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Chapter 5 Johnnys POV

I was so Shook from what happened. This kiss wasn't like any other kiss. When we used to date and It nice but now it's totally different it's like this kiss meant for something. I know I'm sounding kind of dramatic but it's just so hard to explain. We were now walking to all the restaurants McKenzie and Lauren were in front of me and I was behind them by my parents. Once we got to the restaurant we were going to there was a huge water fountain and flowers everywhere, so my parents wanted to go take a picture so they asked Lauren to come with them and me and McKenzie went inside the restaurant to reserve a table. As soon as we walked inside a waiter came up to us, "Table for two" He asked. " oh.. no we're not" before I could finish my sentence, " Roger can you come over here and set up a table for two for the cute couple?" He asked. That Roger guy just left us at the table and walked away. I tried calling his parents but they wouldn't answer the phone so we just waited there. Two minutes later my mom texted him saying that they were going back to the hotel and they were just going to order room service and for us to just eat there. It turns out that while they were taking pictures they kept on walking further and further because there were more places to take pictures further down the road so they walk towards there and they got carried away and they ran out of time and so they just walked back to The hotel because it was near. " do you just want to walk back to the hotel and eat with them or you want to stay here?" I asked her. " I mean I guess we just stay here since already here rather than walking all the way back there" she suggested. So we sat down waiting for the waiter to come take our order, I felt like this was a moment to talk about that kiss on the ride, I mean this is the only time we're alone so might as will just talk about it. I didn't know if I should bring up the topic or just wait for her to bring it up, but I wasn't sure if she should bring it up so I just brought it up. " so about that case on the ride what exactly was that?" I asked, she put her phone down and smiled. More below ⬇️

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--Chapter 36--
Johnny's POV
E: I hate Carusa. I can't believe he's banned us from playing in the match today!
J: I'm going to talk to Coach
E: I'll come with you
Dang. I was trying to escape from Eddie.
J: Ok...
We both go to Coach's office. I knock on the door.
CO: Come in. Ah Johnny and Eddie!
J: Uh Coach, there's something we need to tell you.
CO: Oh, sit down. Sit down
(We sit)
CO: So, is there a problem?
J: Well... We can't play today...
CO: Why?
J: We're sort of banned
CO: Oh. Is it a punishment?
E: Yeah. Mr. Carusa banned us.
CO: What did you do?
E: I didn't do anything!Johnny and his friends...
J: It was just a misunderstanding. We didn't mean to cause any trouble, we were just giving Eddie a run for his money. No biggie.
(Coach's mouth twitches)
J: We still really want to play and the team really needs us, so would you consider trying to get us out of the ban, so we can play?
CO: I don't know...
J: We'll do our best in the game! Please Coach! You can always get Mr. Carusa to give us a different punishment. This game is really important and we can't affort to lose.
E: Please Coach?
CO: Fine. I'll try.
J: YES! *fist punching the air*
E: Thanks Coach!
CO: I'm not promising anything though. I'll try convince Carusa to give you a different punishment. But if you ever get in trouble again, you'll have to sit the punishment. Even if its the finals. Understood?
J+E: Yes, sir.
*** (Before match)
Co: Get changed boys. You're playing.
Turns out, Coach did manage to convince Carusa to let us play but we are now on cafeteria duty. That may not seem that bad, but in Leefort Academy, its the worst punishment anyone could have asked for.
CO: Oh, and Johnny? You're in goals.
Goals? He want me to play as a goalie? What about my knee?
J: I'm the goalie?!
CO: Yeah, Jake's out. Had to fly out unexpectedly. Family issues.
J: Oh ok.
CO: Put on one of the spare goalkeeper uniforms.
I do as Coach says and put on the goalie uniform.
CO: Johnny, you all right in goals?
J: Yeah...I guess.
CO: OK! Everyone ready?
ALL: Yes, Coach.
The match is starting. The whistle blow. Immediately, they oppenents are on the attack.

