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Yesterday was Lit🔥the love showered on me by you all was Massive..totally Unthinkable..wasn't expecting that much love. If i say am not grateful..then i Lie big time. All my sugaz..chcos..lovers..paddies n Fam i see you all. As you prayed for me..i prayed for you too. Our hustle can never be in Vain💸💸💸. GOD will bless the work of our hands💪.... We will live longer than our ancestors. I couldn't stop smiling while reading your comments. My pictures was all over social media..the Love❤ was too Much.. who i be?? ...😢😢...choiii!! If i wasn't able to reply to ur post or comments forgive me..was never intentional. #ismilebecauseAmdifferent.. #JesusgotmyBack #GODOVERDO

I don't care about losing people who don't wanna be in my life anymore. I've lose people who meant the world to me and I'm still doing just fine.

Strong in my weaknesses, secure in my insecurities and most of all happy in my own way. #Jesusgotmyback #onChristIstand #blessed

Hello Tuesday 👧 #tbt❤️ #Jesusgotmyback 😊 #believe .

Dont stop believing, Miracles happen Everyday... Happy New month le fam.. #julybefruitful #ibelieveinMiracle #JesusGotmyback #ihustledifferent #GOE

1st Sunday in my birth month

Had to kill it @brussels_airlines end of year staff and partners party last night

All I want for my birthday is to pass these board exams 🙏🏽 #birthdayturndown #lowkeynerd #raincheck #jesusgotmyback


Ima just keep on surprising you 😉 #staytuned #jesusgotmyback

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Lately I have been going through some body issues. I just finished filling my drawers with my size 18 clothes yet, lately, I see that same size 26 girl in the mirror. I know my accomplishments and I’m proud of them... I just wish my mind could get around it. I will not let doubt, society, or fear stop me. I will stay consistent, content, and care for my body! #cantstopwontstop #lovemindset #jesusgotmyback #consistencyiskey #themindlies

All about yesterday church flow..
##CEO ##JJ20
##Jesusgotmyback ❤️❤️❤️

Jesus has all dat i need in life #Jesusgotmyback #jesusbaby

When you finally get to wear your larger size 18 jeans from forever 21 and look super fall cute. Although I think my nephew is the cutest and clearly steals the show. I went to the storage unit tonight and picked up all my size 18’s to realize that Majority of my clothes are this size. I stuck at this size for a while. I was at this size when I found out had hashimotos disease and was working with a trainer, nutritionist, and doctor trying desperately to loose weight. It took me almost a year to hit a full 16 in jeans from all different stores. That is when my trainer told me he thought something was wrong. That is when I had my first food intolerance test done and found out gluten and dairy cause me lots of issues. That is when I found a new doctor that did not just test my THS but also my T3, T4 and much more. That is also the time I got put on synthroid ( it was all the Middle East had to offer) and started to blow up. The weight gain and other symptoms I already had caused depression and the depression caused more weight gain. I found the right doc’s after moveing back to the USA and had access to Armour thyroid which ultimately was the right medicine for me. It’s been an up and down battle but here I am coming close to full circle. It’s always been crazy hard to hit a smaller size. I did it but was not by living a sustainable lifestyle. This time around I know more about my body and know how it functions. I can not lie... I’m scared that it will be harder to get below this weight. I’m scared of failure and I’m scared of the success. I know one thing... God brought me this far and I’m not about to stop trying or pushing or praying. It feels great to pull out another size from the storage unit and play dress up. #jesusgotmyback #throughhisgrace #lovemindset #cantstopwontstop #nephewlove💙 #godcarriesme #newclothes

If 2 na just me but #Jesusgotmyback

I forgot to post last night as I had a busy day. I lost 5 pounds from my steak day. Yes! I spent my evening fixing my car, praying with a friend @jenithg and accepting a new service position at my church. I’m super excited, nervous, and proud to be the social media manager for City Reach Bay Ridge. I pray that what God puts into my heart and the hearts of our church pours out on social media, and brings people to Jesus. All for Gods glory! My weight loss and strength to carry on during this past two weeks comes from my Lord above and I give him the glory! Even when I’m quiet and don’t call on him he searches and reaches out for me. I am a child of his, I have no fear, and I am unconditionally loved! The picture is of me at the front door of City Reach Bay Ridge after @wjcarson ,@youniqueasrubies and I prayed. This door is so symbolic of why I love this church. Their door is always open to their neighbors. They love their neighbors, strangers, and beyond! No judgment and pure unconditional love! I can’t say enough great things about City Reach Bay Ridge! God is truly doing amazing work here! #jesusgotmyback #throughhisgrace #jesusstrong #cityreachbayridge #fellowship #fitnessmotivation #loveyourbody #respectyourself #lovemindset #lovethegym #lovejesus #cantstopwontstop #wonderwoman #fitnessmotivation

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