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One day when you see Jesus face to face, what will you say to him? What will he say to you? Credits: @wendysantiano

[New Podcast] Chrystal Evans Hurst is a writer, speaker and worship leader—and the daughter of respected pastor and teacher. Chrystal’s upbringing was rich in love and God’s teaching, but even with that foundation, she still experienced uncertainty, fear and pain in her life. She describes how God was always the author of her story, even through the times that were difficult, and how she has been shaped for the better by those experiences. Our second segment features The Mission Walker author, Edie Sundby. Edie was given 3 months to live and overcame this death sentence through her faith in God and determination to start walking and keep living. Listen to their stories now; free on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and at JesusCalling.com

#blessed – I've been thinking about how overused and misconstrued this word is. So much so, that it makes me feel fake for wanting to use it to describe my life. But then I realize– I have a roof over my head. I have food to eat, clothes to wear, and people to love. I am living my best life! I lack, I fail, I sin, I fall. And yet, I am living so well. I am SO blessed. The Lord is so sweet to me and his love is so real to me. I encourage you to take some time today to remember how truly blessed you are! And if you want to share, I'd LOVE to hear what you're thankful for. "Remember the wonders he has performed & his miracles..." Psalm 105:5

Welcome to El Rosario's newest baby girl. No name yet but happy and healthy. Her older brother studies at our academy.

The real and deep friendships in my life happened when I finally admitted I was in need of them. Pride has a way of keeping us at arms-length from the very people we need to invite to come on in close and love us when we least feel like letting people in, when we least feel like letting them see the true us. True friendship can only happen where there's vulnerability, where you let someone see who you really are - in all your glorious messiness - and invite them to take part in your journey. You don't have to let everyone in (that would be crazy 😅), but at least let someone in. :) How do you choose? Brené Brown says to choose those who have "earned the right to hear your story", those who have loved you for both your successes AND your struggles.
As you choose to let the walls down, you might just find that you're a lot less alone and unique in your brokenness than you think. And you might just find that the lies you've been believing about yourself aren't true. And you might just start to see the clouds clear as someone on the outside, who sees better than you do, starts to tell you what THEY see about you and your situation. Today, I'm reminded that we were never meant to do this life alone, that friendships are worth the risk of vulnerability, and that we are better together.

Rest In Peace Nabeel Qureshi 🙏🏼 because of you hundreds of Muslims have come to know Jesus because of your writings and debates. You were seeking allah but instead found Jesus, and now you are with our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Peace and blessings.


In my business, it is so easy to fall prey to "what will/do they think about me?" I encourage each person to pray before they join my team. When God leads you to something,do it & do it well. He doesn't change His mind!
"If each of His children would seek to please Him above all else, fear of others' judgments would vanish, as would attempts to impress others." FOCUS.
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Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. —Psalm 23:4

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Perfect for today, I'd say! First cup of coffee at 315am, packing a bag of things to do, praying for a safe & uneventful drive down to Indy.
William is excited to go to the hospital. He has a great time, then gets to sleep for a bit! The waking up part is usually forgotten & then he's happy. Brian and I will probably be more exhausted than him when it's all said and done.
Part of life. Part of growth & being stretched. And a whole lot of trust in Jesus!❤️#cochlearimplant #earwax #jesuscalling

This Week's 1st Verse (from looking through the Book of Acts with My Fellowship): "Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts," (Acts 2:46) #bibleverse #acts246 #christ #christian #prayer #unite #godlovesus #godbless #jesus #jesuscalling #lightoftheworld #gudience #recovery #travel #travelphotography #arashiyama #japan #studentlife #unilife #uk #hk #yolo

🙏❤️ PRAISE GOD. Amen 🙏

Rest In Peace Nabeel Qureshi 🙏🏼 because of you hundreds of Muslims have come to know Jesus because of your writings and debates. You were seeking allah but instead found Jesus, and now you are with our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Peace and blessings.

I know I'm not perfect... I fall short countlessly on a daily, but I know Gods LOVE for me is perfect!!! My FAITH in Him and through Him is MIGHTY. My HOPE for humanity to rise and answer Gods calling is real. #jesuscalling #everykneeshallbow #everytonguewillconfess #thatjesusislord.

Proverbs 16 verses 1-7

When you live your life to please God and not man..even your enemies will be at peace with you.. Pleasing God includes obeying all his commandment.. And the greatest of all..love your neighbours as you love yourself

Your neighbour doesn't necessarily mean the person living next to you.. the people you see everyday, that man on the bus old and weary looking for where to sit, that lady on the street lonely and sad, that person in your office you don't talk to but pray for etc.. It goes a long way but guess what it pleases the Lord

Put a smile on someone's face today..trust me somene is waiting for it.. #jesuslovesyou#jesuschrist#jesuscalling#allaboutjesus#wordfortoday#mylifewithjesus#bible#bibleverse#jesusfirst#jesuschristsuperstar#jesusfirst#jesus#jesuschrist#jesustakethewheel#christlike#thenameofjesus
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