--Chapter 35--
Kenzie's POV
Johnny, Eddie, Nadia and I troop into Principal Wiltmore's office, with Mr. Carusa marching infront of us.
Wi: Enter
Johnny, Nadia and I are very worried. We'll definetly get  punished for this. No question. Principal Wiltmore isn't exactly a mean principal but she can dish out really cruel punishments if she thinks necessary. Eddie's not going to get any punishment because Principal Wiltmore is his aunty and he is forever telling us how she lets him off detention and such.
Wi: Ah, Mr. Carusa. What do we have here?
Car: These three, were playing unsuitable content during lunch.
Wi: May I see this 'unsuitable content'?
Car: Of course. (he hands Wiltmore a copy of Nadia's CD)
Wiltmore watches the video silently and we all wait with baited breath.
Wi: Eddie? Did you do all these things?
E: Well....um.....yeah. But they were taking advantage of me!
Wi: Yes I can see that.
Car: They will all be recieving some kind of punishment I believe? *hopefully*
Wi: Yes. I'll leave that to you
Oh no. Now we're doomed. Mr. Carusa is definetly gonna cook up a very hard punishment for us. Mr. Carusa takes us to his office and tells us to sit down.
Car: Now what will we do with you?
J: Let us off? *hopefully*
Car: Oh no. No way. Those who are bad must be dealt with. I gotta hit it where it hurts...(Johnny's phone alerts a text.)
Car: Phone
Johnny reluctantly gives Carusa his phone.
Car: Who is this from? Oh, Hayden. 'Are you excited for the match today? We're gonna crush them...'. That's it! You and Eddie can't play in the match today! *happily*
E: We have to play! *cries*
J: It's the finals!
Car: Oh well then you should have thought it through before you decided to play unsuitable content during lunch...
E: I didn't do anything! Why do I get a punishment? I'm the victim here!
Car: Now you girls.. *ignoring Eddie* You will have detention for the semester.
Car: That'll be all. You can leave

--Chapter 34--
Johnny's POV
NT: Johnny, Kenzie tells me you've decided to go along with my revenge idea.
J: Yeah. But I was thinking instead of getting him kicked of the soccer team maybe we could do something less drastic.
NT: Like what?
J: I don't know
NT: I think I have an idea.
J: Tell me.
NT: No! You gotta wait. Just go to the hall at lunch and you'll see.
I sit in suspense throughout the day, curious to see what Nadia has planned. When the bell rings for lunch, I immediately go to the hall. There's nothing there!
Disappointed, I sit down at the table with Mackenzie after getting my lunch.
K: Johnny? You never told me why Lauren freaked out that day when she heard my name.
J: Oh. That
I had been avoiding the subject for quite a while now.
K: So who's this other Mackenzie?
J: Oh, she was this psycho girl I used to go out with.
K: If you used to go out with her, then how come Lauren didn't know what she looked like? And how was she psycho?
Just then, Nadia appears and quickly slips into a chair. I sigh with relief, she saved me from answering Mackenzie's question.
NT: Three...two...one...
the cafeteria goes dark and a screen appears on the wall. The screen is showing a big picture of Eddie. A video plays, showing Eddie kissing Mackenzie, Eddie stealing other people's things, Eddie talking trash about everyone, Eddie doing sly stuff.
The video ends and the cafeteria is silent. I take a quick glance at Eddie. He is fuming. Everyone turns to look at him too. The muttering and whispering begin before they are silenced by Mr. Carusa.
(He has seen the screen on the wall.)
E: Mr. Carusa, someone set me up! I don't know who did it, but when I find out they'll be sorry they ever messed with-
CAR: Silence!VWho is responsible for this?!
I look at Nadia, she looks scared to death.
J: It was me!
K: Actually it was me.
NT: No it was me.
CAR: Well I never... Ok then. Eddie, Johnny, Mackenzie and Nadia follow me. We're going straight to the principal's office. I don't think she'll be to happy to hear about this.

--Chapter 33--
Kenzie's POV
I'll figure it out someday? What does that mean? I wonder to myself.
M: Hi Kenz! How was your day?"
She sees my face and drops her smile.
M: Did you tell him the truth?
K: Yeah. I told him that I didn't kiss Eddie
M: What else?
K: Uh, thats it.
M: What?! Kenz! You gotta tell him everything.
K: Everything?
M: Yes. Everything.
K: But I can't.
M: What do you mean?
K: He won't talk to me! At all!
M: Then get to him through a friend. Someone thats friends with Johnny but with you too.
K: Nadia...
M: See, you've got one.
K: So how does the friend help me get to Johnny?
K: I think your friend can answer that one
Later that evening I am in the park. I had called Nadia to see if she'll help me out and had instructed me to go to the park.
K: Are you sure this will work? (I had asked her on the phone)
NT: It will. Well...If he still likes you. Which I'm sure he does.
K: Are you sure he'll take the bait?
NT: Positive. We've been best friends for years. He trusts me.
K: Well, he's sure not going to trust you after this...
I am sitting on the swings in the park when I hear a voice and I look up to see Johnny approaching.
J: Where the heck is Nadia?*impatiently*
(He looks up and sees me.)
J: Mackenzie
K: Hi. *shyly*
J: Do you know where Nadia is?
K: Eh Johnny there's something I need to tell you.
J: What? (he sits down on the next swing.)
I tell him everything, like Maddie said I should.
J: I'm really sorry Kenzie. I should have believed you.
K: Its fine. Jenzie forever? *hopefully*
J: Jenzie forever. By the way, who came up with that name?
K: Abby
J: Wow
K: What?
J: That Eddie is such a-
K: Ok! Eddie's not worth talking about.
J: Agreed
K: Wait. You're not planning on doing anything to him, right?
J: Well...
K: Oh man. Did Nadia talk you into this?
J: Yeah but she's right. Eddie can't just get away scot free!
K: Yeah but what are you planning?
J:,You'll see😏

