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Best day ever at @ballymaloecookeryschool ! So great to spend time with the lovely and talented @rachelallen1! First time trying #scotchegg - delicious! Also terrific #irishsodabread with #yellowbutter from #jerseycows - yum!

Das kommt dabei raus wenn die Kühe eigentlich zu klein sind für den Stall. Das macht sie jeden Tag... #landwirtschaft #farmlife #jerseycows #wassollmanmachen

Such beautiful ladies. #jerseycows. #icecream

Arriving in #JerseyCI Lottie was unsure what she'd discover about Jersey's food scene. By the end of her day she had tasted Jersey #lobster from @faulkner.fisheries, Jersey Royals from @thegrumpygreengrocer in @jerseymarkets and met #Jerseycows at The Classic Farm Shop. As she watched the sun go down over #StOuensbay we asked if she had enjoyed her day and she replied 'Jersey is a food lover's dream!' Click the link in our bio to find out why 🦀 👍🏻

Enjoying the sunshine #maryjanesfarm #jerseycows


Afternoons spent sipping hot chocolate & eating stawberries in my pyjamas...in front of the fire and listening to the howling wind and rain outside 👌 doesn't get much better than this. Im not quite ready for winter to end ☕🍓 p.s this is hands down the BEST milk I've ever had! This was a healthy hot chocolate & im not even kidding when i say its up there with max brenner. Simply because the jersey cold pressed raw milk. That's how all milk should taste. #healthy #winter #cozy #fitfam #hotchocolate #suckonthatmaxbrenner

'Moldovan 2', 2017
aluminium, silver and resin on perspex
200 x 150cm
#newpainting #modernart #painting #aluminium #silver #moldova #jerseycows #killingfields

of course i find this place right when i'm moving | #simplynaturalcreamery #icecreamislife #jerseycows #easternnorthcarolina #porchlife

Got the boys a new trough for winter feedings, and of course we had to try it out 😉 Looks like they approve!! 🐂🐮

In addition to our Parody song Episode 2 Boob Armor, part 2 dropped yesterday. LINK IN BIO to listen...

"The Balladeer of Branched Oak Bruno". What a guy! He maintains his gorgeous physique on grass only and his daughters are the best. His is an asset to our farm and we are so grateful to Holt Creek Jerseys for selling him to us. #jerseycows #bulls #holtcreekjerseys #dairy #grassfeddairy #rawmilk #milkingjerseycows

Why Curious Cows? Jerseycows are the most curious and cozy cows of all races #amazingcows #curiouscow #curiouscows #jerseycows #cows #farmlive #happymrsjersey

I've seen studies that meat is bad for you, I've seen studies that it's essential to your health, only in moderation, only fish, only once a day, eat as much as you want, it's as bad as cigarettes..
I'm not a scientist, a doctor and I've never conducted my own study
So if my reason for being vegan was entirely for health reasons - I'd be pretty confused, not knowing who to believe because we've all seen those studies telling you 'chocolate makes you live longer' or 'getting drunk twice a week is good for you' or 'new study shows icecream is good for your skin'
So if it was just a diet, I'd probably waver and give up the second I saw a juicy piece of steak, and comsume with gusto - because moderation is key, right? .
But when different scientific conclusions on health confuse me, I remember this one thing, 'veganism is not a diet, it's a lifestyle.'
The amount of water it takes to produce a quarter pound of beef (a standard burger pattie size) is the amount if you ran your shower for 28 days continuously.
Animal agriculture contributes 52% of the world's carbon emissions, thats more that all the transport, planes, trains, cars etc put together.
These are facts that can't be modified depending on what looks tastiest at the supermarket. Watch #cowspiricy to get the full lowdown - even if you just cut out meat for #nomeatmondays as a start, it still makes a difference! .
"You cannot be an environmentalist and still consume meat" But you can get all the nutrients you need without it - that's a fact! 💜💜💜

Sometimes you have to just 🔥🔥🔥 that B!&$H up yourself 🔥❤️ my tribe

Yay!!! Tonight was the first time Chuck let me touch him!! Trust takes time. He's the smallest and most timid of our cows, and he's the last to warm up to me. Patience and kindness can't be overrated. 😄🐂

Here our are results from Addison County Fair & Field days.

3rd in Ayrshire Fall Calf
1st in Ayrshire Summer Yearling
2nd in Ayrshire Winter Yearling
3rd in Junior 3 Best Females
1st in 3&4 Year Old Dry Cow
1st in Ayrshire 4 Year Old with a best udder of the class ribbon awarded
2nd in Jersey 6 Year Old Cow
1st in Ayrshire Dam & Daughter
1st in Ayrshire Produce of Dam
Best Udder of the Breed Rosette for Ayrshire
Reserve Senior and Grand Reserve Champion of the Ayrshire Breed.

Watch out Essex we are coming for you next.
#showseason2017 #ribbons #resevechampion #bestudderinshow #ayrshirecows #jerseycows #realvtdairy #undeniablydairy

Every single time! She wraps the tethering lead around her head! I think she just wants my attention! Cheeky thing! Nice nose wiping there Shandie! #jerseycows #housecow

How now, round brown cow. #jerseycows

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