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Chapter 16
Erika’s POV
We are on the way to the house omg i miss this place so much I got all our stuff we are not going back to Miami the kids have went through a lot and I figured I’ll get an apartment near by so the girls can go back and forth from Jake and I’s houses we reach to Jake’s house and knocked on the door
M: who is it?
E: me open the door
M: *opens the door fast and hugs her* omg Erika ur back *with a high voice*
E: the kids wanted to see jake is he here
M: I don’t think they should see him
E: why not
M: Erika he is very bad condition he hasn’t eaten anything since u left like a little bit of water here and there his voice is gone he rarely eats his ribs are shown and he doesn’t want to eat unless it’s u feeding him
E: omg where is her
M: in his room laying in bed
E: ok girls I’ll go up u stay here with auntie Mackenzie ok
G: *nods*
Erika’s POV
I run up to Jake’s room and go inside and couldn’t believe what I saw jake...was laying in bed asleep with no shirt and...and his body has changed no what have I dont to him...I sit on the bed and hold his hands and started to cry he woke up slowly and looked at me
J: ur back *smiles*
E: *hugs him* jake I’m sorry I’m soo sorry what did u do to urself why *crying*
J: I’m ok at least ur back..
Jake’s POV
I srsly couldn’t talk at all my voice is gone I feel light headed I couldn’t see strait my throat hurts to bad I needed water and food
J: water...plz
E: I’ll go get food and water now ok
J: *nods*
Erika’s POV
I run downstairs and get whatever I find in front of me and a large cup of water I went back up and started feeding Jake he looked so happy but miserable at the same time...I hope he forgives me and he goes back to his regular life...
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Chapter 15
-2 weeks later-
Su; mom when are we leaving
E: soon sweetie
S: I’m excited
Su: me too
S: I miss daddy so much
E: not as much as I do
S: we all miss him
Erika’s POV
So if u don’t already know what’s happening here we are going back to LA to see jake the kids really wanted too so I just said why not I go too I said I hated him so much but now thinking about it now I actually think he is innocent years have already passed but we still have a life time to continue the flight is in 2 hour and we are leaving
Jake’s POV
Plz come back...plz come back...plz come back...why does life have to be so difficult I’m not a normal I feel dead inside I look like an old person I’m so sick but I don’t bother going to the hospital I can’t sit up or move my throat is dry..Mackenzie is with me 24/7 trying to make me eat but I don’t want to the only person that can feed me is Erika.
M: Jake u have to eat or u will die
J: no..the only person that can feed me is Erika no one else
M: Jake u can’t do this to urself ur going to die
J: I srsly don’t give a fuck about it at all if I die what’s the point no one will care even the love of my life won’t even know that I’m alive or living...erika I want u to come back *cries* I act as if she is still with me and she will come back it will never happen... I just want her cute small body to touch mine again..I want to just look at her big green eyes forever...I just want her back in my life...
*erika and the kids land in LA* ~
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Chapter 10:
Jake-you..you love me?
Erika-yes,I do,with everything i have I love you Jake
Jake-I Love you too *They kissed,it was a slow passionate kiss* (Mean while everyone was watching them,while sunny was making them stay back and not interrupt them,they took pictures of them kissing and posted it on insta)
*a little while later Jake and Erika’s phones started blowing up,Jake’s fans had came up for a ship name which was Jerika,Jake went and looked at Erika’s Instagram and his mouth dropped*
Jake-your famous?
Erika-I wouldn’t say famous anymore
Jake-you were a model?
Jake-why didn’t you tell me
Erika-it was in my past,and I don’t really like talking about the past
Jake-oh..um sorry
Erika-it’s fine,can we watch a movie or something? Please?
Jake-yeah sure *they turned on a movie and Erika fell asleep with her head on Jake’s shoulder and them hand in hand,Jake fell asleep wondering what happened in her past that was so bad she didn’t want to talk about,the next morning there was a loud bang coming from downstairs ,everyone jolted awake*
Erika-what was that?
