She’s ready for 3rd grade but I’m not!! I’m so happy to be her mama. She is my sunshine!! #jenztagram #3rdgrade #firstdayofschool

I don't even know how it happened, but it did!! Jenzen is 8 today. Her favorite color is mint, she loves anything holographic or sparkly, she's obsessed with slime, tumbling, gymnastics (she got a bar for her birthday to flip on), she's happy and kind and we couldn't possibly love her more or be more proud. She looks so much older than last year and my mama heart can't take it!! We love our girl to bits! More pics from her fun day today in my story. #jenztagram #eight

I meant to post the pic of Jag as a multiple-pic post and IG must’ve pulled one over on me! So aaaaaaaaanyway, like I was saying...Jenzen is almost 8!!! I’ll post a couple bonus pics in my IG story since it’s being a jerk to me. #jenztagram

Jaggar is {a few days past} 7 months and Jenzen is {almost} 8. Time, why do you do this to me??!! I am so proud to be their mama. #jaggarjones #jenztagram

Camp crap all over the floor and dresser. Bed completely unmade bc we’ve been in and out of it all day. Jaggar in my lap bc he’s being a stage five clinger today. Cartoons on tv. Window curtains open but not in a pretty way, just to let sunshine in. Real life not getting in the way of sharing such a beautiful moment of my girl being the fabulous sparkling magical being that she is! 🦄🦄🦄 #jenztagram

Aaaaand just like that, she’s off to her first week at @pinecovetowers !! She’s so brave and sweet and funny and just plain the girl of our dreams. We are gonna miss her like crazy but we know she’s in great hands!! They will love her and fill her with God’s truth and show her some seriously fun days!! Plus she’s there with her lifetime bff Hadley. I can’t wait for her to tell us about everything on Saturday. I wish I could see her face and get her reaction when she opens her mail. She lives for mail!! I hope she sleeps well and stays cool when it’s hot and warm at night and I hope the food is good.i know this will benefit her so much but I’m ready to pick her up already!!😫💕🙏🏻 #jenztagram #pinecove #pinecovetowers @pinecovecamps #firsttimer #happycamper

Happy 4th from the Jones kids to you❤️🇺🇸💙 #jenztagram #jaggarjones #4thofjuly #fourthofjuly #independenceday

#mermaidhair don’t care🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️ #jenztagram

Why haven’t I posted these yet?! Good grief!!! I have toooooo many favorites from our lifestyle session with @12twelvephotography a couple of weeks ago but here are some of my super faves. I love the way she captured my babies and I’m glad she made me jump in for a few. When a friend can grab her camera and be a fly on the wall and make you see what your home is like, full of love, albeit cleaner than usual, it puts a smile on your face. A big stretchy one!! Thank you Leslie!!💕💕 #jaggarjones #jenztagram

This is what the last day of second grade feels like!!😃👏🏻💃🏻 #jenztagram

God Blessed Texas {and He blessed me too}💙 #bluebonnets #jenztagram #jaggarjones

So crazy proud of this sweet little pea!! She worked hard and did her best and now we have a 2018-2019 Top of Texas PeeWee Cheerleader on our hands!!🐾🧡🖤 #cheerleader #jenztagram

Rippin’ farts and breakin’ hearts 💨💔 #jaggarjones #jenztagram

Happy Easter from the Jones bunnies🌸💐🐰 #jenztagram #jaggarjones

Happy Palm Sunday friends🌿 #jenztagram #jaggarjones #palmsunday

Sister is ready for spring picture day at school!!💕 #jenztagram

Love and kisses and Valentine wishes!! Happy Valentine’s Day 2018 from the Jones kids! 💕🌸🌹💖 #jenztagram #jaggarjones {wish I would’ve taken a pulled back shot of this so you could see that I had a backdrop up in front of my kitchen with window light with homemade heart garlands clothespinned to the backdrop😂...when you don’t have a studio anymore you wing it!!}

Bubbie lovvvvves his big sissy!!!💙 #jaggarjones #jenztagram

Just in case you needed more snuggles❤️ @kathleenlindemann is the baby queen!!👑 #jenztagram #jaggarjones

Christmas cards just aren’t happening for us this year, so this is as close as it’s gonna get!! Merry Christmas from us and our little elves!!✝️🎅🏻🎄🎁❄️ #merrychristmas #elfontheshelf #jenztagram #jaggarjones

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