No one can stop what God has in store for me. It only been two months since #drfelicia started her debut. Thank you everyone who view my show and the beautiful feedback too. You are appreciate and I’m forever GRATEFUL! 💋💯🎯😘😍🤩🌟💫💕👌🤗

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Yesterday, a video (SEE PREVIOUS POSTS) was released of #KendrickLamar bringing a fan on stage to perform “m.A.A.d. city” with him in Alabama and while his intention was clearly to enhance the fan’s experience of the performance, it went terribly wrong when Delaney, a white woman, failed to censor herself and dropped several “n-bombs.” Criticism has gone both sides with some placing the blame on Kendrick Lamar for writing the lyrics in the first place and allowing the fan on stage to rap with him while the majority of supporters have been critical of the fan for not censoring herself. While the issue is deeply rooted and has been discussed at large for years, #TI has weighed in on where he stands.

Tip’s opinion is usually well-regarded within the hip-hop community and this instance is bound to be another where fans agree with the ATL legend. Commenting on an Instagram post showing Delaney rapping along to the track on stage, T.I. noted that he stands with Kendrick on this one, writing, “Honestly a tough spot for both parties. I feel the same way every show when I do 24s in front of thousands of white fans. I know it’s not malicious and they mean no disrespect or harm but it still stings a lil bit. And then I gotta accepted [sic] my responsibility for using a private term for public consumption… I feel both sides. But all in all #IstandWitKdot period.” WHAT'S YOUR TAKE ON TI'S RESPONSE?? COMMENT BELOW 👇👇

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✊🏿🖤MESSAGE TO SISTER @jesshilarious_official - TAG her and sister @ernestine.johnson . We have to understand that though many of our brothers & sisters do have large followings. However, we must remember to not place the pressure on them which does not belong on their plate. Our sister is an entertainer, not a revolutionary. Though one day she may or may not take on that role it is up to US, those ACTIVE IN THE REVOLUTION to guide the the people! An opinion is an opinion not a fact and though many of our brothers & sisters have large followings WE simply have to continue doing the work! Those who truly wish to join the revolution WILL DO SO! So let's focus and GET BACK TO WORK! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿🌟🌙 #Rizzanews #Rizzawithfacts #Rizzagotfacts #WEFOLLOWFARRAKHAN #jesswiththemess

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