Found a little nostalgia!! #jeffandjer #jackmurphy #q106 #sdchargers

so proud of this girl @lauracainradio for hitting her interview with @pauladeen_official out of the park! She nailed it ❤️ #pauladeen #jeffandjer #lajolla #warwicksbookstore #lindazirkus #lauracain @warwicksbooks @therealonofrio #sandiego #rockstar #radio 🤓

A lil #throwbackthursday mixed in with my #fridayintroductions. So happy you're part of my tribe...thank you for being here! Lots of new faces around here...welcome! A few things about me I've never shared:

1. I think about that song "hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!" when I see Mickey Mouse.
2. I saw a guy get bit by a small tiger shark. It was instant karma gratification because the guy was messing with the shark and laughing about it. Shark got the last laugh on that one. 😂
3. I played a game called Nunya Business on Jeff n' Jer's radio show in San Diego in my 20s and won lots of awesome prizes including cash and concert tickets. I had to answer 10 questions without saying "nunya business" to win it all. Some of the questions were how many people I'd had sex with, where I last had sex, and my home phone number. Random guys called me for weeks after the show. I didn't have sex with any of them. 😂😂😂
4. I have an audio tape recording of it and need to get a tape player so I can record it on my computer.
5. Sarcasm is my love language. I'm really sarcastic and love being around other sarcastic people. My sarcastic 8 year old niece cracks me up!
6. Making homemade caramel corn is one of my claims to fame.
7. I still have that hat in the photo. Purchased it at Disneyland that day and had my name emroidered on it.
8. My grad night was at Disneyland.
9. I wish I'd joined the military when I was 18.
10. When a telemarketer/scammer calls me, I tell them they've reached the monsignor's office. They always hang up. 😂

Now tell me something about YOU!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to this pretty girl @hi__its_ev 13 looks good on you ❤️ #birthdaygirl #bahiaresort #surprise #jeffandjer @lauracainkyxy #celebracion 🌸

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this girl in PARIS! I hope your day is everything I love to the moon ❤️ @lauracainkyxy @jeffandjennshow #birthdaygirl #lauracain #jeffandjer #friendsforlife #Paris #birthdayweek 👭🦄🎉 #Paris #eiffeltower @krisjenner

There we are. On a building in downtown Chicago. Amazing to be a part of something so big. Congratulations to the Jeff and Jer Showgram for being honored in the 2016 Radio Hall Of Fame. #honored #jeffandjer #sandiegoradio #igrewuplistening #theyrule #radiohalloffame

Date night with Jerry and Mr.O! We went to see The Witch and the we went to Islands! So much fun. #friendship #islands #jeffandjer #retirement #kyxy965 #lovehimlikeabrother

Look it's Jerry! So excited to see him! #miguels #miguelscocina #jeffandjer #jeffandtheshowgram

jeff fr #jeffandjer is in this production

today was jerrys last day on the #jeffandjer showgram. ive been listening to them on and off since elementary during the q106 days. i enjoyed his final words w all the frank sinatra cuts

To say this morning was emotional is an understatement. I'm going to miss seeing this beautiful friend every morning. Love u Jerry! #jeffandjer

One of the last pics of all of us together before the new era starts. #jeffandjer #goodtimes #funtimes #love #goodbyejerry #loveyouJerry #jeffandtheshowgram

Love listening to the Jeff and Jer Morning Showgram whenever I wake up or on the way to work, school, or volunteering. But sadly today is Jerry's last day. It'll never be the same but farewell and to new beginnings! #jeffandjer #kyxy #kyxy965 #goodbyejerry #jeffandjershowgram

Glad I was able to grab a pic with Jer today! I remember listening to him and the rest of the #JeffAndJer crew as a little girl in the car with my mom! Serious, S E R I O U S #RadioGoals #MorningShowGoals and #LifeGoals! Happy retirement Jerry and i know i thanked you earlier but thanks again!

In this week's blog, @pprpapapig pays homage to Jerry Cesak of the Jeff & Jer radio show. Jerry is retiring after more than 45 years in radio.
To read the rest of the blog, go to kusi.com/PPR

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