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what do you call a woman that has a lot of sex? her name. #jesuistiredofthisshit #fuchsteufelswild

This has to end ❤ #jesuistiredofthisshit

22 March 2016. #brussel will keep on shining, manneken pis will keep on pissing, Brussels will keep his arms open, Brussels will rise again. Brussels hasn't failed, Brussels has won because Brussels ain't scared. #prayfortheworld #prayforbrussels 🇧🇪 #jesuistiredofthisshit

Sans vous je suis rien. #chunkycowboy giving all the love to Brussels today. #fuckterrorism #seriouslysad #tooangrytobefunny #jesuistiredofthisshit


Dear terrorist,
the woman is not THAT dangerous that you actually have kill her 8 to 16 year old fans... And how stupid must you be to think that your god is gonna let you in to paradise, when you just destroyed what your god has created?! You're such dumbass pussy! 🙏❤️@arianagrande
#prayformanchster #manchester #prayforariana #arianagrande #jesuisfatiguée #jesuismanchester #jesuistiredofthisshit

Where is the studyflow that i need to finish my thesis? So tired of obligations i want to work like other people and do what ever i want afterwards not constanly sit and force myself to study. I love archaeology don't get me wrong..But i have been studying since that i was 7 years old to some extent non stop. That's 19 loong years.. My brain is just tired of all learning and academic "correctness". Just had to get that out..Now im going back to my studies again.
#draconian #stockholmslaughter #gothicdoommetal #archaeologist #vegan #jesuistiredofthisshit #masters

When a lovely day of a 10 years anniversary ❤️ in the sun suddenly got interrupted by the news and alert from a terrorist attack in Stockholm 💔 where My lovely daughter was. So many mixed feelings, first my own selfish thoughts, was My Camilla ok? All these chocked feelings, what happened, how many people got hurt? Then after a few dreadful minutes, phones not working, finding out that My daughter and her friend were safe at the hotel (Thank you staff at Scandic Continental for taking care of Camilla and Yamina, making them feel safe) they "just" escaped the terrorist maniac with a few minutes prior walk back to the hotel, they were then stuck in Stockholm city and not able to go back home to Gothenburg. All my love and thoughts to all People involved, escaped, witnessed, injured, families to the victims and People of Stockholm, authorities, police who so professionally and quickly took control of the situation. Today is a day of reflection ❤️ #jesuistiredofthisshit #prayforstockholm 🌹My roses goes to all victims of the terrorist attack in Stockholm ❤️❤️❤️

what do you call a woman that has a lot of sex? her name. #jesuistiredofthisshit #fuchsteufelswild

Analyse & Création typographique #jesuistiredofthisshit

Came across this gem, please let me know if you own it and so we can thank you :) #iammuslim2_com #jesuistiredofthisshit

Motorcyclists protest the anti-burqini law in France ;) #iammuslim2_com #jesuistiredofthisshit

French police forcing women to undress because of anti-Burkini-law: she was not ‘wearing an outfit respecting good morals and secularism’. Photograph: Vantagenews.com
So.. The Taliban us forcing the women to wear burqas, the French are forcing the women to undress their burqas.. In the end, both are opressing women.. #iammuslim2_com #jesuistiredofthisshit

Nous n'avons donc rien appris de la guerre et de la mort? A quoi bon toutes les vies volées et emportées par des inconnus, à quoi bon la peine et les larmes... Est ce vraiment ce pays que nous souhaitons pour les futures générations, pour nous-mêmes? Est ce vraiment l'image et la force de notre nation répondre à la violence par la violence?
L'ignorance est maître chez certains, l'important est de ne pas se rabaisser à leurs niveaux. 💔🇫🇷
#jesuistiredofthisshit #jesuispaix #prayfortheworld #prayforpeace #MADskies

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