I’ve lost and left everything without notice and without hesitation more times than I can count. Friends and family left thinking I was gone forever enough that it almost became routine. I’m still around because when faced with the option to walk away from life as I knew it or lose it, I walked away. I’ve survived in countries where I didn’t speak the language with nothing but the clothes on my back and sometimes less. I’ve been called different names and held different titles, some of which I’ll never be able to openly discuss. What I’ve learned through these life lessons I now share in hopes that others can also break the chains of an existence dictated by popular society. The strength I’ve developed along the way is nothing if I can’t use it to help others. I post on social media in the hopes that my friends can also be informed, prepared, and can themselves live to survive the impossible. My products are force multipliers devised out of a life spent in non-permissive environments from the time I was a teenager until now. Bone Tactical is a multifaceted organization with a unified goal of making the world a better place. Whether that be through being better at violence than the evil in the world, speaking on the truth in a world of lies, offering products that can give a life saving advantage, or helping the less fortunate. It’s what I am, it’s what we do.

1. Male
2. American
3. English and Welsh
4. Christianity
5. Independent
6. Classical Liberalism, Jeffersonian Republicanism
7. Chicago School
8. Non-intervention
9. Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, Justin Amash, John Locke •

Capela dos Ossos, so I went on a very interesting day trip to Evora today, here they have a chapel which as you can see is made with #bones. Right let's get these back to the #Jeffersonian

I'm finally posting something! 😅 Hope you like it :)

Sweets is one of my favourite characters 💓

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Sonntag! Bones die finale Staffel. Wenn deine absolute Lieblingsserie endet ist das schon irgendwie traurig... #bones #brennan #booth #jeffersonian #serie #series #finalestaffel #finalseason #glamour #magazin #magazine #zeitschrift #sonntag #sunday #werbungwegenmarkennennung

En train de prendre quelques photos du mémorial dédié à Thomas Jefferson (depuis le mémorial de Martin Luther King). Mon président américain préféré car il était passionné d’architecture et a fait beaucoup de choses dans ce domaine pour son pays. .
Taking some pictures of the Thomas Jefferson. My favorite American president because I was passionate by architecture and has done great things in this domain for his country.
#jeffersonmemorial #thomasjefferson #jeffersonianarchitecture #jeffersonian #memorials

Germany was fun. Being the star subject of an international kill/capture operation at the request of Interpol Washington not so much... 48 days illegally detained in a German supermax prison wasn’t one of the highlights of my life either. From some of the nicest luxury vehicles and hotels in the world to the cell the head of the Luftwaffe killed himself in after WW2 in a matter of days... On the upside I survived another impossible circumstance that all involved governments refuse to take responsibility for, basically continuing my saga as the real life Jason Bourne. Only instead of making millions on a Hollywood blockbuster, I lost them while fighting for my supposedly unalienable Constitutional rights. Wanna hear more of the story? At least one video a week on previously classified subject matter will be dropping on my YouTube channel all the month of October. Bone out. #ThrowbackThursdays #StoryTime #MrBone #ClandestineOperations #Ateam #Apocalyptic #MadMax #TeamMostHated #Philanthropist #PMC #LiveVicariously #JacquesMesrine #Jeffersonian #Entrepreneur #GodsPlan #LifeOfBone #Outlaw #Country #Armas #Warrior #Bouncer #Knifemaker #Bodyguard #History #IndianaBones #Philosopher #Hardcore #Coach

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