Let’s be clear. Because Jesus was 100% man and 100 % God means that he experienced every emotion we have experienced or ever will experience. So when we are facing things in life that are uncomfortable or painful or that we just simply don’t want to do Jesus has been there. No matter what translation you use what Jesus is saying here is “Dad I don’t want to do this if there is some other way BUT if I must then I will.” We most generally stop without saying the but. We simply voice our displeasure and that’s that and often don’t follow through with something God has asked us to do simply because we don’t want to. The really tough part is when we don’t stop at the but. The hard part is saying “Nevertheless not as I will but as you will.” I have walked through both and I’m sure I will again. If I don’t then I’m not growing in my relationship with Christ and that is something I desire very much. I want to grow deeper in understanding of my Savior everyday. I want to know him more tomorrow than I did today and I want to be more like him tomorrow than I was yesterday. Do it because you get to and because you want to. I promise it will always be worth it. #Jesus #JesusFollower #Bible #Scripture #Matthew #JesusInTheGarden #NotMyWillButYours #LetThisCupPassFromMe #SurrenderIsNeverEasy #WorthIt

Se semo persi ma un poro cristo c'ha indicato la retta via... 😂😂 #mandostamo #larettavia #jesusinthegarden #comunionesamuel #sos

Just hanging out with the Scottish locals. #wherethefuckiseverybody #gooddayforsheep #jesusinthegarden

Today I truly needed a do-over. Voices were raised, children cried. I wanted to cry in my own shame. Sigh. All I wanted was a day of peace with my children and a day to quietly ponder the Passion of our Lord and to deepen my gratitude and appreciation for the gift that comes with His rising tomorrow. I am so unworthy of this great gift. #thepassion #jesusinthegarden #jesusitrustinyou

I've got so many large scale commissions right now! I wish that dreaming about painting them resulted in them actually being painted when I woke up. Maybe I can train myself to sleep paint 😉 Haha
#Jesus #Jesusinthegarden #Jesusinagony #prayer #thepowerofprayer #texasartist #fortworthartist #Grapevine #Grapevineartist #customart #God #Godisreal #Christianity #church #churchart #instaart #interiordesign #homeinterior #painting #creativity #blue

This is the last picture of the day. I believe this painting is of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. I am sorry I don't know who painted it. It is so beautiful. Art brightens my day and my life. People that paint see it in their head, some let their emotions flow, others just paint because they are happy. Whatever it is that painting is an extinction of themselves. I love to see paintings and photos from others because I can see so much about them. I want you all to know I love you and I thank you for sharing your pictures pictures of your art. Pictures of your vision. Pictures of yourself. Don't ever give up or give in because that's what makes you you. To my friend that plays the piano. Keep up the beautiful music. I love it so much. To you all. Have a wonderful evening. Take care of yourself and each other. Let's try to love instead of hate. Remember always I love you and I care about you. You are special to me. Please always stay safe.
#mamabarroness #philbrookmuseumofart #lastpictureoftheday #jesusinthegarden #foodforthought #iloveyouall #pleasealwaysstaysafe #icareaboutyou

Just the happiest of mail days over here✨🌱🌷 @floretflower This time last year was a hard one for me. I was so excited about a direction of work in birth photography that I felt like was perfect for me. It didn’t end up being possible because of a situation that linked back to Harland’s birth and the midwives we worked with. It doesn’t sound like a huge thing, but that season shook me. It made me question a lot about who I was. I chose to cling to Jesus in that time and really focused on what He says about me. He lead me to gardening and He taught me a lot through it. looking back I’m thankful for that time and the growth that came with it. It turned out that that line of work wasn’t taken from me, but God asked me to lay that part of my life down for now as I follow His lead, and as a result, simpler more fulfilling days followed. My passion for birth and new life is still strong and I trust that, in His timing, my dreams to work in that field will come. But for now, for this year, I’m going back to my little flower garden with new excitement. And this year my belly will be filling with sweet new life growing alongside these pretty plants.🌾#floretseeds #flowergarden #mamaheart #reallife #truestories #jesusinthegarden #thisgardenstory #growfloret

The greatest release of God's blessings are usually preceded with a no. #JesusInTheGarden -Pastor Bennie

If you need a Jesus in the Garden painting in time to be given as a Christmas gift, order now! Especially if you need one in size Ginormous (; These are all individually hand painted. No prints. All are unique (: Message or email me to order yours! ArtByEricaNorwood@gmail.com
16x20 $400
18x24 $550
30 x40$850
48x60 $2000
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September 8, 2017 - Fall is right around the corner, or so it feels. The sun is beaming even though storms are raging and engulfing cities and places. And here I sit in a little, well-known coffee franchise with a sleeping babe in her car seat and the fragrance of coffee in the air.
My love for all of these runs high majority of the time. I love coffee shops dearly, would fight for Mercy any day, enjoy everything fall, and am thankful for sunny days that aren't so hot. And yet, the season I am in is quite dry. Wilderness does not give it justice.
Lonely is the heart of one who feels forgotten. But joyful is the one who reminds herself of blessing.
That sums up the place I find myself. Constantly reminding myself of the blessings set before me even without asking. And yet my heart is still sad. Saying yes to the Lord doesn't always look practical. It doesn't always feel great. But I will continue to press on for the glory of Christ. Thank you Lord.
So today I am thankful for quality time shared with best friends. For the coffee shop while Mercy snoozes. Thank You, Jesus.
#2000WaysIntoGratefulness #JesusInTheGarden #ChangingSeasons

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