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the thumbnail is beautiful :'( #jethan
even tho I don't even really watch the show, it's really sad to see him not apart of it anymore because that means no more of the chaos on set, etc. I will miss this ❤️
Ethan's video was so sad, I hope Ethan comes to the Team 10 house a lot !!
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my #jethan heart... i'm not crying you are
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i'm actually gonna miss them so much i love their bromance omg :'( TAG ETHAN & JAKE!!

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good morning guys !! okay i'm freaked out rn bc everyone is liking my pics and idk why but oH welllll 🤗-♡-
q: emilio or ivan?
a: emilio (sorry ivan) -♡-
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Lmao why am I so mean... this is a cliffhanger edit. This means that there's more to it but I decided to leave u to it. 😂😂😂😂
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//Alissa's POV:// Trust me. I didn't know what I was doing that night. I sure as hell wasn't trying to get back with my ex. I didn't remember anything at all, just waking up alone in Tessa's room confused. I didn't make a big deal about it because I didn't know I had done anything with Chance. Then he told me what had happened, how he remembered waking up next to me. I had cheated on Anthony. But I didn't know. Now they all sat in my house waiting for an answer, all I could give them was that I didn't remember anything.

Anthony: "How can you not remember?" Alissa: "Omfg Anthony, there's a point where you can drink to much and just completely lose control of yourself and everything just goes blank. So how was I supposed to remember anything." Anthony: "Why were you in Tessa's room?" Alissa: "I honestly have no idea." Anthony: "Chance, Tessa, can you please leave me and Alissa alone?" Chance: "Yeah, come on Tessa." Chance held onto Tessa's hand and lead her to another room.

Anthony: "I'm sorry." Alissa: "For?" Anthony: "Everything. For judging you, for assuming things, and for not believing you." Alissa: "Im sorry too, for cheating on you." Anthony: "I miss you Alissa." Alissa: "Look, Anthony. I think it'd be best if we don't continue what we had. I have a bad history with both of your best friends. Besides I found someone else." Anthony: "Oh, um yeah. I think so too." I stood up and Anthony did too, I hugged him for a while knowing this would probably be the last time I saw him. I was going to miss him. His hilarious personality, that beautiful smile. We pulled apart and he called for Chance and Tessa. On there way out Anthony turned his head one last time to look at me, giving me a small smile. Then walked out the door. As he left I realized that a small part of me was always going to love him. #chessa #jessa #jalissa #talissa #tanthony #chanthony #jerika #megthony #jakepaul #tessabrooks #chancesutton #anthonytrujillo #erikacostell #alissaviolet

— 'he was my best friend' - ethan
gonna miss these two in the vlogs, their friendship was so precious🙍🏽💔
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Not a huge fan of this ship no more but I edited this audio and I was proud of it and wanted to use it :) 🌹 || #team10 #tessabrooks #jakepaul #jessa
Audio : me :)) ( if you want it without the voiceover dm me 💗 ) -
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Ethan x Jake
i will forever miss this
"Jake was my bestfriend here" - Ethan


Sadly Temilio is out! Oh and so is Talissa! ~Kaitlyn
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QOTD: what edit next and do u miss tvd
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Song; redbone
Dt; paul and JLK -
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