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iMaGinE bEiNG frIEnDs wiTh a BuncH oF lOsErs 😫🤙🏻
for grace and wyattheads
idk why it’s so bright at the beginning

Hanging with some awesome Losers! 😘 🎈🎉😁 #jeremyraytaylor #jackdgrazer

“you spelled jaeden wrong, so good job”

He is so cute 😻

Followme for more vídeos 👉@jackdgrarzer👈

(prob gonna delete) INSTA RUINED MT QUALITY I AM SO MAD but i tried to make this loop but it didn’t work and it sucks 😕. @jaedenwesley tag him!

Throwbacks. l love the IT cast 💖
Creds- @strangergamess💕💕

welcome to the losers club asshole.
sorry for the trash
ib/ac_ spideyhoco (my voiceovers)

so luckyyyy 🍀


the cast look so awesome here! (sorry half my photos are black and white, i can never find the coloured originals :(()

protect him at ALL costs @jackdgrazer ignore the fact the two clips @ the beginning don't have the flowers

happy friday everyone !

When he looked for one second and took that long heavy Breath 😂 anyway, tag a friend and now they're IT 🎈
credits from the amazing world of gumball
#it #itmovie2017 #theamazingworldofgumball #jaedenwesleylieberher #finnwolfhard #wyattoleff #jackdylangrazer #chosenjacob #sophialilis #jeremyraytaylor

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