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Jessa Polka Top
Harga : 75,000
Cara Order Klik Link WA di Bio Ya... #jessa

I will never be happier than I am right now. I can’t wait to know who’s playing Brother Zachariah

Theory: QoAaD
So many people discuss Ash’s heritage so I wrote down few theories I was researching so just comment which theory you like/find the most likely and suggest other possibilities if you have any.
Me: I like the third one the most and think it would be interesting but I think 1) and 2) are way more likely than 3) so I think it would be either 1) or 2). I hope you’ll enjoy them and don’t forget to send us more theories and confessions!

— the infernal devices
do you like jessie?
[art by phantomrin on tumblr]

✨the shadowhunter chronicles (tda )
Agree or disagree ?
Found this lying in my camera roll 😂
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Quote: Clockwork Angel -
I miss the way things were back in CA, when everything seemed so much simpler💕

glo up
— ac/ib;alissaviolet9
— I’m posting this now bc I gotta go somewhere tomorrow
— watch insta mess up the quality😔
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The 'Artemis Dress Eucalyptus' is the perfect addition for your next upcoming event! #Afterpayit

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