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let us sit together in the dark until the moment comes.... #nickcaveandthebadseeds #jesusalone #skeletontree

A night with Mc Fresh on Easter Monday
Ainya kpongo blasting with my bruv @ybits_da_swittalka

Bolamu ya Nzambe
Dr ft Vk

And so, i already Declare My Self Champ even in the midst of the Battle. #Champ #King #Graceaddict #Jesusalone

My all time favourite Bible verse: 1 John 4:19. Why? Because in my opinion it sums up my life and faith so well: I'm only capable of truly loving others after I've received the love from Jesus, the Love Himself. And I need to maintain the relationship with Him, to abide in the vine, in the source of Love, or my other relationships will suffer as well.
The greatest compliment I can ever get is when someone tells me that they can see something different in me/true love in my eyes/they see Jesus. It's Him and His love I want to share everywhere I go; no higher calling in this life 😊 (except to know Jesus more and fall more in love with Him of course!)
#Jesusalone #1John419 #TrueLove #NotMeButHim @simple.truthful.inspirations


Could you try alil more to live for Christ than living for Self ....
Greater Victory awaits us all trying to make the mark in Christ .
Him alone we desire to hold on to. ...Nothing else matters to us.

You fell from the sky, crashlanded in a field near the river Adur. Flowers spring from the ground, lambs burst from the wombs of their mothers. In a hole beneath the bridge you convalesced, you fashioned masks of twigs and clay. You cried beneath the dripping trees, ghost song lodged in the throat of a mermaid. #jesusalone #nickcavelyrics These views make me feel like a poet

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