*next day at school*
Erika's POV
it's 12:30 time for lunch for us so me and Tessa sit at a table outside and someone covers my eyes
Jake- I'm here!
Erika- jake I thought you had work
Jake- nope. Hey Tessa
Tessa- hey jake. Sit down * lunch is almost over*
Jakes POV
Erika gets up to throw her trash away but then some boy slaps her ass and she turns around and just looks at him
Jake- oh hell no *runs and jumps on him and starts punching him*
Erika- get off jake *pulls him up*
(Guy runs away)
Erika- wth
Jake- sorry *pulls her in and starts to kiss her slowly*
Erika- I love you jake
Jake/ I love you too *Tessa jumps in*
Tessa- you love me too
J&E- yeah we do *they all hug*

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Chapter 23
Erika’s pov)Jake just got a txt should I check who it is no.no.no that’s wrong I trust Jake...buttt just one look wouldn’t hurt I grab his phone and see that it’s someone named Yoshi?who tf is Yoshi!?maybe she is just a friend right,yeah yeah just a friend...
J:uh babe?
*looks up from Jake’s phone*
E:oh um hey...
J:what are u doing with my phone?
J:were u looking through my phone?you don’t trust me?😔
E:what no no it’s just...
J:it’s just what Erika!!!
E:who is Yoshi?*looking down*
J:she is just a friend that I met...
E:oh...she is just a friend?right?
J:yes Erika she is just a friend what about if you meet her maybe u can make a friend
E:idk babe
J:come plz baby for me and maybe to show you that u can trust me
E:I do trust u
J:then come with me to meet her
E:(sigh)fine only to show u that I trust u
E:and babe?
E:if I have to meet ur “friend” then you have meet my guy friend
E:what don’t u trust me
J:🙄fine wtv
E:yay and don’t worry we are just friends
J:yeah ok
E:I’m serious you are my one and only*kisses his lips*
J:and ur mine❤️
E:well I guess it’s time to go to bed we have a long day tmr I have to meet ur “friend”
J:she is just a friend and besides I have to meet ur “friend” so we are even 😂
E:wtv come on time to go to bed
J:ok night baby girl
E:night jakey😘
*the next day*
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Chapter 22
*the next day*
Erika’s pov)I woke up and took a shower and got ready for the day I could rarely sleep last night all I was thinking about was Jake speaking of Jake where is he i went to check his room but he was gone where could he be...
Jake’s pov)I woke before Erika I took a shower and changed into some red shorts and a plain white T-shirt and walked to Starbucks while I was walking this girl bumped into me
?:omg I’m so sorry
J:no it’s fine I’m sorry I should’ve been watching where I was going
?:oh btw my name is Yoshi and u are ??
J:oh Jake,Jake Paul nice to meet u
Y:nice to meet you too uh hey we should hang out some time
J:uh i have girlfriend...
Y:well let’s hang out just as friends
J:um ok what’s your number?
Y:it’s ***-***-****
J:well ok I’ll txt soon
Y:alright bye
Jake’s pov)idk what just happened but it’s wherever we are just friends...after I got my coffee i went back home and seen Erika outside looking at the view I went and wrapped my arms around her waist
J:hey babe
J:*sighs*I’m sorry about yesterday I shouldn’t have screamed at u
E:it’s ok
J:I just don’t like when guys are flirting with my girl
E:u don’t have to be jealous I’m yours and only yours I will always be ur girl😊
J:☺️I love you
E:I love you too
*couple of minutes later*
Erika’s pov)me and Jake are watching a movie but he keeps txt someone and being all secretive about it...is he...no it couldn’t be he wouldn’t do that...right UHHH stop thinking like that Erika it’s Jake he would never cheat on you...
J:hey babe I’ll be back I got to use the restroom
*jake left*
Erika’s pov)Jake just got a txt should I check who it is no.no.no that’s wrong I trust Jake...buttt just one look wouldn’t hurt I grab his phone and see that....
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Chapter 6 The New Members *they all go home and go to bed. Jake and Erika go upstairs and just cuddle. After they have been through*
J- what a night
E- I know right.
J- well now we only have 3 new members.
E- ya and one of them likes u. But I’m going to make it clear that we’re dating.
J- o ya and how will u do that *erika crawls on top of him and starts taking her clothes off.* J- ooooo I like this.
E- good. *they do it and Erika moans A LOT and LOUDLY to make it clear*
E- *breathing heavily* damn. Making shit clear is hard *laughs*
J- obviously *laughs*
E- well I’m ready to go to sleep. R u?
J- yupp. Good night baby.
E- good night. *the next day* *erika goes to sunnys room*
S- *gives Erika a look*
E- what?! S- what happened last night?
E- well I wanted to make things clear to Alissa, so we did it.
S- oooo naughty Erika.
E- yup *smiles*
S- well I think it worked cuz she came into my room last night and was like “do they do this all the time?” So I said ya. Cuz I kinda knew what u we’re thinking. But then after I said but they do it cuz they love each other so much.
E- nice thinking. Well wanna go get some breakfast? Me, u, and Jake.
S- can justin come?
E- does sunny have a crush on Justin??? S- mayb... E- OMG!!! S- shhhhh!!! E- sorry!! But if Justin comes then Alissa, rocky and Anthony e going to have to come.
S- o ya that’s right. Ok. We’ll tell Justin to watch them.
E- ok. Well let’s go to breakfast!
S- ok.
E- I’ll go get jake.
S- cool *in their room*
E- hey baby.
J- hey.
E- me, u and and sunny r going to breakfast.
J- o ok. What about the other 4
E- *says quietly* well Justin’s going to watch them. Make sure that they don’t do anything bad.
J- ahhh good idea.
E- yup. So get dressed. #jerikafanfiction #jerika

