Spending four years on reality tv has made the deepest imprint on my life and I will forever be grateful for the rollercoaster ride. This is a poem I wrote on one particular moody night taking a trip down memory lane. Ps. For those of you still around interested in my art, I appreciate you.

I used to live so f a s t .
I never got
to process
but I look back and see
a conspiracy.
I feel the strings
attached to me.
I feel their opinions
attacking me.
I feel the lights, the stares,
the sites they saw,
while they mic'd our bras
& laughed at us
in meetings,
kissing our a$$ess proceeding.
Their love was fleeting
& we questioned believing.
we were really lonely.
We felt different, we acted
like phonies. We..
got lucky
or maybe it was planned,
our fame, our break,
our reprogram. We..
we're caught up
in a sham.
Cause when the curtains fell,
when the cameras
we're packed up,
when the last mic
was taken
off our bra..
Left, to slow down, to process, to rebuild.
Like carpenters, we fixed
humbling ourselves,
stumbling upon things..
that we
never saw
F a s t.

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First time visiting Jersey. What a great place!

Hey yo Manhattan is cool and all, but have you even been to Staten Island? Nah? Well that’s mad understandable! In all seriousness if you ever find yourself in NYC make a little trip to SI the forgotten borough... the food is good and the tap wata (water) is better. I went to a local fav Jimmy Max and was pleasantly surprised at their wings. I really liked the breading it added a crunch and held in the juices; kinda wondering if this is a New York thing BC my last NY review had the same breading. I liked how the sauce was on the side so I could control the heat and kept the wings from getting soggy. No ranch:( but the blue cheese was not bad.
Wing rating (7.2/10)
Ranch rating (no ranch)
Shout out to Hotel O’Gara 😘 •

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YAA IT IS #jerseylicious

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