Jake-idk,you stay here,I’m going to go see
Jake-I said stay here
*Jake went downstairs to find a window broken by a brick and the brick had a note on it,Jake called down Chance and Anthony and they came running down the stairs*
Chance-what happened?
Jake-I think someone is after Erika.....
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Chapter i forgot.
I sit there in my thoughts for a second i feel a urge to cry i hold back my tears there i someone i have to help. I feel to weak to run i walk and snatch the blade off erika shes sobbing i put the blade in the bin and now have the power to walk faster i pull her into a hug and she sobs silently into my jumper.
Im a mess a fucked up mess i sob as sliently as i can into jake and let go i have the urge to run away and i ran down i ran i got tired but kept running i got out of my house i kept running further and thurther away from my situation and ended up at my spot.
She ran i ran as fast as i can but she was faster and she was gone into the dark world. I kept looking and looking and crying and crying and i remmemberd she has her phone on her. I went on snapchat on maps she was a hour away i got home and got my car and drove and ended up on a cliff and erika looked if she was about to jump off.
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//3 Days later//
A/N: Jake and Erika have been getting along well, and Bailey has been the happiest girl alive. She does everything in a happy mood. Also, Erika has been using tinder lately😫😬
*Morning* (Btw they are all laying in bed and Jake and Bailey are playing a game on Jake's phone while Erika is on her phone)
J: You are always on that phone *talks to Erika*
E: Well you don't know what I'm doing
J: I bet is some dude or something like that
E: Maybe it is
B: What are you guys talking about? I though you guys were together
J:uh... **Then Bailey just gets off the bed and locks herself in the bathroom** J: Bailey open up
B: *crying* no, mommy and daddy lie to me
E: sweetie is very complicated and you are just too young to know this things.
B: I don't care!! I not talking to you guys
J: Princess, please open up the door *says sliding down the door and now is on the floor* please, sweetie you are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. And yes, mommy and daddy are not together in a kind of way. But we are together with you and we will always will be. So munchkin please open up the door.
A/N: Bailey slowly opens up the door with red puff eyes.
J: my little munchkin *hugs her* you know I don't like seeing you cry.
B: I'm orry (sorry) for oderreacding (overreacting)
E: we understand, but don't ever do that again
B: okay, but why you guys not ogether (together)
J: Bailey you are not— *gets cut off by Erika*
E: sweetie, mommy and daddy were together a long time ago. But then daddy did something *looks at Jake and then Back at Bailey* that mommy didn't like. So we decided to not be together. But then I found out that I was going to have a baby, and that is you *smiles* but daddy didn't know that. And now he does and now you get to see him and play with him all the time. (BTW she took breaths saying this, she didn't just say this without taking small breaks 😂🙄)
B: so this means that you guys are ogether (together) with me but not you guys (if it doesn't make sense, just to make clear that this a really REALLY smart 2 year old 😂 but she may not make sense from time to time)
J: pretty much, but you don't have to worry about me. ⬇️more⬇

The Life of jerika
Chapter 38:
Erika’s p.o.v

I woke up really lightheaded… my vision was focusing in when i seen him… it was liam… omg liam took me… liam was my ex who abused me in my last relationship… what's he going to be to me, i want jake… .
Liam: well well well look who's finally up
Erika: let me goo
Liam: not gonna happen sweetheart
Erika: i'm not your sweetheart .
Liam: now i am.. .
Erika: no… jake is gonna find me .
Liam*laughs* very funny…. He won't even know where i am
Erika: he loves me
Liam: no.. He told me to take you
Erika: no he did not!..he would never .
Liam: well he did…. You’re mine now
Erika: No! I hate you… You made my life a living hell
Liam: no baby, you got it all wrong *moves closer to her and puts his hand on her upper thigh*
Erika: don't touch me!.. Get away from me .
