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Mal pisei no Brasil e já estou com saudades de um país com uma história inigualável, que mistura o antigo com o moderno, e é um verdadeiro poço de cultura! Sempre ouvi falar bem de Israel, mas superou todas minhas expectativas! Não vejo a hora de dividir com vocês todos os detalhes dessa viagem incrível!! ❤🇮🇱❤ #TelAviv #Jerusalem #Israel #PinkGlobeTrotter

Our new reception girl..... what do you say?should i keep her??????
La nueva chica de recepcion....
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✈️ Citygazing in the Clouds ✈️ Throwback to the flight home from Tel Aviv! The only thing that made me smile about going back home was this view (oh and also seeing my dogs of course)...but yeah I'm seriously blessed to have made lifelong friends during my short week stay in Israel and thank you @anna_lagermaine for making it happen! Can't wait to visit again soon! 👌🏽

In 1337 the Emperor Louis IV granted to the Order the imperial privilege of the conquest of Lithuania and Russia. Shortly after being chosen as Grand Master, Heinrich Dusemer von Arfberg attacked the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The campaign resulted in the total defeat of the Lithuanian army at the Battle of the Strëva on 2 February 1348. But the Teutonic Knights did not profit long from their victory. The black plague which has reached Prussia forces them to leave the conquered country. In 1386, the Grand Duke of Lithuania Jogaila converted to Catholicism and was baptized under the name Ladislas Władysław. By his marriage to Queen Hedwig of Anjou, he was crowned king of Poland. The personal union of the two countries creates a potentially formidable opponent for the Teutonic Knights. In 1398, under the command of Konrad von Jungingen, the armies of the Order destroyed Visby and defeated the Vitalians in wintering on the island of Gotland. From then on, the Baltic Sea is no longer criss-crossed by pirate raids. The most famous of them, known as the Red Corsair, Klaus Störtebeker himself prefers to take refuge in the North Sea. Marguerite I of Denmark and Albert of Sweden ceded the island as a fief to the Teutonic Knights. In the same year, by the treaty of Salynas, Vytautas the Great yielded to him the duchy of Samogitia. In 1402 he bought the New Mark of Brandenburg for 63,200 Hungarian florins. In East Prussia, many towns and villages are founded or developed, such as Sensburg (today: Mrągowo) where since 1348 the knights had a wooden fortress.
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I swear I was not trying to blend with the city ❤ #Jerusalem

Wandering the city aimlessly and finding the coolest little bar 🙌🏼


#Jerusalem in 1925.

The ancient #TowerofDavid , locally called the #Citadel , stands by the Jaffa Gate in Old #Jerusalem Israel 🇮🇱 and is actually not from King David but a #medieval fortress established over many previous constructions through the centuries. The tower has been of significant importance as a focal point of East and West traditions. The citadel offers great #views of Jerusalem and hosts the Tower of David #Museum featuring #archeological finds dating back at least 2,700 years, and the evening Night Spectacular light #show 👀🎶. Go there day and #night for a different feel of the Tower and of Jerusalem. 👍😁 L'ancienne #TourdeDavid , appele locallement la #Citadelle , est pres de la Porte de Jaffa dans la vielle partie de Jerusalem, et n'est en fait pas du Roi David mais une forteresse du moyen-age etablie sur d'autres anciennes constructions. La tour a d'importance en tant que point de traditions de l'est et ouest. La citadelle offers des views fantastiques sur Jerusalem et inclues le Musee de la Tour de David avec des elements archeologiques datant 2,700 ans, et des soirees de sound et lumieres Night Spectacular. De jour comme de nuit, des experiences differentes!

Thank you for Fr. Vhong for giving us this beautiful necklaces. ☺

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