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By @lupo_jku Throwback to when she actually looked good
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My jeep is still down...grrrrr!!! I want to drive around with the top off and enjoy my #gearshade !!! Anyone else have beautiful weather going on?

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Great video from @shinyconcepts. Thanks for posting 😎 #murica 🇺🇸 #madeintheusa #becausegearshade #jeepbeef #jeepbeefapproved

Jeep Beach West in Pismo Beach. ✌🏻️ @lokithejeep
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Selling Bigwhite' s old axle and lift set up.

AEV 4.5" dualsport lift with bilstien remote resivor shocks. (No procal)

Front axle D30 with 4:88s, truss, sleeved, gusset, 1 Ton Currie tierod ARB DIFF cover, new ball joints and brakes are good.

Rear axle D44 Truss, ARB locker, 4:88s ARB diff cover. Brakes are good

Everything was good when pulled off jeep. Looking for $5000can.

DM if interested, would Like to sell everything together.

It's shit like this that makes me smile... :) Brakes on Bigwhite were shitty to say the least after the 1 Ton swap, extremely squishy and didn't really work till about 80% was applied...Each corner now has dual pistons and are much bigger brakes then the stock JK booster and master could handle.

So we replaced the stock Master Cylinder and Brake booster to a Mopar part from a J8. Stock size was 1" and it's replacement is now 1 1/8th. Doesn't sound like much but it is... Brakes stop is almost 100% now and even with the heavy 42s it stops way better than the stock JK brakes ever did... We also added a Wilwood 10 ounce reservoir in addition as the jeep is standard, and the new master was designed for an automatic.
Shout out to Ski and the boys from CT Motorsports for help dialing in and setting up a 1 ton JK with full ABS and zero lights on the dash. This beast drives dead straight can be driven on the street and Hwy with ease and no issues.
It was alot of work So Thanks!!
Yarema Ski Rohowskyj Jules Sztuska
CT Motorsports.

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