.(sorry its so short but the next chapter gets more emotional and yeah)
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J:I wish I would be with her a this past years
E:me too but it is something that I regret doing not telling you
J:but pass is pass and now is the present so let's just focus on the present
E:your right
J:yea I am always right *girly voice*
E:omg stop
J:omg stop *girly voice* ok I am gonna stop that to cringe
E:yea I know .. so at what time are you gonna surprise Hazel tomorrow
J:I have in a idea I remember that you said that she has dance tomorrow
J:I was thinking of surprising her after dance almost when they finish
E:that's a good idea
J:so you think that's a good idea
E:yes and changing of theme what are you doing for the rest of the day
J:I don't really know bc today is my free day
E:same so you can hang out whit me into hazel comes .... actually when hazel comes back you can get to know her better so your gonna be with her into I come back
J:that sounds like a plan but wait were are you going
E:to the mall to pick up her present
J:what are you giving her
E:it's actually a necklace that has her name on it and 3 new charms that are gonna be added to her bracelet that she has from James Avery and the iPhone x
J:no way I am giving her a bracelet with her name on it wow it's so funny how we choose almost the same gifts only because i am giving her merch too
J:you said that your giving her I iPhone x
J:then I am gonna add something too her gift but I am not giving her this one into we talk and we disaid and whant to tell her that I am her dad because then the gift would not make sense to her
E:why ,what is it though
J:I am gonna make phone cases for the 3 of us that they are gonna mach whit each other ___________
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Chapter 1~
Erika: Oh hi sunny
Sunny: hi Erika!!
*they hug*
Head of the organization: Erika Costell and Sunny Malouf you have a mission come to my office for more details...
Erika : Yes finally omg we have a mission together
Head of the organization: Welcome guys, you have a mission to catch a theif that stole diamonds you have to catch that thief here is where *he gives Sunny a paper *
Erika : okay boss we won't let you down *Erika and Sunny go to the place*
Sunny whispers: here is he okay whos going to go down and fight him (in an exciting voice)
Erika: sunny ?! Come on your excited we'll both go... I'll sneak up on him, while you distract him
Sunny: okay okay let's go *they go to the theif*
Sunny: um hi can u help me find the way to....*sunny is thinking on what to say*
*Erika sneaks up on him and kicks him on his back*
Sunny: Take that son!!!!
*sunny puts onto the floor
And arrest him*
They go back to the organization •

• to be continued •
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“Fucking Evan,” Jake says in a mad voice. Evan then comes out from behind his car with a Hammer in his hand.
“Logan I was thinking the Yeti needed some work. Let me do the honors?” Evan asks stepping towards us with the hammer resting on his shoulder.
“Evan. You. Better. Fucking. Not.” Logan says letting go of Tessa’s hand and taking a step towards him.
“Well Jake and Erika need to break up and we will be okay,” Evan says looking over at us.
“Aight, we are out of school now. I can easily beat your ass and I wouldn’t get suspended for it now.... I’m basically saying ‘what’s good?’,” Jake says glaring at Evan and letting go of my hand.
“You are also 18, if the police get called you don’t just go to Juvenile Detention. You go to Jail,” I whisper stepping towards Jake.
“So what’s it gonna be?” Evan says checking his watch acting annoyed.
Logan looks between Evan and Jake. He’s standing there wanting to beat ass. I already know Logan’s face. I’ve seen him in plenty of fights.
“Do what u gotta do man, lemme just grab my moms present in the car. Glass would suck if it got on it,” Jake says rolling his eyes. He walks to Yeti with Evan by his side.
Logan looks V worried but he trusts Jake just like I do.
Logan’s windows are V expensive and special made. Jake won’t let anything happen to them.
At least I don’t think....
“Whatever, Just do it.” Jake says closing the door. Logan starts recording on his Phone for police purposes I’m assuming.
Evan starts to raise the hammer to the window, there’s 1 inch between the hammer and window when Jake tackles him to the ground.
“Oh. My. God.” Is all I can manage to say.
Evan punches Jake in the face but Jake isn’t fazed. Jake punches Evan in the jaw making blood drip from his mouth. Jake stands up and pulls Evan up with him. Jake takes Evans arm and turns his arm around his back and pushes his arm up between his shoulder blades.
“Now I suggest you leave and never bother us again or you can try it out,” jake says in his ear laughing.
“Try it out,” Evan says with a smirk.
Right when Jake lets go and puts up his stance the police pull in...

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