--Chapter 32--
Johnny's POV
K: Johnny, I didn't kiss Eddie he kissed me!
K: I swear  I'm not lying.
H: Woah, looks like she sent you a lot of texts. (looking into my phone and reading my texts from Mackenzie)
J: Yep.
K: So, you're not gonna talk to her?
J: Nope.
H: What if she's telling the truth?
J: What?!
H: I mean Mackenzie doesn't even like Eddie!
J: Then why'd she kiss him?
H: What if she didn't? Like I mean, Eddie's that kind of guy, you know?
J: Yeah...
I sit with Nadia at lunch the next day.
NT: Are you OK?
J: Yeah
NT: I'm really sorry about Mackenzie..
J: Not your fault.
NT: To be honest, I don't think Mackenzie kissed Eddie.
J: Maybe.
NT: You don't believe her?
J: I don't know *truthfully*
NT: I wish there was someway we could get our own back on Eddie *thoughtfully*
J: Me too
NT: Wait1 You're the Captain of the soccer team, right?
J: Yeah...?
NT: You were telling Eddie the other day that he'd be done if he didn't go to the match.
J: Yeah.
NT: And by done, you meant kicked out, right?
J: Uh, yeah.
NT: Can you actually do that?
J: Yeah why?
NT: I think we just got our ticket to getting revenge on Eddie.
J: No, No, No, No.
NT: What? *innocently*
J: I know what you're planning. You want me to get Eddie kicked out.
NT: Exactly!
J: No! I'm not gonna do that.
NT: But why?
J: As much as I would love to kick Eddie off the team, I can't because we need him.
NT: Ughhh. *disappointed*
H: Hey guys, can I sit here?
NT: Sure
H: Johnny how'd it go?
J: How did what go? *confused*
H: Your trip to the docs.
J: Oh, that. He said I was fine, but I don't get it. My knee's totally not fine.
H: So you can go to the match?
J: Yes
H: Great. Looks like he did his job.
J: What?
NT: Wait a minute did you have something to do with it? *suspiciously*
H: Maybe
H: Okay, I might have pulled a few strings here and there.
??: Johnny?
J: What, Mackenzie?
K: Can I talk to you?
J: No
K: Please!
K: I know you think that I kissed Eddie but I didn't.
J: Great *bored*
K: Johnny! How is that 'great'?
J: You get it. I get it. Great!
K: What?! *confused*
J: You'll figure it out someday
K: Someday?!
J: Yep

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--Chapter 31--
Kenzie's POV
I'm sitting on my bed on Wednesday afternoon, completely bored. I text my friends to see if they're free so we can hang out. I text Brooke first.
K: Hey Brooke, do you wanna hang out cause I'm super bored x
B: Oh, sorry I can't. At Jacob's
I text Johnny next.
K: Hey Johnny, you busy? 
Maybe we could hang out?
J: Sorry. I have to go to the docs :(
K: Awh, why?
J: I have to if I want to play tomorrow.
K: Good luck ;)
I text both Abby and Nina but they are busy. Ughh, how come everyone has something to do except me?! I scroll through my contacts and my finger lingers on Nadia's name. I click on it and type a quick text to her. Maybe she can hang out?
K: Hi Nadia, do you want to go to Starbucks or something?
NT: Sure. I'll meet you there at 5.
Its 3:30 now. 1hr 30mins till I meet Nadia. I put on the TV to pass time. When its quarter to 5 I go to Starbucks. By the time I get there, it is 5 to 5. Nadia's not here yet, so I sit down and scroll through my phone.
??: Hey.
Someone says sitting with me. I look up. Eddie.
E: Hey, so, I was wondering if you wanna hook up?
K: What?! No. You're dating Nadia.
K: I can always dump her. Anyways, I know you like me
Just as the door opens and someone comes in, Eddie kisses me. I'm so startled that I don't pull away.
??: Mackenzie?
I see Johnny standing there, Nadia by his side, his face drained of colour. I look at Nadia, her mouth open wide with shock.
K: Wha-Wha-What are you guys doing here? Johnny, I thought you were at the doctors?
J: And I thought you were my girlfriend.
Wait. Does that mean he's breaking up with me?
K: You're breaking up with me?! *quietly*
J: Yes! *unable to meet Kenzie's eye*
NT: Me too, Eddie! Come on, lets go.
(Nadia and Johnny leave)
E: So does that mean that me and you could- ...
Eddie starts and I slap him

