many times I’ve taken it for granted assuming it would always be there. Why must it always take such sad news to open our eyes about all the little things that matter most when there a threat that it will be taken from us? Don’t wait for that my friends. .
In the morning she will be undergoing surgery to remove the tumor. We haven’t really spoken about it much but tonight I asked her if she was nervous and she calmly said no. So I’m gonna take my mom’s lead and keep trusting that Gods got this and I should not be worried. I know it’s easier said but if I believe it then it makes it easier and I do with all my heart ❤️

😚Relájesen, hay muchas voces que opacan, ya esta en ti si te dejas opacar, JESÚS era un man que defendía las adúlteras, sanaba en el día de reposo, tocaba los leprosos, lababa los pies de los discípulos, daba vuelta a las mesas del templo, hablaba con los samaritanos, tenía fiestas con recaudadores de impuestos, jajajajaja un tipo que ofendida todo el tiempo a fariseos con sus actos, tomen tranquilidad, guíñen un ojo y rían hay actos, buenos que ofenden a la gente 😋

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