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Erika's POV
I have stupid detention so I'm sitting in the room and I get a text
??- hey sexy
Erika- who is this ??- your daddy 😫🤤
Erika- *realizes who it is* oh hey daddy ??- wya I need you
Erika- detention ??- ugh
Erika- Ik I want finish what we started
Jake- ik I'm hungry 🤤 I can't wait to see you I'm going to eat you out
Erika- I can't wait daddy *after detention Erika goes over Jakes and they start to have sex*
Jakes POV
I lay down on the bed and she sits on my face and I start eating her out and she is moaning like crazy then she starts giving me me a blow job
Erika's POV
He starts to go in me and the first time he went in soft but the second time he slammed in to me so hard and so fast I moaned so loud and then he starts to put his tongue in my vagina
Erika- more daddy
Jake- *he stops* if you want me to keep going I'm going to need you to cum
Erika's POV
He starts to eat me out and then I cum
Erika- there you go daddy 🤤
*they continued for 1 more hour*

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Chapter 63 part 2: The Fighter
Erika - S-she punched me in my belly jakey
Jake - Are you Okay ?
Erika - No *crying
Jake - Hey *holds her closer* show me where it hurts
Erika - Okay *lifts up her jumper*
Jake POV - When Erika lifted up her/my jumper her body was all ready bruising . I put my hands on it but she instantly tensed up . I looked at her and you could see the fear in her eyes . I kissed her belly and rolled the jumper down . She rested her head on my chest and I wrapped my hands around her .
Erika POV - Jake wrapped his arms around me and I slowly fell asleep on Jake . ~In the morning~
Erika POV - I woke up and we was still on the couch . I must have fell asleep on him . I had my head digged in his chest and then I felt pains in my body . I slowly got up and saw Jakes face all bruised up and he had a black eye . I gently kissed his cheek and then he woke up .
Erika - Hey
Jake - Hey , sorry I fell asleep to *sleepy voice
Erika - It’s fine , your face is all bruised and you have a black eye
Jake - *sigs , Do i still look cute ?
Erika - *giggles , off course *kisses him
Jake - My face hurts really bad
Erika - Because them idiots kicks you in the head
Jake - I know , does your belly stroll hurt ?
Erika - When doesn’t it ?
Jake - So it does
Erika - *nods her head yes
Jake - Our vacation is ruined , you’ve had the worst birth week ever *tears up and looks down
Erika - We still have our anniversary for tomorrow *kisses him* I love you
Jake - I love you to but we will be going to dinner with black eyes
Erika - So your taking me to dinner *smiles
Jake - Shit ! I’ve told you what we are doing
Erika - It’s fine Jakey *laughs* I cant wait
Jake - *smiles , am gonna check on the kids
Erika - But am warm with you
Jake - *laughs , then you can come with me *picks her up and wraps the quilt around her
Jake POV - We checked on the kids and they was both asleep . I took Erika to our room and placed her on the bed .
Jake - Am gonna take a quick shower
Erika - Okay baby
Jake POV - I got in the shower and I had bruises all over my body . I got a wash and washed my hair .
What happens next ?! #jerika #jerikafanfiction

Keep her happy and safe ♡ (also ik jake didn't cheat but i was using all the clips from when people say he "cheated".)

Audio: @pengaudios

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Chapter 5 The New members *jake, sunny and Erika go out side and see Justin and ray fighting.* E- *pulls Justin off* Justin what r u doing
Ju- Hes being an asshole. He punched me first so I obviously had to fight him
J- ray r u serious. First u try fingering my girlfriend, then u punch one of our members. That’s it. Ur out of here.
Ra- WHAT! It hasn’t even been a day!
E- ur fault.
Ra- I swear to erika if u don’t shut u-
J- don’t u dare finish that sentence.
Ra- fine. But I’m grabbing my food and leaving u assholes.
All- GOOD! *they go back inside. Ray grabs his food and leaves*
R- so um, do u guys just want to leave?
S- yup.
J- ok let’s go then. Me and Erika will meet u guys outside. I’m going to pay the bill and wrap our food up.
All- ok #jerika #jerikafanfiction

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