When I said 'I want jenzie to be real', it doesn't always mean that I want them to date. I never really want them to date. I want jenzie to be real just like lenzie. I mean, if @kenzieziegler and @johnnyorlando are dating, it would be so different and if they broke up, they will lost 2 things. They'll lost their love and also bestfriendship (if it was a thing lol). Let's start thinking, would it be as same as their friendship before? I believe, it will be so awkward to meet your ex or talk to your ex, right? But I'll let @kenzieziegler and @johnnyorlando to do whatever they want because it's not my life or my problem. It's their life and I don't have any rights to tell them what to do, who should they date with, or anything else. They can date anyone. We can't tell them to date someone that they don't even like. So, let's just enjoy their "BESTFRIENDSHIP". Thanks for reading my opinion, Peace✌
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--Chapter 30--
Johnny's POV
J: Hello Cinderella.
K: Hello Prince Charming
N: Awh you guys are so cute. Its kinda weird how everyone is going out with someone, Me and Abby are the only single ladies here.
A: Actually... I'm going out with Carson
N: What?! So I'm the only single lady?
A: Looks like it
J: Well Hayden doesn't have a girlfriend
H: Actually. I do.
J: You do? Who?
H: Lauren
J: Which Lauren?
H: Lauren Orlando
J: As in, my sister Lauren?
H: Yes!
J: That makes sense!
H: What makes sense?
J: Lately she's actually been pretty nice to me
*** (In the School Bus)
H: Sorry about telling Nadia your 'plan'
J: No worries
H: Nadia can be pretty scary
J: Trust me. I know.
H: Are you going to the game on Friday?
The last soccer match of the season is on Friday but I'm not sure whether I will be allowed to go as my knee still isn't fully healed
J: We'll see
H: You're not going? But we need you!
J: Hayden, I never said I wasn't going. I said 'We'll see'
H: Ok. We need Eddie as well, but he's not going.
J: Why not?
H: His ankle
J: But he didn't even hurt it! He only got a few little bruises!
H: You know how Eddie is. Making a big deal out of nothing. Can you try talking to him? Try get him to come? Cause we need him, just as much as we need you.
J: What makes you think he'll listen to me?! He's my worst enemy!
H: He's also your teammate. He'll listen to you because you're the captain.
J: I'm pretty sure that won't make any difference
H: It might.
J: Fine I'll try
H: Woohoo!
J: I'm not promising anything tho
***(Lunch time)
At lunch, I go find Eddie so I can try convince him to go to the game on Friday. If I can't go, then Eddie has to. We need him. He may not be the nicest guy in the world but he's still a very important part of our team.
J: Eddie can I talk to you real quick?
(Nadia's sitting with him.)
E: Okay
NT: Should I leave?
E: No! I mean, anything you can say infront of me, you can say infront of my girlfriend too.
J: So, I hear you're not going to the game on Friday. What is the problem?
E: You know, I'm inju-
J: Don't give me that crap. A few little bruises on your foot is nothing. Why are you really not going?
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--Chapter 29--
Kenzie's POV
We are in the school hall having our last rehearsal before the play. Everyone is panicked. Us, Actors forgetting our lines. Chorus people forgetting their routines and lyrics. Costumes being misplaced. Its a disaster. Nothing is going right.
Mi: Ok, guys. I know today wasn't as perfect as we had hoped it would be but we all know that if its bad on the last rehearsal then you're gonna blow them away tomorrow. Right?
All: Yeah...
Mi: Come on guys! What's the sad faces for?
H: What if you're wrong? What if we don't do good
Mi: Trust me. You will.
*** (Next Day)
Its the day of the show and I am sitting down backstage while Maddie does my hair and makeup. I hear Mr. Mills come on stage and introduce the show. He talks to the audience - parents, teachers, family members and students - telling them about the production and informing them of how proud he is of us and how he wouldn't have been able to produce Cinderella without us. He hands it over to us and the play starts. Maddie has finished with my makeup and hair and has left to do the other actors' makeup and hair. There are butterflies in my stomach as I wait backstage. I will be on in seven minutes so I sit down on a stool in the wings. Everyone that was backstage before have left and me and Nadia are the only ones left behind. As time draws closer for me to go on stage, knots form in my stomach. I start panicking. What if I don't do good? What if I forget my lines?
NT: You'll be fine
I look at her suprised. Why is Nadia talking to me? I thought she hated me... Strangely enough, those three words Nadia said to me are extremely comforting. I look out to the stage with new confidence
NT:Looks like its your cue to go on. Good Luck.
I go on stage and I do what I was meant to do. To perform. I spot my Mom, Maddie and Brynn in the audience. After the last scene is over I breathe with a sigh of relief.
I didn't mess up, I didn't forget my lines. The show was a success and we are rewarded with a huge round of applause. Brynn blows me a kiss from the audience. I smile.
BR: That was amazing! You were such a good Cinderella.
M: Yeah. You were!
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