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but if he breaks your heart like lovers do, just know that i'll be waiting here for you...

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this is so late but, hbd my lil bean 💓

aj ilysm you are so frickin amazing and talented idk what my life would be like without you as an idol. I meant to post this on your bday but of course my phone broke. ik this is so late but i hope you see this. Ilysm :) 💓
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babies 💕

Happy happy Book birthday to this amazing book! I am a little over halfway done with this gorgeous novel and I am loving it! It is so incredible! Cassandra has done it again! Stay tuned for my review coming soon! Make sure to go pick up #LordofShadows today in stores! Thank you again @cassieclare1 and @simonteen for sending me an ARC of LOS! •

•Who is going to be buying this book today? Tell me down below!

Jake: "That can't happen again." Tessa: "What are you talking about Jake?" Jake: "You and Chance, that can't happen." Tessa: "What why?!" Jake: "Because Tessa." Tessa: "Why Jake at least give me a reason!" Jake: "Tessa just no." Tessa: "Jake-" Jake: "Erika's gone okay? She's gone and it's because of me. I ruined everything and kade left too." Tessa: "Wait what?" Jake: "I screwed up Tessa. Me and Erika we were dating, I took your advice and it was working great. Then I screwed up and she left, kade was on her side and left too. It's just like when I dated Alissa, people left team ten. Every time there's a relationship in team ten it ends badly and people leave. Members of our family leave." Tessa: "But I'm not you Jake." Jake: "I know you aren't. But that's the rule I'm setting and if you don't follow it then you can leave." I stood shocked not knowing how to react. He just threatened to kick me out of my own home. Maybe I could just leave, and go find Erika. But then chance. He wouldn't want to leave this, it's his dream. Besides I'd rather be his friend and be able to see him than still love him and be far away. I need to shove those feelings away, and do what's best for my family, my team. •
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My favorite ship 😍❤️
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Jessa edit from Tessa's vlog today which you should check out😊 #jessa @jakepaul @tessabrooks

I can't quite you "That's my boy" @x.jake.paul.x -
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Took over 5 hours😂❤️


Another #jessa edit, I ship them so freaking hard😂♥️. @jakepaul @tessabrooks

i'll always ship jalissa but i ship jessa kinda too

Something else that you should know about Jake, is that he always carries around a little journal. It's like his little child or something valuable. He never leaves it anywhere, where he is not there. I've tried to make him tell me what's in it and even tried to steal it from him but he never let's go of it. I know it's not good to do that but he's my best friend and I should know what's going on in his life as he knows everything about me. While we eat I see Jake writing in his journal again. He seemed really concentrated. I look over at Pam (The boys mom) and point at Jake with my eyes. Pam and I had already talked about that journal and about how he never leaves it alone. Pam said "Jake please put this journal of yours some where else and continue eating please" then Jake just groaned and put it to the side.
What do you think is inside the journal...
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When I got home I ran upstairs and layed on my bed. I turned on a random movie to watch, before I hear a knock on my door. I let the person in and turn around to see Jake. As I see him I just groan, I fall on my bed and just pull the covers over my head. "Yeah...Nice to see you too" he says sarcasticly "Nope enough problems I had today because of you" I say while I get up trying to push him out the room but then he turns around and saying "What do you mean?" I look up to see his amazing Hazel/Green eyes meeting mine. "Nothing don't worry about it...Its nothing honestly" I say while moving closer to him and wrapping my arms around his neck. He grabs my waist and pulls me closer to him and kisses the top of my head. He can be a pain in the butte some times but I'd do anything for him.
Do you ship Jessa?💖 #jakepaul #tessabrooks #team10 #ship #jessa @jakepaul @tessabrooks

Love her. •like for like •Follow for follow

Just a short Jessa edit I made last night. What do you think of it? #team10 #jessa #like @tessabrooks @team10official @jakepaul

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